Tele 58mm Lens

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The new Tele 58mm M-series Lens has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Taking everything we’ve learned about the latest and greatest smartphone cameras, we’ve optimized the optics for the new larger sensors on the iPhone 11 Pro, Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Photo Case Required Learn How It Works

Features and Compatibility

  • Works with the latest Apple (including all iPhone 13 models), Google, Samsung, and OnePlus devices
  • Features our M-series interface with a simple twist-and-lock design.
  • Works with our M-series cases. For iPhone 13 you will need a Moment Case and Drop-in Lens Mount.
  • You can achieve ~2x optical magnification when mounted over a single-lens phone or wide camera of a multi-lens phone and ~4x optical magnification when mounted over the iPhone telephoto lens using our Moment Pro Camera App...
  • Made with aerospace grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.
  • Includes a lens cap and microfiber carrying bag.
  • Covered by our 2-year warranty.

Tele 58mm Lens Works With iPhone 13

The Tele 58mm Lens has been tested with all models of the iPhone 13 and IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. Working over the 1x wide lens on the phone, your shots will be elevated to the next level. Check out the full review here.

Shot on the Tele 58mm Lens

Getting Closer

The Moment Tele 58mm gets you closer for tighter, crispier shots without using the digital zoom. Optimized for dual lens devices, you can achieve ~2x optical zoom when mounted over a single lens camera or wide side of a dual lens and ~4x optical zoom when mounted over the iPhone telephoto lens.

Without Tele 58mm Lens

With Moment Tele 58mm Lens

With Moment Tele 58mm Lens on iPhone X telephoto

Comparison i Phone X 04 without tele58mm
Comparison i Phone X 04 with tele58mm
Comparison i Phone X 04 with tele58mm ontele

Tech Specs

  • Equivalent Focal Length (over iPhone XS Wide) - 58mm
  • Minimum Focal Distance - 7.25" (184.15mm) (may vary depending on phone model)
  • Lateral Chromatic Aberration - <1px at edge
  • Optical Design - All glass, 6 elements, 4 groups

  • Lens Coating - Multi-layer, low flare, broadband anti-reflection
  • Resolution (Axis) - 300+ LP/MM
  • Resolution (Edges) - 200 LP/MM
  • Low Distortion - <0.75%
  • TV Distortion (1% Optical)

  • Designed for F/1.8 Lenses
  • Height: 27.58mm
  • Weight: 73.1g
  • Diameter: 39.5mm

Tele 58mm Gear Review

This new lens is the “sharpest telephoto lens on the market,” and it offers some big perks for mobile photography.

- 9to5 Google

Pair it with a device like the iPhone XS or Galaxy Note 9 and you can achieve up to 4X optical zoom. It's also one of the "sharpest" lenses of its kind with a six-element glass design... and promises to spruce up portrait photos on single-lens phones like the iPhone XR and Pixel 3 series.

- Engadget

Designed to take better photos on the iPhone XS, XR, and Pixel 3. You can also attach the 58mm zoom lens to any Galaxy, iPhone, or Pixel phone to get those up-close results.

- The Verge

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