The Simplest Way To De-Squeeze Anamorphic Photos

Photographers like to use anamorphic lenses for its creamy bokeh and cinematic vibe. But what happens when your images look “squeezed”?Follow our short guide.

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The Easiest Way To De-Squeeze

Anamorphic Photography

Anamorphic lenses are commonly used as specialty tools which affect how images get projected onto the camera sensor. Though they were created so that a wider range of aspect ratios could fit within a standard film frame, cinematographers have become accustomed to its unique look. The visual result is a glorious nucleus of creamy horizontal flares and tender movements.

However, because of its technical functions, the anamorphic squeezes the image (and the bokeh) to produce an oval-like shape. It’s crucial to “de-squeeze” the frame to make the oval bokeh stretched again as you would normally see it.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To De-Squeeze Photos…

Our Moment Pro Camera App, of course! Click the "De-squeeze" toggle to blue under the setting menu, and viola! You're set. Take pictures or video with the app set to your anamorphic lens and they will be automatically desqueezed.

But another great way to de-squeeze your anamorphic photography is through Photoshop. Our very own App developer, Jeff, often uses this application as a quick and easy way to simplify his process. Below are the steps as follows:

Step One: Open up Photoshop and then open your DNG or JPG file (editing can be done first in another app).

Step Two: Select Image -> Image Size, this will open up a window to edit the image size.

Step Three: Click the lock icon to unlock your aspect ratio, then take the width (for landscapes) or height (for portraits) and a multiply it by 1.33. (i.e. 4032 -> 5363).  It’s ok to round this number to the nearest whole number.

Step Four: Type that into box of the number you multiplied and leave all the other settings alone

Slide Five: Press OK and your image will be de-squeezed! Send your video file into your preferred editing software and make the greatest film ever made, no pressure.

Shooting with the anamorphic lens.

Don't Have Photoshop?

Again, we understand that not everyone has access to Photoshop, so the best alternative would be our very own Moment Camera Pro app on iOS. You can easily De-Squeeze each image by tapping the "Apply De-Squeeze To Saved File" under "Settings".  

If you are on Android, you can download PicTools from the Play Store, which will allow you to De-Squeeze photos for free.

Photo By: @cameracaleb

Photo By: @cameracaleb

Happy De-Squeezing!