#1 Best-Selling Mobile Lens | Tele 58mm Lens Hand's On Review

Moment’s stunning Tele lens for tighter, closer, crispier shots. Here's a full review of the new go-to mobile portrait lens.

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Everybody's favorite go-to portrait lens for your smartphone is tack sharp and stands the test of time. A product we're incredibly proud of, here's our full written overview of the Tele 58mm Mobile Lens for any smartphone. It's our #1 best-selling mobile lens for a reason. With edge-to-edge clarity and a richer depth of field than what's available on your smartphone's native camera, the Tele 58mm withstands greater quality and better visuals for telephoto imagery. But how? Why use additional glass on your Apple, Galaxy, or Pixel camera? The newer phones are produced with even more DSLR-like aperture range than ever before, so imagine what results you’d find with it coupled with a telephoto length made from real glass. Images taken with the lens will show off a beautiful, vibey bokeh haze in the background while highlighting tack sharpness in the foreground.

  • An example of f/1.8 aperture on a smartphone's wide-angle lens gives you more depth.
  • An example of f/2.4 aperture on the smartphone's ultra-wide lens, resulting in less depth.

You’ll undoubtedly receive an enriched depth of field with the ultra-wide f/1.8 aperture alongside our 58mm focal length (available for both M-Series and T-Series, depending on your device). You can clearly see the difference in the background’s creamy bokeh below:

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

iPhone 14 1x Camera & Tele 58mm Lens
iPhone 14 3x Camera & Tele 58mm Lens
Moment 58mm Tele Lens T Series Thumbnail


58mm Tele Mobile Lens | T-Series

Get 2X (or 4x with the Moment Pro Camera app) closer to your subject. Incredible for portraits, landscapes, and smooth video, the Tele 58mm is the best telep...

Buy for $149.99
Moment Tele 58mm Lens 01


58mm Tele Mobile Lens | M-Series

Buy the Moment M-Series 58mm Tele Lens. Get 2x or 4x closer to your subject for better portraits and more intimate videos. Works on iPhone and Android.

Buy for $104.99

Tack Sharp, Edge-To-Edge

When redesigning this mobile lens for the M-Series and the T-Series (each lineup distinct to various devices), achieving unparalleled sharpness was at the forefront. Numerous telephoto lenses often exhibit a distracting haze around the frame's periphery, significantly compromising image quality. However, thanks to our meticulous correction of lateral chromatic aberration, enhanced axial resolution, and multiple layers of lens coating — this lens is robustly designed to offer stellar performance without introducing undesirable vignetting. Furthermore, using actual glass in this lens outperforms the phone's digital zoom, which merely crops the image, leading to a loss in resolution and detail. In contrast, our lens preserves the full image quality, essentially empowering your camera to capture double the amount of stunning photos.

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

Shot on T-Series Tele 58mm lens.

Single vs. Dual-Lens Camera Phone Comparisons

Mobiles creatives can now leverage up to 6x magnification when paired with the iPhone's telephoto camera, the Galaxy's 2x lens, or achieve 2x optical zoom when mounted on a single-lens or the wider side of a dual-lens system. Additionally, single-lens setups benefit from an improved portrait mode, yielding rich bokeh and velvety textures.

While the 58mm is ideally calibrated for dual-lens systems, we were keen to evaluate its performance on single-lens phone cameras regarding image quality. The results? It excels without a doubt.

Shot on the 58mm Tele by @beacasso

Shot on the 58mm Tele by @miel.life

Shooting Tele on Tele? Try Manual Focus

If you’re choosing to 6x your images by mounting the 58mm to your phone’s native tele lens (if it has one!), we absolutely recommend using manual focus. In our Moment App, you can manually select which point in the frame to be the center of attention, giving you full manual control of the creative process and honing in on specific details of your 58mm.

‘Cause, let’s be honest — sometimes our phones’ cameras are not optimized for up to 6x capability. It’s best to hand-operate each feature precisely to capture what we want with starch results. And if you haven’t downloaded our app yet, what are you doing? (Jokes). (Kinda).

iPhone 14 Pro 1x Camera + Moment 58mm Tele Lens

iPhone 14 Pro 3x Camera + Moment 58mm Tele Lens

iPhone 14 Pro Native 1x Camera

iPhone 14 Pro 1x Camera + Moment 58mm Tele Lens

iPhone 14 Pro 3x Camera + 58mm Tele Lens

It's Perfect For Video

When it comes to crafting cinematic footage, every detail matters — from the subject to the depth and from the perspective to the aesthetics. Our Moment Tele 58mm lens is quintessential for achieving this finesse in mobile videography. One of the most revered aspects of cinematic footage is the depth of field, where the subject is in sharp focus, and the background beautifully blurs out. The Moment Tele 58mm magnifies this effect, enabling creators to achieve that dreamy, professional look with ease.

This lens, offering almost 2x magnification, brings distant subjects closer without compromising quality. This is especially handy when capturing landscapes, cityscapes, or even subjects out of reach. Every videographer knows the perils of digital zoom. It degrades the quality, introduces noise, and diminishes the overall visual appeal. With the Moment Tele 58mm, you can bypass the pitfalls of digital zoom, getting closer to the action with optical excellence. Crafted for the mobile creator, the Moment lens seamlessly integrates with most top-tier smartphones. Plus, its compact design means you can carry cinematic potential wherever you go.

    What We Rate


    Leave it in the studio Chance of Rain You’re going to get wet Take it in a storm

    Build Quality

    Cheap What You’d Expect Solid Top of the Line

    Image Quality

    Is that even in focus? Passable Sharp Tack Sharp

    Skill Level Required

    Just getting started Upgrading from Kit Lens Shoots regularly Professional


    Ultra Light Light Average Heavy


    Pancake Prime A Little Zoom Dad Lens

    Aperture Range

    Slow Decent Speed Fast Super Fast

    Photo By: @hellodannyfeng

    Photo By: @stevenmschultz


    • Works with Apple, Google, Samsung, and OnePlus devices
    • Maximum 6x optical magnification
    • Quick to remove


    • Phone is not pocketable with a lens attached
    • Needs a Moment case or drop-in mount
    The Moment 58mm Tele Lens: Game-Changer For Mobile Portraits
    "Enhanced with excellent build quality & upgraded optics for premium shooting for any portrait or landscape photographer." - Eric Riley, Gear Team

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