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Who are Gear Guides?

We are the community of creators delivering WOW customer service at Moment. We'll help you setup your gear, even if you didn't buy it from us.

Many of us started as full-time pros who needed stable, part-time work. We have stayed because we fell in love with helping customers get more out of their photography and filmmaking.

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Expert, Personal Advice

Need new gear but not sure what to get? Just received your order and need help? Live chat or email us 24/7. Find your guide below or just reach out at and we’ll find the best guide for you.

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Meet the Guides

Gear Guide Lead - Erica Coble Gear Guide Lead - Erica Coble | placeholder

Erica Coble
@filmandpixel | Street, Portrait, and Film photography

Gear Guide - Janelle Hougland Gear Guide - Janelle Hougland | placeholder

Janelle Hougland
@janellehougland | Landscape, Portrait, Lifestyle Photography

Gear Guide - Cody Turner Gear Guide - Cody Turner | placeholder

Cody Turner

@codymturner | Portraits, Lifestyle, & Travel

Gear Guide - Joshua Serdenia Gear Guide - Joshua Serdenia | placeholder

Joshua Serdenia
@thistallboy | Landscape + Lifestyle Photography, and Photo editing

Gear Guide erikacarabeo Gear Guide erikacarabeo | placeholder

Erika Carabeo
@akiremae | Portrait, Landscape, and Film Photography.

Gearguide hillarytheilin Gearguide hillarytheilin | placeholder

Hillary Thelin
@hillary_thelin | Pet Portrait and Mobile Photography

Gear Guide - John Paul Decker Gear Guide - John Paul Decker | placeholder

John Paul Decker

@johnpauldecker | Video Editing, Travel Photography, and Audio Engineering

Gear Guide - Szabolcs Ignacz Gear Guide - Szabolcs Ignacz | placeholder

Szabolcs Ignacz | Drone Photo and Video Expert

Gear Guide - April Mariveles Gear Guide - April Mariveles | placeholder

April Mariveles
@april_mariveles | Film Photography, Travel and Portrait Photography

Gear Guide - Dirk-Jan Mulders Gear Guide - Dirk-Jan Mulders | placeholder

Dirk-Jan Mulders
@dirkjanfotografie | Outdoor & Wildlife Photography, Festival/Event Videography

Gear Guide- Rob Kadelka Gear Guide- Rob Kadelka | placeholder

Rob Kadelka

@kozjegyzo | Nature, Event, and Documentary Photo & Video

1 1 | placeholder

Alex Young

@akwyoung | Video Production, Documentary, and Journalism.

Gear Guide - Megan Gear Guide - Megan | placeholder

Megan Hand
@megtsang | Film Photography, Travel, Weddings, and Lifestyle

Gear Guide - Martin Reisch Gear Guide - Martin Reisch | placeholder

Martin Reisch
@safesolvent | Aerial Photography + Filmmaking

Gear Guide - Daniela Passos Gear Guide - Daniela Passos | placeholder

Daniela Passos
@dnmpss | Portrait + Street Photography

Gear Guide - Polly Irungu Gear Guide - Polly Irungu | placeholder

Polly Irungu
@pollyirungu | Portrait, Lifestyle and Fashion Photography

Gear Guide - Mason Gear Guide - Mason | placeholder

Mason Tuttle
@masontuttle24 | Landscape, Lifestyle and Portrait Photography, Videography

Gear Guide - Jordan Finney Gear Guide - Jordan Finney | placeholder

Jordan Finney
@robertjfinney | Wedding, Portrait, Lifestyle, and Videography

Gear Guide - Ace Noguera Gear Guide - Ace Noguera | placeholder

Ace Noguera
@acenoguera | Portrait & Lifestyle Photography, Filmmaking

Gear Guide - Brian Rowe Gear Guide - Brian Rowe | placeholder

Brian Rowe
@spookypants1 | Videography, Streaming, Podcasts

Gear Guide - Celeste Makow Gear Guide - Celeste Makow | placeholder

Celeste Makow
@celestemakow | Portrait, Landscape, Macro Photography + Design

Gear Guides - Daniel Mojica Gear Guides - Daniel Mojica | placeholder

Daniel Mojica
@dada_mojica | Lifestyle Photography, Design, Pre-production, Bags

Gear Guide - Lace Andersen Gear Guide - Lace Andersen | placeholder

Lace Andersen
@lace.andersen | Landscape Photography

Gear Guide - Henry Marte Gear Guide - Henry Marte | placeholder

Henry Marte
@martemedia | Filmmaking, Digital Storytelling, Drone Photo/Video, Lifestyle Photography

Gear Guide - David Zama Gear Guide - David Zama | placeholder

David Zama
@davidhzama | Drone Photo/Video and Landscape Photography

Gear Guide - Dylan Mannarino Gear Guide - Dylan Mannarino | placeholder

Dylan Mannarino
@dylanmann.c41 | Portrait, Editorial, and Conceptual Photography

Gear Guide - Shivang Joshi Gear Guide - Shivang Joshi | placeholder

Shivang Joshi
@theimagefreak | Product Photography, Filmmaking

Gear Guide - Kenn Miel Gear Guide - Kenn Miel | placeholder

Kenn Miel
@miellife | Portrait, Fashion and Lifestyle Photography

Gear Guide - Daniel Perez Gear Guide - Daniel Perez | placeholder

Daniel Perez | Street, Lifestyle and Film Photography

Gear Guide - Ivony Sierra Gear Guide - Ivony Sierra | placeholder

Ivony Sierra
@ivonysierraco | Portrait, Lifestyle Photography, Documentary + Branding Work

Gear Guide Brittany Gear Guide Brittany | placeholder

Brittany Doyle
@toastedcocogirl | Design, Editorial, Photography

Gear Guide - Kaylah Sambo Gear Guide - Kaylah Sambo | placeholder

Kaylah Sambo
@kaylah.sambo | Fashion, Portrait and Editorial

Gear Guide - Dan Chung Gear Guide - Dan Chung | placeholder

Dan Chung
@deechungphotography | Wedding, Portrait and Lifestyle Photography

Gear Guide - John Leong Gear Guide - John Leong | placeholder

John Leong
@johnlmc_ | Travel Photography, Stop motion, Video and Filmmaking

Gear Guide - Mel Picardal Gear Guide - Mel Picardal | placeholder

Mel Picardal / | Wedding/Event + Lifestyle Photography, Studio Portraiture

Gear Guide - Luis Barturen Gear Guide - Luis Barturen | placeholder

Luis Barturen
@luis.barturen | Film + Lifestyle Photography, Filmmaking

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