Mobile Filmmaking: Learn to Shoot Cinematic Videos with Andy To

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Mobile Filmmaking: Learn to Shoot Cinematic Videos with Andy To

    Andy To is famous for blowing minds with what you can capture on your phone. His cinematic style is so unique that Apple often calls on him to show off what you can do with their new iPhones. 🤯.

    Now Andy wants to take you to Japan and teach you everything he has learned — from the gear he uses, the techniques he’s mastered, all the way to his editing workflow. At the end of this lesson, you’ll have practical skills that you can apply to make your videos look incredible. This lesson is broad to anyone learning how to shoot a smooth, cinematic video on your phone. Although he teaches this lesson entirely on his iPhone, many techniques apply to any camera.

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    What You'll Learn

    Andy will teach you how to shoot incredible films on your phone. He runs through his whole process, from how to compose and frame cinematic shots to properly executing the edit.

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      Introduction | Andy’s Story

      We’re in Japan and kicking things off with Andy as he breaks down how he first got started shooting mobile video, why he loves shooting on a phone and how not having access to expensive camera gear can be a strength.

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      Gear & Pre Production

      Andy dives into what gear he won’t travel without, including lenses, gimbals, and accessories. Also learn why he shoots mainly with the native camera app. Yeah, we were surprised too!

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      On the Fly | Tokyo (3 parts)

      Andy takes to the streets of Tokyo to give you an exclusive look at how he executes shooting a film on his phone. Andy walks you through the importance of shooting in sequences and finding dynamic shots.

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      Shooting Hyperlapses and Transitions (2 parts)

      Andy breaks down two key elements to his work — hyperlapses and transitions. You'll watch over his shoulder as he shows you his technique and he'll walk you through how to bring your scenes together.

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      Finding Character | Kyoto (4 parts)

      A vital component to a great film is establishing characters. Andy showcases how he turns everyday strangers, animals or whatever he can find into mini stories that seamlessly fit into his videos.

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      Gimbal Shooting Tips

      Gimbals are an essential tool and it’s critical you know how to get the most of one. This section breaks down Andy’s favorite ways to shoot with a gimbal.

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      Breaking Down the Edit (4 parts)

      So you have amazing footage, now what? Andy dives deep into his editing process and how he turns raw clips into a beautiful story.You’ll also learn how to edit the hyperlapses and transitions Andy went over in segment 4.

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      Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to download the extras and practice those gimbal tricks! Now go make a killer video of your own.

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      BONUS: iPhone 12 in Times Square NYC

      Andy’s back and he’s hitting the streets of his home, New York City, with the new iPhone 12. Breaking down some of his favorite features of the new phones and doing what he does best: hitting the streets with his DJI Osmo 4 and capturing the energy of Times Square.

    Learn to make videos like this 👇 

      Class Extras

      Get more out of the lesson with Gimbal Tips, custom LUTs, and a Japan shooting guide.

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        5 Gimbal Tips

        A gimbal is the perfect way to get smooth, cinematic results; and with Andy's top 5 tips, you'll be a master in no time.

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        Custom LUTs

        Andy built a custom LUT for colorgrading your iPhone footage; the quickest way to get his look. Moment built a custom LUT perfect for shooting in midday light; adding a subtle (and beautiful) film look to your footage.

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        Japan Shooting Guide

        Japan Shooting Guide: A guide to the best places to shoot video (and photo) in Japan, including some of the best locations in Tokyo and Kyoto.


      Andy To

      Filmmaker from East Oakland, currently living in NYC.

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