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01 Manifesto

This is our Moment.

Our time.
This is our time to shape our world.
Discover our voice.
Tell our story.
This is our moment,
To live a different life than before.
One with more meaning.
With more purpose.
More freedom.
One where we express ourselves.
And empower each other to do the same.
This is ours.

Our moment to shine.

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02 History

Our mission is to build the world’s largest marketplace for creators – one that empowers them with tools, knowledge and economic independence. We started this journey in 2013 on Kickstarter, making gear for phones…now we do so much more than that.

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Incredible Service

Get 24x7 customer service from our talented Gear Guides. Part time creatives spread around the world who answer your questions, share advice, and help you get the most out of your gear.

Read what customers are saying

"Customer service is over the top! Even as the business has grown their communication with customers and respect is next to none! I don’t say that lightly. Excellent business, and excellent people! Thank you for always being fun and down to earth."

- Sara G.

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Discover New Brands

We carry the classics AND find new brands before everyone else. More than discovering something new, your dollars enable these small makers to turn their passion into a long term opportunity.

Shop some of our newest brands…

Clever Supply

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Discover our Brands

At our core we love to make products of our own. What started with Moment has grown into Long Weekend, Lab22, and Module 8…each a line of products serving creators around the world.

Long Weekend

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Learn New Skills

Over the last four years we have helped dozens of creators turn their knowledge into a collection of wonderful creator courses. Learn their tips, gain their advice, and be inspired to follow their path.

Creator Business

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Improve Your Footage

We offer a growing catalog of digital goods, presets, and luts to make your footage look even better. Powered by the creators we love, your support goes a long way in helping hundreds of creators make it as independents.


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Download Pro Camera

We wanted an iPhone app that gave us pro level features without breaking the bank. Amazing for photography and filmmaking, now you get al the manual controls you expect with your big camera…just on your phone. Download the #1 ranked iPhone camera app.

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Enter MIFF

What started as inspiring, commissioned films has turned into the largest mobile film festival in the world. We've been fortunate to work with some of the most talented filmmakers in the world. They've shown us remote places we've never been, from their own backyards to the destinations of our dreams. Every year we're blown away by what they make. Moment Invitational.

  • Incredible Service
  • Discover New Brands
  • Discover our Brands
  • Learn New Skills
  • Improve Your Footage
  • Download Pro Camera
  • Enter MIFF
  • Read the Reviews
03 Community

Join Over +2M Creators.

You make Moment possible. From the brands who sell their gear in the shop to the Pros who publish their online classes with us to the gear guides who answer your questions 24x7, Moment wouldn’t exist without this amazing community of creatives. Supporting and empowering one another to chase their creative pursuits.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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04 Team

Come Empower Creators

Our vision is to empower a world full of independent creators. We’d love your help to get there. Bring your camera, your laptop, and a passion for learning. Spread around the world we get together in person every fourth months to work on building a better culture, team, and business. We are Moment.

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