Base Station Pro - Multi Device Wireless Charger

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Base Station Pro, with FreePower® technology, enables a truly positionless charging experience. A matrix of 18 coils allows you to simultaneously charge up to 3 devices anywhere. With its modern design, padded leather surface, and slim profile, Base Station Pro is built to enhance any workspace, home, or office.

Features and Compatibility

  • Full surface wireless charging
  • Charges 3 devices at once
  • Ultra-thin 18 coil design
  • Up to 7.5W charging speed
  • Powered by 30W USB-C PD
  • Keep your device updated with the FreePower Updater
  • Compatible Devices:
    • Improved charging efficiency for iPhone 12 Series
    • iPhone 8-11
    • AirPod Pro, AirPods with wireless charging case
    • Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, S20
    • Samsung Note 10, Note 20
    • Samsung Buds/+, Buds Live
    • Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4
    • Nexus 7 Tablet
    • Amazon Fire Tablet 7
    • LG Wing
    • Xiaomi 10
  • Incompatible Devices:
    • Google Pixel 5
    • Google Pixel Buds

Power 3 Devices at Once

Proprietary FreePower® algorithms rapidly locate your device, creating virtual coils directly under your phone or other Qi enabled device. This is accomplished by 18 dedicated charging coils that intelligently work together to form an electromagnetic coupling to your device's power receiver.

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Full-Surface Charging

Base Station Pro introduces a new era of charging, with full surface wireless power. Simply place your phone anywhere on the surface and it will effortlessly begin to charge. Never worry about waking up to a dead phone because it wasn’t aligned perfectly on the charger’s “sweet spot” again.

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