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Best iPhone Accessories

Every year Apple introduces the world to a new phone, making iPhone users ask the same question each time, “Do I need it?” The anticipated iPhone 12 line will be no different. That’s why we put together this list of the best accessories to go with your new or existing iPhone.

iPhone Phone Cases

The best way to protect and customize your iPhone is by putting it into a case. Moment Cases are already available to order for the expected iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, & of course the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone Thin Case is 100% compostable, making it an eco-friendly way to protect your phone and the environment at the same time. The Thin Case is available in a few new colors this year as well; Spicy Red, Mustard Yellow, Olive Green, & Black.

If you were looking for a little bit more protection, the iPhone Protective Case would be perfect for you. Available in Black & Walnut Wood.

Lenses for iPhone

Both the thin case and the protective case can be used as a regular phone case, but with the free drop-in Lens Mount, you can turn your phone camera into a mobile cinematography rig.

All of our existing M-Series lenses will work just fine with the new iPhones, you’ll just need a new case or Lens Mount to attach them over your built-in lenses.

If unfamiliar with our line of lenses, check out our guide on which Moment Lens is right for you.

Gimbals for buttery smooth iPhone footage

If you ever wondered how creators such as Andy To get incredibly smooth looking video footage on their phones, the answer is a gimbal was likely used.

Our recommended gimbals let you attach your phone and uses 3 axis gimbal technology to help prevent camera shake, especially useful with moving shots.

iPhone Power Accessories

You can only use your phone as long as the battery lasts. While charging your phone can become a pain, companies like Nomad or Endure have created some of the best charging accessories to make your life easier.

From wireless chargers, portable power banks, or even just longer/more durable lightning cables, this is the gear you can rely on to keep your phone charged so you can use it for longer.

External iPhone Microphones

When filmmaking, audio is an important piece of the process. Getting clean sounding audio recorded straight to your iPhone has always been a challenge, but thankfully in the last few years, some top audio brands such as Deity, Rode, Shure, or Joby have been able to introduce the world to pro-level external microphones built for their phone.

The Moment Pro Camera App helps monitor your external microphone channels, records straight to your phone, as well as of iOS 14 now offers stereo audio recording.

Handheld lights for your iPhone

The quality of your photos/videos heavily depends on the quality of your light source. When on-the-go, our mobile-focused lights bring studio-quality lighting to the palm of your hands. These can be used as a constant source of light, or even some can even be synced to your phone via Bluetooth to be used as an external flash for your iPhone.

iPhone Tripods

Tripods help keep your phone perfectly still so you can get rid of handheld movement, or maybe used to shoot the star trails on a nice clear night. There are a lot of use-cases for a tripod, but these are the tripods built to work with your phone.

Straps to carry your iPhone

When using a Moment Protective Case, you can attach a wrist or neck strap to the bottom of your case. No more having to death grip your phone to prevent from dropping it. Instead, let it hang around your wrist or neck securely.

iPhone Photography & Filmmaking Lessons

The iPhone camera is only as good as the user itself. If you were looking to step up your filmmaking and photography skills then check out some Moment lessons taught by pro-creators. Such as Andy To’s Mobile Filmmaking or Sam Elkin’s iPhone Photography.

Need Further Help?

If you need help deciding on which iPhone accessories would best fir your needs, be sure to contact one of our Gear Guides. We'll match you to the right guide based on your experience and style, and help find the right gear for you.