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Moment is a collection of photographers, videographers, designers, and engineers who believe the world is a better place when you get lost and follow your lens. We started on Kickstarter by making lenses for phones… but now we do more than that. We make gear, develop apps, and guide trips that help people to get out and follow their lens.

We’re always looking for people who want to build a company that matters. Through the customers we touch, the work we do, and the impact we leave behind.

You in?

Why Moment

We believe that building a great company is about fostering a team of people to deliver above their individual abilities. To do this we want to create a culture where people can make decisions, be empowered, and deliver their best work. We live by three values:

+ Deliver on our promises.

+ Listen patiently, act quickly.

+ Desire to improve.

Where We Work

Wherever you want. We are a 25 person team that is spread around the world. Most of us work out of our Seattle studio, but physical location is secondary to your love for mobile photography and delivering exceptional work.

We are building our culture to be remote as we recognize mobile photography happens wherever your camera takes you.

How We Work

Three times a year we spend an entire week together building deeper relationships, getting better, and following our lenses. One of our recent offsites was to Snoqualmie, WA

In between the offsites we break the tri-mester into bi-weekly sprints. Relying on tools like Slack we stay connected through chat and the occasional phone call. This allows us to focus on our work with minimal distractions. 

Different than traditional companies we are not functionally organized, instead we rally around a handful of core areas that we want to be the best in the world at. It allows us to create culture where everyone is empowered to make decisions and go faster. It also means that each team is a mix of different disciplines, providing creative growth for everyone on the team.

Who Works At Moment

We are a team of 25 that is passionate about mobile photography and empowering people. Each of us brings a unique background, which creates for a deeper, more diverse set of perspectives.

What bonds us is the quest to improve. We take great pride in our individual work and the collective results we can deliver.

Our Linkedin page is here.


We keep it simple.

+ Equity in the company.

+ A salary.

+ Medical or $550 a month to do what you want.

+ A free Moment Trip every year.

+ Free Moment Gear.

+ Annual equipment budget of $500 for your own gear.

+ Company off-sites three times per year.

+ Unlimited vacation.

If you are looking for a long list of stuff, then you should look somewhere else. Our goal is pay people well and create the best place in the world to work.

How To Apply

We are always looking for new people to join the team. More important than ability we are looking for people who are passionate about mobile photography, which means don’t forget to send us your Instagram account. If IG isn’t your thing, that’s ok, just send us a link to where you share your creative work.

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Job Openings

+ Filmmaker

+ iOS Engineer

+ Analyst

+  Moment Apprenticeship Program


We’re looking for a talented filmmaker to join our in house content team. Someone with personality, a passion for photography, and a desire to be an awesome filmmaker.

The Role

Being part of the Content team, creating videos to be shared with our 600K subscribers. Our filmmakers are expected to range from concepting the story through to shooting, editing, and publishing their work. You can expect to ship a lot of content, getting tighter with your story and process with each piece. If you love learning and feeling slightly overwhelmed then you’ll love it here at Moment.

What you will be doing:

+ Interpreting a creative brief and mapping out what content we need to make.

+ Create high level storyboards including shot lists and shoot details.

+ Shooting the content, sometimes alone but often with other people.

+ Discovering, pitching, and working with in-video talent.

+ Being an active part of the YouTube filmmaker community.

+ Being on camera, similar to Niles and Caleb.

+ Working with partners and brands for campaign content.

+ Actively working with our internal shopping, product, and travel teams.

+ Reading, digesting, and summarizing analytics.

+ Using data to support the creative process.

+ Assist the entire Moment team with customer support emails. We believe that, since the customer is essential to our success, our entire team should be in-touch with customers.

You need these qualifications:

+ Love to make videos, publish them online, and constantly improve at your craft.

+ Have a personality on camera. Our filmmakers are on camera, a lot.

+ Humanize photography/filmmaking topics so people understand them.

+ Organized, hard working and diligent.

+ Having a YouTube or Vimeo channel is appreciated.

+ Experience at a content publication or content heavy brand is preferred.

+ Proficient in Adobe programs, specifically Premiere and After Effects.

+ Well versed in motion graphics and animation a plus.

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iOS Engineer

We want to make the best tools in the world for mobile photography. We created the Moment App to deliver advanced photography tools that you won’t get in the native app. Building the best tools requires amazing developers who are passionate about photography. We’re looking for another developer to join the team, helping to make the Moment App the best on the market.

What you’ll work on:

Shipping new features and improving our existing ones. We have a belief that a new feature doesn’t ship until it’s ready, which means we prioritize quality over quantity. We are nimble in shipping as frequently as we can, but our first priority is customer experience. Our team of developers range across the entire app. Your general areas of focus include:

+ Help to define new features with the team.

+ Work closely with designers and engineers to quickly prototype new features.

+ Implement features, frameworks, and fixes in iOS development environment.

+ A focus on UI design principles, motion, and making apps work intuitively.

Who we are looking for:

Beyond being passionate about mobile photography we are looking for the following experiences:

+ B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or 3+ Years of iOS development

+ Strong understanding of Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa frameworks

+ Experienced a full product lifecycle from design to release

+ Comfortable writing unit tests, architecting testable code

+ Experience with or interest in machine learning and computer vision

+ Experience with or interest in image processing. Especially OpenGL or Metal + CoreImage

+ C/C++ experience a plus

+ Android experience a plus

+ U.S. applicants only please

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Moment inspires people to discover, shoot, and share epic moments.

We started on Kickstarter by making lenses for phones… but now we do more than that. We make gear, develop apps, guide trips, and publish rad content that help people to get out and follow their lens.  

We’re looking for two analysts, one who can join our ecommerce team and one to join our content team. In both people, we’re looking for someone who loves the intersection of people and data. Someone who is detailed, articulate, and is passionate about using data to uncover insights. Going beyond math and charts we look for analysts who can discover the hidden gems within the data.

You in?

Content Analyst Roles:
The Momentist is our online publication that reaches over 600K subscribers. We’re shipping enough content on a daily basis that we’re looking for one analyst to help us better understand what organic and advertising content is working. With full-time writers, filmmakers, and photographers on the team, we need someone who can be the analytical glue to discover insights we’re missing. Understanding content engagement, clicks, and landing page optimization the amount of data we’re breaking down is significant. 
+ Content Analysis - what content is working on what channels and why.
+ Engagement - getting down into the details with message and imagery to optimize engagement. 
+ SEO - across all our channels, helping the team find new content ideas by understanding what, when, and how our customers search.
+ Audience Segmentation - finding, segmenting, and optimizing our audience segments so the right content reaches the right audience...especially our ads.
+ Tracking - create and manage UTM links so our content data is clean.
+ Dashboards - update, create, and maintain analytics dashboards.
+ Customer service, because everyone on the team does a few hours per week. And we mean everyone in the company. 

You Need These Qualifications
+ You have our shared love for taking pictures and sharing them online. 
+ More than two years of optimization experience. 
+ An excel wizard and proficient at sql queries, R, and Python.
+ Experience in an ecommerce company is preferred. 
+ Experience with digital advertising optimization is also preferred. 
+ Studied math or economics.
+ Succinct writer with experience summarizing insights.

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