Anamorphic Flares for $100?! Moment CineFlare Streak Filter Review

Achieve that anamorphic-like cinematic "flare" look at an affordable price. Available in both Gold or Blue options.

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The CineFlare Streak filter packs a powerful punch at an affordable price. Shoot dreamy lens flares in either gold or blue with the ease of a filter under $100. This high-quality glass is the perfect option if you want something similar to an anamorphic vibe for videos or photos.

To Know:

Our CineFlare Filters are the secret sauce for adding anamorphic-like flares to your footage without using a specialty lens. Available in blue and gold options, they will help you create eye-catching cinematic looks with the camera and glass you choose. Made from precision-machined aluminum, the housing is fully rotatable, so you can adjust the flare angle however you like. We used premium Japanese optical glass to maintain a super crisp image, and you can even stack them with a CineBloom Filter for an ultra-dreamy look.

What We Love:

Two Different Aesthetics

Achieve either blue or gold streaks depending on which you buy.


Offers an incredibly cinematic experience for any stylized project on the docket.

Works on Any Lens

These filters come in a variety of different sizes to fit your lens of choice, including mobile!

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Cinematic, Stylized Filter for Any Lens

Best For: Filmmakers wanting that buttery flavor or photographers looking to achieve a more stylized, cinematic look.

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Set Your Work Apart From the Rest

Moment is best known for various lineups of smartphone lenses. Between the wide, fisheye, macro, tele, and anamorphic, we offer something special for anyone wanting to up their mobile game. Over the years, as phones became smarter and A.I became creepier, and our engineering team aimed to expand our product lineup. So, we turned to filters.

Filters are the secret sauce to good photos and footage. Depending on which filter you buy, they provide a stylized look and offer external protection and deeper manual controls. We have a filter for just about anything between UV management, achieving a bloomed effect, or even a drop-proof mechanism.

So — lo and behold, another filter to our family: The CineFlare Streak. Get those yummy, flavorful flares you’d normally achieve with an anamorphic adapter on any lens you have (including mobile!). And if your lens doesn't match our current diameters, you can get one larger than your lens and use a step-up ring to bridge the gap.

It’s easy: screw it on your lens and make some magic. Flares can be difficult to replicate during the post-production process, making the use of a filter more desirable. The CineFlare includes a ‘Precision Rotation Mechanism’ that adjusts flare angles in any direction. Switch it up, baby! No need to stick to the classic horizontal lines; spice your image with diagonal or vertical streaks.

Mobile photography and filmmaking is our bread and butter, so we made this filter compatible with all our M-Series Lenses using our 67mm M-Series Lens Filter Mount. You can also pop this filter onto almost any phone using our 67mm Phone Filter Mount.

Portability and versatile use cases are always at the forefront of our minds when engineering the perfect product. As a team that’s always on the go, it's imperative our gear can come with. In turn, we make our filters as thin as possible while maintaining durable strength for long-lasting quality. Thinner filters also allow us to remove vignetting and keep a low profile should you stack filters.

So yes, this completely enables you to stack one of our famous CineBloom Filters over the CineFlare Streak.

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Lens coatings make all the difference when it comes to image quality. We never skimp on glass performance and added not one, not two, not three, but 30 layers of advanced coating: anti-scratch, anti-reflection, anti-oil, and hydrophobic coatings. Take this bad boy anywhere; we dare you.

And, of course, CineFlare is dressed in that famous red wrap to let everyone know Moment made it. We toot our own horn a lot; sorry about that (but not at all).

The filmmakers are stoked for an affordable alternative to Holly-wood style quality. Anamorphic lenses are, quite literally, up to $40,000 and over. A lens filter under $100 complements my day-to-day footage, boasting a beautiful image in tandem with my camera of choice. No, it won’t replace that anamorphic trait, but the flares offer a stunning addition. Plus, it’s a lot easier to use.

More importantly, the streak is lovely on screen. They are bold and concentrated among higher-contrast light while more subtle against dimmer hues. The color of your streaks might differ depending on your vibe, too. I prefer to use the Gold streak against my Southern Californian environments, but the Blue streaks offer a nice Sci-Fi feel.

Though CineFlare was initially geared toward filmmakers, photographers can utilize it for an added movie-like flare. We don’t discriminate.

How We Rated It

  • Rugged Ability
    • Leave it the Studio
    • Daily Carry
    • Traveller
    • Mountain Goat

  • Build Quality
    • Cheap
    • What You’d Expect
    • Solid
    • Top Of The Line

  • Image Quality
    • Is that even in focus?
    • Passable
    • Sharp
    • Tack Sharp

  • Color Temperature
    • Super Cool
    • Slightly Cooler
    • Slightly Warmer
    • Super warm

  • How Wide Of A Lens
    • 35mm- Infinity
    • 24mm- Infinity
    • 16mm - infinity
    • 12mm - Zoom

  • Skill Level Required
    • Just getting started
    • Upgrading from Kit Lens
    • Shoots regularly
    • Professional

  • Filter Stacking
    • Can’t
    • 1-2
    • 2-3
    • 3+
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What It Has:

  • Available in blue and gold flare options to match classic anamorphic flares
  • Premium Japanese optical glass for superior image clarity
  • Advanced 30 layer coating includes anti-scratch, anti-reflection, anti-oil, and hydrophobic coatings

What It Does:

  • Easily stacks with Moment CineBloom Filters
  • Precision rotation mechanism for adjusting flare angle
  • Knurled grip for easy removal
  • Works with any standard center pinch lens cap (like the one you already have for your camera lens).

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