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We live in better different times than our grandparents. Grammy-winning artists can create entire professional quality albums from the comfort of their bedrooms (we’re talking about you, Finneas & Billie Eilish) with the right home studio gear. The same is true for filmmakers, podcasters, YouTubers, and the whole creative bunch.

If you’re a do-it-from-home artist (or aspiring to be one), how do you know what gear you need for your home studio setup and where to find it? Enter Moment -- the world’s fastest-growing marketplace for creatives by creatives.

We have the best home studio equipment curated by pros. Find what you need here.

To bring your imagination to life, you don’t need every tool in the shed, just the right pieces for the job. Let’s start with the fundamentals and work our way from there.

Home Office

At heart, the perfect home studio is a home office that’s laser-targeted to your unique craft, so you want your creativity flowing from a rock-solid foundation. Moment carries functional home office gear that keeps your productivity unstoppable, your imagination running wild, and your mood at peak highs. All this while placing aesthetics top of mind (trust us, it’s way easier to be creative while surrounded by something nice-looking).

First, you need a desk. Moment’s selection of desks is unrivaled. Take the Jarvis Hardwood Standing Desk, our premium desk made of sustainable, handcrafted hardwood. Another industry-leading desk includes the SmartDesk 2 Premium by Autonomous.

On top of your shiny new desk should sit a shiny computer monitor from Moment to match like the Dell Ultrasharp Premier Color 27" 4K PremierColor Monitor for the power-hungry, veteran videographers or the budget-conscious Benq PhotoVue 24" Photo Editing Monitor for novice to intermediate/advance photographers.

Two vital tools for every home studio setup are the mice & keyboards. We’ve got the perfect pair of each, designed to help you stay in the zone all day long. Check out Logitech’s K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Computer Mouse, the BlueTooth combo that works everywhere you do.

Pick up a best-selling Nomad mousepad while you’re at it (we dig the rustic brown).

Additional Gear Every Home Studio Setup Should Include


For projects demanding high-quality audio, must-have tools for your audio chain include a digital audio workstation (DAW), an audio interface, a set of studio monitors, and comfy, high-fidelity headphones.

Here are some of our curated recommendations to get your best work done.

Whether you’re podcasting or doing voiceover, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality microphone like Shure’s SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Studio Vocal Microphone or the MV7 Podcast Microphone. Both of these microphones are dynamic XLR, USB-connected mics, perfect for bridging speaker and listener.

Just getting started? A budget-friendly mic like the ATR2100X-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone offers more than enough performance.

A shotgun mic like RØDE’s VideoMicro Microphone is essential for capturing sound in front of the camera.

Critical to anyone desiring hi-fi audio, your home recording studio should include an audio interface. At its core, audio interfaces route sound to and from your computer, but they do it at a superior level to your computer’s standard mic or speakers. We love Zoom’s USB 3.0 Audio Interface.

No setup is complete without studio monitors. The A2+ Wireless Desktop Speakers by Audioengine are ideal for monitoring out loud, and the ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones are just the right pair of cans for in-ear monitoring.

Other equipment worth adding to your audio chain: audio recorder, lavalier microphone, headphone & earbud cases, and a MIDI keyboard to control sounds.


Lighting is a major factor in whether your next project comes out bright, balanced, dim, low key, or just plain unfocused. Filmmakers rejoice, Moment’s got what you need in the lighting department.

You can achieve luminous scenes with good studio lights. The MC RGB Portable Light is Aputure’s first to include full Hue. This light gives you the power to reproduce any color while being small enough to carry around. Focus the might of the Aputure MC with the help of a Profoto reflector.

If you don’t exactly need the Lamborghini of lights, the AL-M9 is a super portable LED by the same brand. For creatives who require even less, the iPhone LED Flash from Anker still gives you 4x brighter flash with twice the range than your iPhone’s camera.


Your camera of choice says a lot about the type of creator you are. We have cameras for anyone from the accomplished filmmaker to the fresh-as-a-daisy photography buff -- all from the most trusted brands and all studio appropriate.

The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K from Blackmagic is strictly built for pros, capable of producing stunning, Hollywoodesque feature films in the palm of your hands.

For the adventure types, Moment offers a selection of action cameras like the Insta360 Go2 -- light, powerful, waterproof, and capable of going anywhere you do.

Is point-and-shoot your jam? Add the iconic Polaroid Now to your setup or new ultra-fine grain, ultra-high color film cam to capture life’s perfect moments.


You don’t realize how much you miss something until you need it. Tripods are classic filming and photography equipment with one (make-or-break you important) use. Tripods hold our cameras in place so that we can shoot the perfect shot (or scene).

For the traveling filmmaker, we recommend adding the SystemGo Plus FGP18A Aluminum Tripod to your studio.

For filmmakers or photographers who are extra mobile, snag yourself the new Moment Pro Tripod Mount with MagSafe -- fresh of the blueprint! The new Tripod Mount attaches directly to your latest iPhone and is engineered with a proprietary configuration to provide extra strength. You may go everywhere, but your phone camera sure won’t.


The only thing worse than running out of battery is...scratch that. Nothing is worse than running out of battery, so your studio better be equipped with the right gear to charge and power your devices.

One of our favorite chargers here at Moment is the Omni20+, a 100 watt AC hub capable of powering nearly all of your devices, from phone to laptop, to your camera, and beyond. We also love the Boost Charge 3-in-1 Wireless Charger for your Apple products.

Drives & Storage

Of course, the best home studio setup in the world (along with the most creative force behind the desk) is quite limiting if it lacks a place to keep all of the sick content created.

While on the go, your camera needs a reliable memory card. You can slap one on from SanDisk or Sony (up to 160GB). When you move it back to the studio, save your latest edits to the ArmorATD USB-C Rugged All-Terrain Drive (up to 5TBs) to ensure your data stays safe forever.

This list covers just about everything required to spend long nights creating in your very own home studio. Let's recap the gear on our checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What equipment do I need for a home studio?

The equipment you need for a home studio depends on the type of work you want to accomplish. But generally, you need a comfortable desk and chair. The list includes a computer with enough performance to handle the task at hand -- including a monitor big and bright enough to see your images/footage in detail and an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to spend hours tackling your project.

Additionally, you’ll need gear like an audio interface, good microphones, studio monitors, headphones, lights, cables, chargers, digital storage devices, a DAW (like Logic Pro X), and of course, your camera of choice. We have all you need and more for a robust home studio that pros would envy.

How do I build a cheap home studio?

To build a cheap home studio, you only need time and a small budget for essentials. Gone are the days when you had to have a high five-figure budget to get a creative job done. You can create professional-level content with a few key pieces of equipment like a computer, camera, microphones, an audio interface, and a comfortable pair of headphones.

Find all you need for a cheap home studio in Moment’s “Used & Opened Box” category.

How much does it cost to build a home studio?

If you only require the essentials, building a home studio can cost as little as $500 to $1,000 or as much as $5,000 to $10,000 or more if you want the latest and greatest. At Moment, you can find deals on everything you need to build a home studio.

How do I set up a home recording studio?

To set up a home recording studio, find a quiet, private room and add proper acoustic treatment/remove objects that sound bounces off. You’ll need a computer, DAW software, an audio interface, microphones, monitoring speakers & headphones. VOILA! Now you have a home recording studio worthy of creating hits.

Wrap Up

Finding the right home studio equipment to build your home base is no longer a pipe dream. Today, the average person has access to what only a few had access to yesterday. Moment makes the entire process -- from browsing, buying, and building -- as seamless as possible by providing all the necessary gear you need in our one-stop creative shop.

Have more questions about a particular item or need help getting set up? Just give one of our Gear Guides a holler, and they’ll have you feeling like Finneas in no time!