Moment M-Series vs. T-Series Mobile Lenses: What’s The Difference?

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Meet our latest our 3rd generation of mobile lenses featuring eight best-selling iPhone and Android lenses designed for the next generation of smartphones.

A decade ago, we embarked on a quest to enhance your phone's camera capabilities. The T-series is the latest step in that journey, bridging the gap between mobile and professional-grade photography. Tailored for upcoming phone models, the T-Series marks our return to the Android platform, accommodating larger camera sensors and broader apertures. With an additional glass layer and a revamped version of our unique bayonet interface, prepare to be amazed by these entirely new lenses rebuilt from the ground up.

Drawing inspiration from our inaugural 1st generation Wide 18mm lens, the T-Series delivers clarity, ease of use, and durability for any adventure. Experience impeccable imagery from corner to corner, offering a fresh viewpoint through your phone.

But many may ask, what's the difference between this new lineup versus our existing M-Series line? Let's dive in and answer a few key questions.

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What’s M-Series and What’s T-Series?

While the M-Series, first launched in 2017, marked our 2nd generation of mobile lenses, the T-Series, crafted in 2023, is a significant leap forward, tailor-made for iPhone and Android.

The T-Series is crafted for enthusiasts deeply invested in mobile photography and filmmaking. We recognize that avid Moment users often gravitate towards the latest pro-model phones, and that's where the T-Series truly shines. It offers a 20% larger aperture than the M-Series, broadening the field of view. This design comfortably accommodates phone cameras with an equivalent focal length of under 26mm. Moreover, the T-Series has larger lens elements constructed from HD glass, ensuring photos of unparalleled clarity and minimal color distortion even at high resolutions. But perhaps our favorite feature is the authentic photography experience it provides: capturing stunning bokeh, flares, depth-of-field effects, natural distortion, and image compression. These are aspects that many camera phones often misinterpret through computational imaging.

On the other hand, while not optimized for the most recent camera optics or sensors, the M-Series still embodies top-tier cinema glass in a compact form. Think of it as the vintage camera lens of the mobile world: cost-effective yet exceptionally effective in the right circumstances. It's the perfect fit for newcomers to photography, such as young budding photographers, those seeking a lightweight setup (shoutout to iPhone Mini aficionados), or individuals who'd rather not risk their high-end phones on more adventurous outings.

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The Key Differences

We introduced the T-series in response to evolving technology.

In early 2017, we rolled out the M-Series, tailored for the iPhone 6 with its 8-megapixel iSight camera and 29mm equivalent focal length. Fast forward to today, and the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 lineup boasts a 48mp sensor and 24mm focal length, translating to a 10% broader field of view and a staggering 500% resolution boost. The M-series is now outdated.

The T-Series is specifically engineered for the latest camera phones. We've designed it around advanced technology to ensure top-notch quality and wide-ranging compatibility, ensuring it remains relevant for future phone models.

Durable Interface -Our unique bayonet interface combines durability with quick lens attachment/detachment. While others have attempted to imitate our design or settled for less efficient threaded models, ours stands out.

Wider Interface - We've expanded our bayonet interface to cater to the increased lens diameter of modern camera phones. Enlarging the diameter allows more light and space for the phone's sensor.

Increased Compatibility - Android phones are pioneering the new camera phone wave. We’ve re-embraced Android with the T-Series and ensured compatibility with upcoming iPhones. This guarantees that T-Series lenses will remain useful across multiple phone models for years.

Direct Attach Mounting Ring -We've incorporated a threaded front ring for easy accessory attachment. This feature ensures firm filter mounting and paves the way for diverse hood designs in the future.

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What Happens To My M-Series Gear?

No need to worry!

The M-Series is a testament to our dedication to quality; these lenses aren't disappearing anytime soon. We're committed to keeping them accessible, particularly for users with phones manufactured before 2022. And yes, we still cater to various devices, from Pixels and Galaxies to iPhones, spanning models as old as the iPhone 8 and Pixel 1.

For M-series lens owners, here's what you should be aware of:

Future iPhone Compatibility - We're enthusiastic about supporting the M-Series. While we'll ensure the lenses can be mounted on future phones, we can't promise the same sharpness or guarantee images without vignetting. But rest assured, we’re on it!

Future Android Compatibility - We've reached a point where the M-Series might not be compatible with newer Android devices, primarily due to their larger lens interfaces. We'll still provide support for older Android models with respective cases. However, our Android case innovations will be dedicated to the T-Series going forward.

Trade-In Program - Attention, loyal customers! We've rolled out a 120-day trade-in initiative. Ship us your M-Series lenses; we'll evaluate them and offer you store credit, letting you dive into our T-Series collection. Find out more here.

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T-Series Compatibility

We’ve expanded the T-Series to work with every new iPhone, Pixel, and Samsung phone. We haven’t tested the other phone models, but we expect T-Series to also work with these phones. We offer three mounting options to help you attach your T-Series lenses to your phone.

  • iPhone 13 and newer.
  • Pixel 7 Pro and newer.
  • Launching with Galaxy S24 early next year.

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