Shure MV7 Dynamic Podcast Microphone with USB and XLR

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    Let Your Microphone Do The Work For You

    Connect via USB, download the free ShurePlus™ MOTIV app for desktop, which gives you access to additional features on your MV7. Activate Auto Level Mode, select your preferred voice tone and distance from the microphone, and let the microphone adjust your level in real-time for consistent output, no matter if you’re recording or live to stream.

    Choose Manual Mode to have full control over your sound and adjust Mic Gain, Monitor Mix, EQ, Limiter, Compressor, and more. With your level being constantly adjusted by the microphone to keep your sound consistent, you can spend more time creating, and less time editing. Let your microphone do the work for you.

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    Optimized Mic Position Presets

    Whether you’re a podcaster that likes to get up close and personal with the microphone or a streamer that likes a bit more breathing space, you can select from ‘near’ or ‘far’ depending on your preference.

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    What's In The Box

    • Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone
    • Micro-USB Type-B to USB Type-C Cable
    • Micro-USB Type-B to USB Type-A Cable
    • Limited 2-Year Warranty
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