The Best Wide Lens For Your Smartphone | Moment Wide 18mm

Made for the everyday photographer and filmmaker, the Wide 18mm Lens is the best, most perfect go-to smartphone lens on the market. Here’s why.

Moment wide 18mm shooting norway

The Wide 18mm Lens is an everyday, go-to wide-angle lens for mobile creators. Its glass and wide angle design allows your phone to capture 2x more picture. The most advanced lens we’ve ever made, the Wide Lens captures smartphone photos and videos that are beautiful, crisp, and straight with zero fisheye distortion.

Best part? It’s compatible with some of the best, most advanced smartphones on the market. Including the iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3, and Samsung Note 9.

We wanted to not only showcase the sweet features under the Wide 18mm, but highlight the ways to get the most of your lens. Here we go.

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Wide 18mm Lens

Arguably our most recognized product. The Moment 18mm Wide Lens captures beautiful clear wide images and video on iPhone, Pixel, or Galaxy camera phones.

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A Wide Lens in the wild.
A Wild Lens in the wild.

It’s Better Than Your Phone’s Native Wide Lens

If you’re an Apple or Samsung user (Pixel strangely doesn't have dual-lens capabilities, but kills it with the A.I powered technology!), you’re probably wondering what the key differences are in the 18mm versus your phone’s native wide lens.

First off, aperture is key. The newer phones are produced with even more DSLR-like aperture range than ever before, so just imagine what results you’d find with it coupled with a wide length. Images taken with the lens will show off a beautiful bokeh haze in the background while highlighting tack sharpness in the foreground. Take a look at the pictures for a visual example, below.

  • f/1.8 aperture on the wide angle lens, giving you more range (shown right).
  • f/2.4 aperture (the iPhone XS’s 2x aperture) resulting in less range (shown left).

It’s the Go-To Lens

Range: 2x As Wide

When To Use It: Made for the everyday photographer and filmmaker, first-time Moment users, and those capturing landscapes, interiors, kids, and table top scenes. Capture landscapes, interiors, and people without cutting out the important details. Get a table-top shot of your brunch table without standing on a chair. Capture the entire sunset from the top of your hike, not just part of it. Document kids and pets without having to back up and missing the moment in the process.

Overview: The Wide Lens is our go-to everyday lens for mobile photographers and filmmakers. It’s updated cinema-quality glass and wide angle design allow your phone to capture 2x more picture. The most advanced lens we’ve ever made, the Wide Lens captures smartphone photos and videos that are beautiful, crisp, and straight with no wide-angle distortion. It's a must if you're filming at all on your phone, since the phone camera crops in on video. A little known fact about the Wide Lens is that you can focus on objects only a couple inches away, getting details that are way too close for the native camera to focus on. This is the most versatile and best option as your first Moment lens purchase. And just like the rest of our lenses, it's interchangeable so you can use it on multiple devices.

What a Photographer Thinks: "This is the best lens for my phone, period." - @natalieallenco

Check out the #MomentWide hashtag on Instagram from customers around the world.

Photo By: @ramygrams

Photo By: @alohacrabs

The Versatility

As we’ve said for the 100th time in a row — this lens is the best go-to for first time Moment users and we mean it. Because the wide angle is 2x as wide with zero distortion, it gives users the opportunity to capture full subjects in the frame with confidence. The build makes it on par with your big camera’s 18mm lens, marking this bad boy as your next DSLR killer... as TechCrunch puts it. ;)

Here’s a mini gallery captured by our filmmaker, Taylor, of images shot on the Wide 18mm Lens with an iPhone X. Just look at how cool our new designer is! Thanks for putting up with us, Charity.

Stunning background with subject in foreground.
Stunning skin tones and crisp edge-to-edge.

Product Touch Points

With impeccable glass made for high-quality imagery, the Wide lens is a near perfect focal length for travel images and on-the-go sceneries. Interesting product touch points to consider:

  • 18mm Wide focal length - Wide, but not wide enough to be distorted.   
  • Cinema Quality Glass - Sharp edge to edge.
  • Great for landscape, cityscape, tight spaces, wide portraits.
  • Must-have for shooting video.
  • Optimized for all Pixel, iPhone and Galaxy Devices.
  • Used to enhance portrait mode on Single Lens phones (such as Pixel 3 + iPhone XR)
  • Can mount over both lenses on phones (if your device supports dual lenses).
Works great under high dynamic range.
Soft highlights in harsh sunlight.

Tech Specs

After months of diligent production to perfect every scope of the 18mm, we pride ourselves in its overall quality of craftsmanship. Special specs include:

  • Chromatic Aberration - <1px at edge
  • Design - 6 Elements 5 Groups
  • Lens coating - Multi-layer, low flare, broadband anti-reflection
  • Magnification Ratio - .63X
  • Resolution (Axis) - 300 LP/MM
  • Resolution (Corner) - 250 LP/MM
  • Tv Distortion - <0.5%
  • Weight - 76.2g
  • Height - 28.7mm
  • Diameter - 39.5m
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Capture the whole scene with an 18mm focal length perfect for landscape photography, urban scenes or tight indoor real estate photography. With edge to edge clarity the Wide Lens is sharper and more versatile than any built-in wide lens on the newest iPhones and Galaxy phones.