Omni20c+ Power Bank and USB-C Hub

$199.00 USD
Back-Order Estimated to ship by November 4th *Note: We are bringing stock in as fast as we can, but delays may occur due to supply shortage worldwide.

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The Omni 20c+ brings you one step closer to a world where a single port can be used to charge laptops, tablets, gaming devices and more. It provides rapid, seamless and safe data transfer without juggling multiple accessories. The built-in wireless charging feature allows you to seamlessly charge your wireless-enabled devices just by placing it on top of the Omnicharge.

Features and Compatibility

  • Capable of outputting up to 100W
  • Hub mode allows you to connect several USB-A and USB-C devices into one USB-C port
  • Wireless Charging
  • OLED display for monitoring the battery level, temperature, input/output power and remaining time
  • The Omni 20 USB-C includes a USB-C charging cable *AC wall charger not included