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Never before have so many people had the tools to make their creative dreams a reality. The creator economy is booming, and we’re on a mission to help it go even faster and make it even more accessible.

We're always looking for people who are passionate about enabling creators, serving customers, and supporting their fellow teammates. Built around an ownership culture, Moment is a place you can have a meaningful impact on a daily basis.

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Available Positions:

Sr Customer Service Rep

*Remote in the US only please. Located in the Seattle area is also preferred.

The Role

Moment is the fastest-growing marketplace for creators. We carry the gear creators recommend and empower them to sell their own goods in our marketplace. To support our growing marketplace we have an amazing customer service team. We call them Gear Guides, and they are spread around the world helping our customers with their orders, gear questions, and creative advice. All of our Gear Guides are part time creatives who love being part of our customer service team.

We’re looking for a service lead who can pick up what we’ve built and make it even better. Helping us move beyond email support to chat and even phone support. Ultimately we want to have the best service in the world…especially serving creators.

If you love gear and making customers happy, this role is for you.

The Job - Your Daily Responsibilities

You’ll be leading our customer service efforts, which is part of our larger Operations Team. This is a group of people who love serving creators and helping our customers to get the most out of their gear.

  • Lead our customer service efforts, ensuring we deliver to the standard we’ve set.
  • Managing and training our existing Gear Guides and helping to build the team as needed.
  • Working with our Operations team to ensure orders are being fulfilled and shipped in a timely manner.
  • Troubleshooting customer shipping issues with our 3PL partners.
  • Collaborating across the company, leveling up customer issues we need to fix or improve.
  • Working with the brands we sell to answer customer questions or handle warranties.
  • Adding additional service options including chat and phone.
  • Beyond our site, managing inbound customer requests across social and Amazon.
  • Keep our service forecast and team budget updated, ensuring coverage year around.
  • Work across the teams to support launching new gear, apps, and travel.

Skills We’re Looking For

We are looking for someone who loves customer service, serving creators, and helping customers get the most out of their gear. Most importantly someone with a big smile that everyone wants to connect with.

  • 2+ years with consumer customer service, ideally with a consumer focused business handling over 100K annual requests.
  • A passion for photography and travel with direct knowledge of the gear we sell.
  • Simple, direct communicator who can de-escalate situations.
  • Experience with email / chat service is required, phone service is a big plus.
  • Direct experience leading a customer service team is a big plus.
  • Competent in excel and managing forecasts.
  • Experienced in managing and selecting service tools.
  • Experience with Shopify is a plus.
  • Organized, detailed, and direct communicator.
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Visual Designer Who Loves Photography

Moment is building the largest, most trusted, marketplace for creators. More than an online store, we’re building a marketplace that carries everything you need for the entire creative journey. From gear to courses, to in-person experiences, to digital goods – if you love creating, Moment is the place for you.

We’re looking for another talented visual designer who loves design, photography, and empowering creators. Like all designers at Moment we’re looking for someone who can cover the entire design process from understanding the problem through to designing beautiful and effective visuals. We run an online, content driven business, which means our designers are passionate about how we can expand our audience, improve CTRs, and turn visitors into new customers. From thumbnails to social posts to ads to emails to landing pages, you will be working on a broad set of interesting problems with all of the teams at Moment.

Beyond working on interesting design problems you’ll get to shoot lifestyle photos to support our larger content campaigns. You’ll get to collaborate with some incredible creators and brands in helping them launch new offerings at Moment. Plus you’ll learn how to refine your design process into something that scales for any consumer brands.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Designing and shooting (yes you have to be good with a camera).
  • Defining design problems you want to solve and then working to solve them through beautiful and effective visuals - thumbnails, emails, ads, landing pages, etc.
  • Collaborating with our internal teams, helping them turn ideas into effective visuals. This includes content, marketing, and sales teams.
  • Collaborating with creators and brands to help them launch new offerings at moment.
  • Setting the visual directions for our largest content campaigns and ensuring they’re implemented on productions.
  • Learning how to understand our results, test new ideas, and see how they perform.
  • Editing a lot of photos, organizing assets, and helping the team create amazing product pages at Moment, Amazon, and third party retailers.
  • Providing and receiving feedback internally on projects designers are shipping.

You need these qualifications

  • Publish your work online. We believe that the best designers are part of the design community, putting their work out publicly for others to learn from.
  • Direct design experience with content (i.e. Social / YouTube), e-commerce, or marketplaces is preferred.
  • Strong visual talent. Sorry, we can’t teach this, but we do have a high bar for aesthetic detail.
  • A love for photography and an active place you still post your photos.
  • Expertise in photography and a confidence in Adobe CC Photoshop.
  • Proficient in Figma.

Compensation And Benefits

  • We keep it simple.
  • Equity in the company.
  • A salary.
  • Medical insurance or $550 per month to do what you want.
  • A free Moment Trip every year.
  • Moment gear.
  • A $1,000 stipend per year to spend on your own equipment.
  • Three company offsites per year.
  • Unlimited vacation.
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Experienced Filmmaker - Someone Who Loves Gear And Making Internet Content

We’re looking for another talented Filmmaker to join the team, someone who shares our love for gear and helping people to get the most out of it through great content, tutorials, and courses. Beyond bringing your own style to the team we’re looking for a filmmaker with 4+ years of direct experience in making awesome content for the internet. We’re talking YouTube sized productions and a blend of experience behind and in front of the camera. As much as we love seasoned DPs applying, this role is for a filmmaker who loves to be involved in the whole process form generating great ideas to producing, shooting, and editing their own stuff. This also means being comfortable on camera as all of our filmmakers bring their own personality to their content.

At Moment, filmmakers aren't just taught our processes; they're empowered to generate new ideas, publish them, and learn directly from our community of 2M+ creatives. Our content team is highly collaborative so you’ll lean from your peers and get to work across the entire company in executing your ideas. This even includes collaborating directly with our favorite creators and brand we sell on the site.

Please keep in mind this role is LA based and is a more senior, hands-on filmmaker role. We’re looking for someone with lots of internet content they can point to as their work.

If I’m Freelance Should I Apply?

Yes. Moment offers a steady role that doesn’t require you pitching all day long. Freelance is an amazing experience, but if you’re looking to re-join a full time team, then this role could be for you. Most of the Moment team has come from freelance before joining the team. Plus the group is highly collaborative so no more solo missions on making content.

Do I Have To Be Based In LA?

Yes. Our content team already live in the LA area so this makes it much the team more collaborative to shoot in person. We are looking for someone already living in the area or willing to move in the coming weeks.

What you will be doing?

Making awesome, fresh content for the internet.

  • Generating content ideas - you get to generate your own content ideas for our audience.
  • Producing various types of content - campaigns, launches, tutorials, courses, etc.
  • Across several platforms - YouTube (primary), social, and website.
  • Managing and coordinating shoots - planning out all the details with the team.
  • Shooting / Editing - the majority of what our filmmakers are doing every day.
  • Engaging with our community - our direct followers through to the pros we work with.
  • Collaborating with brands - especially the ones we sell on the site.
  • Collaborating with creators - especially when there is something new coming to the market.
  • Tracking performance - data helps us make our ideas and content better..

What Qualifications Are We Looking For? We are looking for visually talented, high collaborative filmmakers who love to publish internet content and learn from their audience.

  • +4 Years of Filmmaking experience.
  • Living in the LA area or willing to move in the coming weeks.
  • Direct experience publishing internet content is preferred especially YouTube.
  • Comfortable on camera, able to bring your own personality to your content.
  • Love talking about gear and showing people how to get the most of it.
  • High energy, this role is too exciting to be boring.
  • A relatively fast editor or a willingness to improve at it. Filmmakers at Moment edit their own content and being efficient is important.
  • Ideally an active member of online filmmaking communities, producing content for an audience you understand.
  • Having a YouTube, Twitter, IG, or TikTok channel is appreciated.
  • Organized, hard-working, and diligent.
  • Proficient in editing programs, DaVinci Resolve & Adobe Premiere are used internally.
  • Knowledge in motion graphics and animation is a significant plus.

What Compensation & Benefits Do We Offer? We keep it simple.

  • Everyone receives equity in the company.
  • Everyone receives a salary.
  • Everyone receives a $400 monthly stipend for medical OR full health insurance. Your choice.
  • Everyone receives $1,000 a year for their own equipment.
  • Everyone receives profit share.
  • Required company offsites three times per year.
  • Unlimited vacation.
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Why Moment

Join a team of filmmakers, photographers, designers, and engineers who are passionate about empowering creators. You’ll get to work alongside a fun, talented team who pushes you to deliver your best work.

Meet the team (on LinkedIn).

How We Work

Moment is a remote team, spread across the US. We've always been remote, which means we've built a culture around how to make you successful even when we only see each other in person three times a year.

What makes our remote first culture unique...

  • Ownership - not only does everyone receive equity in the company, but we empower everyone to take on more ownership within the company. You learn how to set goals, make decisions, and build a business.
  • Transparency - you know everything about the company from our north star direction to how much cash we have in the bank. The more you know the better your decisions are.
  • Schedule Control - the only rule we have is that you attend three week long off-sites every year. Otherwise you set your own team goals, manage your own time, and hold yourself accountable to your peers.
  • Parent Friendly - we have a growing number of parents at Moment. We've learned over the years how to raise our kids and still deliver our best work.


Our compensation philosophy is unique. It's a transparent formula that pays you more (every four months) as you develop new skills. The faster you develop the more you make. Otherwise we keep compensation simple:

  • Equity in the company.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Comp review every four months.
  • Medical Insurance or $400 a month to do what you want.
  • Flexible schedule - work where and when you want.
  • Free gear and storewide discounts.
  • Annual equipment budget of $500 for your own equipment.
  • Company off-sites three times per year.
  • Unlimited vacation.