Take Better Mobile Portraits | Moment Tele 58mm Lens Review

Moment’s stunning Tele lens for tighter, closer, crispier shots. Here's a full review of the new go-to mobile portrait lens.

Everybody's favorite go-to portraits lens for your smartphone is tack sharp and stands the test of time. A product we're incredibly proud of, here's our full written review of the Tele 58mm Mobile Lens for any smartphone.

If you’re an Apple or Samsung user (Pixel strangely doesn't have dual-lens capabilities, but kills it with the A.I powered technology!), you’re probably wondering what the key differences are in the 58mm versus your phone’s native tele lens.

First off, aperture is key. The newer phones are produced with even more DSLR-like aperture range than ever before, so just imagine what results you’d find with it coupled with a telephoto length. Images taken with the lens will show off a beautiful, vibey bokeh haze in the background while highlighting tack sharpness in the foreground.

  • f/1.8 aperture on the wide angle lens, giving you more depth.
  • f/2.4 aperture (the iPhone XS’s 2x aperture) resulting in less depth.

So yes, you’ll no doubt receive an enriched depth of field with the ultra wide f/1.8 aperture alongside our 58mm focal length. You can clearly see the difference in the background’s creamy bokeh below:

Creamy, bokeh background with James Barkman tack sharp.
Clear distinction between foreground and background.
DSLR-like depth of field.
Shot on Native iPhone X Tele Camera
Shot on iPhone X with Tele 58mm
Moment Tele 58mm Lens 01


Tele 58mm Lens

Get the goodness of your main smartphone camera and 2x magnification! The Moment Telephoto 58mm is the sharpest lens designed for iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy phones

Buy for $112.49

Tack Sharp, Edge-To-Edge

Maximizing sharpness was one of the biggest priorities when rebuilding this new lens. Many telephoto lenses produce an unforgiving haze around the edges of the frame that drastically affect its quality. Due to our lateral chromatic aberration, increased resolution on the axis, and layers of lens coating — this tank is as solid as it gets without creating an unwanted vignetting.

Zero distortion and sharp edge-to-edge.
Tack sharp during low-light situations.

Single vs Dual-Lens Camera Phone Comparisons

Mobiles creatives are now equipped with 4x capabilities when mounted over the iPhone and Galaxy's 2x lens, as well as 2x optical zoom when mounted over single lens or wide side of a dual lens. Single lens cameras also have enhanced portrait mode when in search for excellent bokeh and creamy textures.

But because the 58mm is perfectly optimized for dual-lens cameras, we wanted to field test if single-lens phone cameras would withstand high enough quality. And, obviously, it totally does...

Shot on Pixel 3 - Yup, portrait mode works well on texture.

Shot on Pixel 3 - Simple, elegant, crisp.

Shot on Pixel 3 - Looks like DSLR!

Shooting Tele on Tele? Try Manual Focus

If you’re choosing to 4x your images by mounting the 58mm to your phone’s native tele lens (if it has one!), we absolutely recommend using manual focus. In our Moment App, you can manually select which point in the frame to be the center of the attention, giving you full manual control of the creative process and hone in on specific details of your 58mm.

‘Cause, let’s be honest — sometimes our phones’ cameras are not optimized for 4x capability. It’s best to hand operate each feature to precisely capture what we want with starch results.

And if you haven’t downloaded our app yet, what the heck are you doing? (Jokes). (Kinda).

Without Tele 58mm Lens
With Tele 58mm Lens
With Tele 58mm On Native Tele Lens

And Yup. The 58mm Can Hold Its Own.

Portrait photography musters a variety of different artistic tastes. Moment’s beloved filmmaker and photographer, Taylor, took the lens on an exciting field test down South and asked herself if a lens/phone combo can truly hold its own like her DSLR…

The results? I mean… just see for yourself:

What We Rate


Leave it in the studio Chance of Rain You’re going to get wet Take it in a storm

Build Quality

Cheap What You’d Expect Solid Top of the Line

Image Quality

Is that even in focus? Passable Sharp Tack Sharp

Skill Level Required

Just getting started Upgrading from Kit Lens Shoots regularly Professional


Ultra Light Light Average Heavy


Pancake Prime A Little Zoom Dad Lens

Aperture Range

Slow Decent Speed Fast Super Fast

Tech Specs

After months of diligent production to perfect every scope of the 58mm, we pride ourselves in its improvements from the 60mm (its predecessor). Special advancements include:

  • Optical Design - All glass, 6 elements, 4 groups
  • Lens Coating - Multi-layer, low flare, broadband anti-reflection
  • Equivalent Focal Length - 58mm
  • Lateral Chromatic Aberration - <1px at edge
  • Resolution - 300+ LP/MM (Axis) 200 LP/MM (Edges)
  • Low Distortion - <0.75% TV Distortion (1% Optical)
  • Diameter: 39.5mm
  • Height: 27.58mm
  • Weight: 73.1g
Moment Tele58Mm 103
Moment Tele58Mm 100

This lens is a breathing unit of art of its own. Enhanced with an excellent build quality, upgraded optics for premium shooting, and a muster of focal length options for any portrait or landscape photographer — we’re proud to show this baby off.

Moment Tele 58mm Lens — perfect for capturing in-home sessions.