Great content creators master the art of lighting, whether on their phone, drone, or in a studio. Enhance your style with our lighting products made for photos and video. Choose from white, diffused, or RGB lighting to brighten your scenes.

Learn more about Lights

When we first start investing in the gear for the creative field, we usually don’t think much about the lighting setup. However, as we learn more, we realize that you won’t even need to have the best camera with good lights. So, as a photographer or a videographer, you should be looking at getting a good lighting setup – right from the beginning – unlike most other people.

As a visual content creator, lights can either make or break the visuals. Sometimes, when you think that you are in dire need of the latest camera, try upgrading the lighting setup first. And if you don’t have any setup yet and are thinking about getting a new camera, get a lighting setup instead. Having good lighting matters a lot – and you will be able to play quite a bit with the lights to create different shots.

When you have learned everything about the camera you have, you need to learn everything about the lights. Once you learn everything about the lights you own, you can then upgrade the camera to achieve even greater results.

What is light - in the context of a creator?

For any creator, light is a part of their equipment - used to create unique and better visuals. While some creators would love to create content by using natural light only, others would love to do it with external lights. There is room for experimenting with both types of light sources – with each having its own pros and cons.

With the natural light, you have to set up a scenario according to the direction the light is already available from. However, with the external lights, you will set up a scenario and then light it up according to your needs, allowing you to do the job quickly. But, we must say that experimenting with natural light, in the beginning, would teach us a lot as we will always need to get creative to make the best use of that light source.

How many types of light do you carry?

We carry quite a few different types of light from different brands in our store. They are mainly divided into four categories on our site – but you can also use some of them in multiple scenarios. Let’s just quickly go through the types of lighting equipment available in our store.

Studio Lights

The first – and one of the most important types of light – is the Studio Light. Studio Lights are highly versatile – and can be used in several different scenarios. You can get a continuous video light under this category and use that in photoshoots and filmmaking. For photoshoots, you will get what you will see on the viewfinder – which is great. And for filmmaking, with the continuous lights, you won’t face those flickering issues.

Even within studio lights, there can be sub-categories. However, the most important type in this category is the continuous light we mentioned earlier. Even though the studio lights might be quite expensive to invest in, they still feel worthy of investment. You won’t need to change a good studio light kit often – and you will be able to use it for several years of professional work.

Phone Lights

When you are going on a remote shoot where it isn’t possible to carry huge bags of equipment, your smartphone, and a small portable – yet powerful phone light would easily get the job done. When you first look at the phone lights, you might think to yourself that the light is too small for you. However, we can assure you that while being small, these are strong lights.

Not only do these lights offer good lighting in a small setup, but they are also feature-rich. Some of the portable phone lights can pull double duty – and work as a continuous light as well as a flash. Also, portable phone lights would allow you to change the brightness and the color temperature to achieve the exact tone of the light you need.

They always come in pretty handy – even in studio environments. So, go ahead and order one from our store to confirm how useful they are. You might fall in love with them and continue to get creative ideas for using them in your shoots. They are just great tools – and we can’t stop recommending them.

Video Conferencing Lights

In this new day and age of the online world and meet-ups, video conferencing has become an integral part of our life. And well, sometimes, with the poor video quality and lighting, it might end up being a boring way to connect. And while having a better webcam will solve the problem of poor video quality, you will still need a good video conferencing light to light yourself and the scene around you.

While a studio light will also help here, that might be too expensive – just for video calls at home. This is why we have a specific category for the video conferencing lights – where you can get a small panel light at a significantly lower price compared to any studio lights. Also, we sell a Video Conferencing Lighting Bundle by Lume Cube in our store.

Camera Flashes

Camera Flash is another type of light available in our store. These can also be further divided into on-camera flashes and off-camera flashes. On-camera flashes can directly mount on top of your camera through the hot shoe mount, while the off-camera flashes can be used as studio flashes that you can place according to your needs. However, you will need to have a remote mounted on the hot shoe mount with the off-camera flashes.

If you are really into flash photography, we have you covered for these products. Experimenting with flash is also fun as it is not a WYSIWYG type of situation. You can play around with different settings and achieve different results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you are just placing your foot in the world of lights, the data can sometimes be a bit too much to process. And with so much information available at our fingertips, it’s totally fair to have questions before making checkout for a lighting setup. So, we will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about lights here.

Why are lights considered so important?

Lights alone are capable of making or breaking a shot. Even if you are shooting on a mobile device but have decent lights, the image might turn out to be impressive. And if you want to shoot on a high-end camera with no lights, the image will be grainy – and not so pleasing to look at. Using proper lights can drastically reduce the difference in the results between the two cameras – which is why they are considered an important part of the gear.

Can I continue doing photography and videography without lights?

Sure, you can definitely do that.

Learning how to use natural lighting to our benefit is a great skill – which you will learn when you shoot without lights. However, after a certain point, you might need to invest in good lights as you continue to get more work. But sure, in the beginning, shooting without lights is completely fine.

Do I need to use any accessories with my light?

You don’t need to use them. But sure, if you want to achieve different results, learning more about the light modifiers and accessories will be extremely helpful. At the most basic level, you should start using diffusers and reflectors.

I bought a studio light. But now, the scene is too bright. What should I do?

There are a few things that you can do here. If your light supports reducing the intensity, then you can do that first. If not, you can use an ND filter on the camera lens – which will help to reduce the light going to the sensor. And the last – and probably one of the most used options – would be to use a diffuser or a softbox on your studio light. It’ll even spread out the light and will also reduce the overall light reaching the subject.

Is it okay to start with a small portable light?


It’s completely fine to start with natural lighting equipment as well. As your skills develop and grow more in your career, you can start investing in lighting setups. And to start that investment, you can start with a small portable light panel – like the Aputure MC RGB Portable LIght.

When should I invest more in studio lights?

Once you have learned everything your camera does, you can start investing in lights. As you grow and succeed in your career, you should also slowly start having multiple studio light setups. This will help you achieve more success and will also make the job quicker and easier.

I create content on Facebook and YouTube. Should I invest in good lights?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting something for your mailing list or a big client, investing in good lights is definitely worth it. And while creating content on Facebook and YouTube seems like a small thing, people still prefer to watch good quality content.

Wrap Up

Lights are not that easy to understand. But once you learn everything, you will absolutely enjoy using them in creative ways. If you need any more support from our side, you can always reach out to one of our Gear Guides. Or maybe you can directly shoot an email at our email address - We will be right there to help you out.