Gear Guide for the Street Photographer | Bags, Cameras, Straps, & More

Wear the right gear for shooting street scenes and daylight candids — whether it be a wrist cuff or popular film stock.

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Choosing the Right Gear

Street photography is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very demanding. You have to be quick, focused, and confident and have the right equipment for the job. Not enough, and you'll be kicking yourself for missing an opportunity. Too much, and you'll be paralyzed by choice… and you'll get a sore back!

I'm Hunter, and I've been the gear minimalist, the walking gear room, and everything in between. Over many years of making silly gear choices, I've got this street photography equipment down to a fine art. Here are the basics of what you need to avoid missing that next banger for Instagram.

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1. Picking the Right Bag

Trust me on this one — take a bag. You'll run out of pockets quickly, and it's a good idea to have extra room for spontaneous photobook purchases and snacks on long photo walks. A bag will keep your camera gear safe and your hands free. But which bag is best for street photography? That's a good question.

I go for the smallest possible bag I can get away with since lugging around a backpack can get annoying (and sweaty) when you're legging it around the city all day. Sling bags are perfect for street photography since they're nimble and stay out of your way.

One excellent option is the Rugged Camera Sling by Moment! As you'd expect from a bag with Rugged in the name, it's built to last, but it's also very light and easy to wear. This is because it has a quick-release strap and a bonus stability strap for those who like to live dangerously. It's also roomy enough to cram it full of lenses and sandwiches for a long street photography day without being awkward or bulky.

There are a couple of reasons why this is my bag of choice. First, it's water resistant, which is super important since I love street photography in the rain. It's also incredibly durable and has survived many protests, travel, and sports photography. As a bonus, it pairs nicely with my camera strap.

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2. Choosing the Right Camera Strap

Camera straps — you definitely need one, and if you don't believe me, believe my broken Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 that is now a bookshelf decoration…

Street photography camera straps need to be light and comfortable. A wrist strap is perfect for this. Having an around-the-neck strap on all day can get pretty fatiguing and uncomfortable, especially if you're hot and sweaty.

I would pick the Peak Design Cuff since it's ridiculously well-made, has a quick release, and is stylish. It's also important to remember that the Peak Design quick-release anchors work across both of these strap options, so you can swap them out depending on how you feel if you have both.

Another great option is an around-the-shoulder strap. I use the Peak Design Slide since I mainly shoot with big Nikon DSLRs. If I were more sensible, I'd shoot on a compact camera better suited to street photography, like the Fujifilm X100VI or the Ricoh GR III, and use a wrist strap. Alas, the heavy old cameras have a special place in my heart.

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3. The Best Film Stocks for Steet Photography

So you have a bag, strap, and camera out – now you need film! But what film? There's a vast array of film stocks for street photography. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, so here are my go-tos.

If it's sunny outside, it's almost impossible to beat Kodak Gold. It's warm, vibrant, and has a distinct tonality that feels like a cozy, nostalgic blanket. You can also get good results pushing Kodak Gold up to two stops!

If the weather isn't quite as idyllic, I usually opt for Kodak Tri-X. Black-and-white street photography is a great way to train your eye and focus on storytelling in your images, and it adds a nice boost of contrast and oomph to flat, overcast days.

You can't go wrong with either of these films for street photography, so pick whichever one catches your eye first and get out there!

Having a whole load of film loose in your bag is a bit silly, so I recommend popping your rolls into a Reusable Travel Film Pouch. It keeps things clean and organized and is quick and easy to access. I can't tell you how often I've cleared my bag and found a finished roll of film I shot months ago and never developed!

Of course, there's plenty more that you might decide to take with you—for example, I like to have a permanent marker on me for labeling my rolls of film. Pro tip: You can get clicky, retractable Sharpies, which are life-changing.

Self-portrait in the streets.
Self-portrait in the streets.

4. Other Essentials

Also, obviously, water! Staying hydrated is a fundamental part of being an artist and staying alive, fit, and healthy. Some other bits and bobs include spare batteries, a light meter, or one of Moment's fantastic CineBloom filters to get you feeling cinematic out there. I like the 10% since it's noticeable enough to feel dreamy but not overwhelming.

For extra style points, you can organize and secure all of these extra bits of street photography gear inside a Rugged Camera Accessories Case.

Ultimately, your goal with gear for street photography should be to keep it light, simple, and accessible. Ensure you have good quality gear made with love, and you can't go wrong. Most importantly, have a long walk and see what's out there!

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