Moment M-Series Lenses.

Our classic mobile lenses.

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Meet The M-Series Lenses

Our classic, best selling mobile lenses are now more affordable for everyone. Optimized for camera phones made before 2023, our M-Series lenses make your iPhone and Android phones and even better camera. Our Anamorphics bring that classic, cinematic look to your phone. Our Tele 58mm gets you 2x and 4x closer without having to zoom. Our 10x Macro gives you the tiny details your phone can’t capture. While our 18mm and 14mm capture a bigger, sharper image than your default phone lenses.

See What They Can Do

Check out some of our favorite images shot on M-Series lenses.

Macrolens 142253 2

Shot on the 10x Macro by @taylorxpendleton

Caleth Pixel with Wide 18mm 01 2

Shot on the 18mm Wide by @caleth

Huzaifieka 2

Shot on the 58mm Tele by @huzaifieka

Shotonmoment wide jeff

Shot on the 18mm Wide by @jeff.jacka

Moment iphone11promax with wide 18mm 05

Shot on the 18mm Wide

Www instagram com kidon bae

Shot on the 58mm Tele by @kidonbae

The Moment 58mm Tele Lens: Game-Changer For Mobile Portraits

Shot on the 58mm Tele by

0 AF14 BDC 02 FA 4 B45 850 E 6 BC9458 C9 DFF

Shot on the 10x Macro by @taylorxpendleton

12 comparison Pixel4 XL with Moment Fisheye14mm nightsight

Shot on the 14mm Fisheye by @filmandpixel

Comparison i OS 06 with wide18mm 1

Shot on the 18mm Wide

Pro Camera App Support

For full control over your Moment Lenses, on iOS we offer the Pro Camera App. It gives you all the manual controls your big camera has, and lets you hard select which Moment lens is being used for the best results.

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