iPhone 13 with Moment Lenses | Compatibility & Example Images

After initial testing, Moment lenses officially work w/ Apple's iPhone 13. Example images included show what works well (and what doesn't).

Another year, another phone upgrade. The Moment team thrives on the last-minute hustle and bustle, encouraging everyone to act fast and test out new products as soon as we get our hands on them.

Reasonably so, one of the most frequently asked questions on our social channels after the announcement of the long-awaited iPhone 13 flagship was the compatibility with Moment lenses. Our gear team worked endlessly on testing each lens over the various smartphone cameras before we gathered some test images. Needless to say, they work flawlessly and don't vignette! Er, at least on certain conditions. Let's dive in.

Macro 10x Lens over f/1.5 lens

Tele 58mm over f/1.5 lens

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Wide 18mm and Fisheye 14mm Are CLEAN and Sharp.

Caleb immediately recorded a mirror selfie with an attached Wide over his iPhone 13 Pro's primary wide-angle camera, which now has a larger f/1.5 aperture to let in even more light. The results looked almost too good, shocking the team with true-to-tone delicious crispness and sharp clarity. It overperformed even under crappy tungsten bathroom lighting— a testament to Apple's latest tech advancements (and, of course, our lens glass).

Our Fisheye 14mm produces similar results in quality as the wide; the only difference is the fun ultra-wide perspective for selfies, mini vlogs, and kickflips.

Wide 18mm over f/1.5 lens

Wide 18mm over f/1.5 lens

Moment Wide 18mm Lens 01


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Tele 58mm Boasts Miraculous Clarity, But Only Over the Standard Lens.

Tele lenses are often the hardest focal length to maintain consistent clarity across smartphone cameras. However, the Tele 58mm lens combination over the Pro's native wide produced an almost SLR-like cinema quality, begging Caleb's curiosity about why he doesn't shoot with the lens more. Creative inspiration?

The Pro's unique native telephoto lens feature offers up to 3x optical zoom and (a pointless) 15x digital zoom, an improvement over the 12 Pro's 2x optical and 10x digital zoom. Digital zoom, while reasonably usable for a handheld device, is always less ideal than an attached lens with quality-made glass (i.e., less artificial nonsense).

That said, the Tele 58mm Lens isn't all that compatible with the Pro's 3x lens, and we highly recommend not pairing the two at all.

Tele 58mm over f/1.5 lens

Tele 58mm over f/1.5 lens

Moment Tele 58mm Lens 01


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But Wait, the Anamorphic Lens over the Tele 3x?

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of them all is the cinematic footage that stems from the unique combination of our Anamorphic over the Pro's native 3x tele camera. It's a natural, seamless look that boasts the utmost quality for a smartphone. Although there seemed to be some slight ghosting from the harsh sunlight hitting the filter, it's not overwhelmingly noticeable and can be easily adjusted under better lighting.

Anamorphic Lens over 3x zoom

Moment Anamorphic Lens 01


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130 004 Moment lens anamorphic Gold Flare thumbnail Edition2b


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At Last, Our Macro 10x

The Macro 10x is a fan favorite. Specializing in exquisite detail, texture, and sharpness, the Macro works over both the Pro's native wide-lens and the 3x tele zoom (talk about a telescopic focal length!).

Macro 10x over f/1.5 lens

Macro 10x over f/1.5 lens

Moment Macro Lens 01


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