Macro 10x Lens

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The Macro M-series Lens captures life-sized images of the smallest objects. Different from traditional macro photography, this lens works less than an inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things that our phones were never before capable of seeing. With low distortion and the sharpest glass imaginable, the Moment Macro Lens is perfect for capturing the tiny details that your phone’s naked camera will never be able to focus on.

Photo Case Required Learn How It Works

Features and Compatibility

  • Works with the latest Apple (including all iPhone 13 models), Google, Samsung, and OnePlus devices.
  • Features our M-series interface with a simple twist-and-lock design.
  • Works with our M-series cases. For iPhone 13 you will need a Moment Case and Drop-in Lens Mount.
  • Includes a removable diffuser hood for perfect focus and even lighting, lens cap and microfiber carrying bag.
  • Made with aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.

Macro 10x Lens Works With iPhone 13

The Macro 10x Lens has been tested with all models of the iPhone 13 and IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. Working over the 1x wide and 3x tele lens on the phone, your shots will be elevated to the next level. Check out the full review here.


Stunning Details

Shoot up to 1 inch away from your subject, capture details you've never seen before with a mobile phone. The removable diffuser hood, included with every Macro Lens, enables you to capture the tiniest details with even lighting across the entire subject.

With Macro Lens

Without Macro Lens

2 Macro Lens Resized
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Tech Specs

  • Design - 3 Elements, 2 Groups
  • Distortion - <1%
  • Flange Working Distance - 18.5mm
  • Focal Length - 25mm
  • Minimum Focal Distance - 0.69" (17.46mm)
  • Lens Coating - Multi-layer, low flare broadband anti-reflection
  • Reduction Ratio - 0.16: 1
  • Resolution (Axis) - >200 LP/MM
  • Resolution (Edge) - >100 LP/MM
  • Visual Magnification - 10X (250/F)
  • Chromatic Aberration - < 1PX at edge
  • Lens Weight - 34.7g
  • Weight with Diffuser - 39.7g
  • Height - 15.3mm
  • Height with Diffuser - 33.7mm
  • Diameter - 34.5mm
  • Diameter with Diffuser - 44.4mm

Diffuser For Even Light

The Moment Macro includes a removable diffuser hood that creates even, soft light when shooting tiny details. Shadows are the worst when capturing macro photography, so the removable diffuser hood presses onto the front of the lens to provide even, filtered light across the whole scene. At one inch long, it's also designed to serve as the perfect working distance for the lens.

06 Macro

Easy To Attach

All of our M-series Lenses include our latest bayonet interface to guide and lock the lens into place. Relying on aluminum grade metal and a special hardening process, we ensure that each lens is strong and easy to mount. You can attach the lens with either our non-electronic Case or our Battery Case. Align the line on the side of the lens, rotate the lens 90 degrees, and click it into place. You’re now ready to shoot.

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Made From Aerospace Grade Metal

When you pick up a Moment Lens, you instantly feel the quality. This isn’t a cheap plastic lens. Instead, it’s made of aerospace grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses. It adds just enough weight to your phone, without weighing you down.

The curved shape of the hood provides a distinct visual look and a functional purpose to maximize image quality. And if you ever see a wavy, metal lens hood out in the know they are shooting on Moment.

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People Love Macro

We believe in hand crafted quality that stands the test of time. Each lens is hand polished with multiple layers of glass and enclosed in machined aluminum. You feel the quality from the minute you pick up the lens. 

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