Top 8 Camera Slings for Minimal Creators & Travelers

Quicker access, more comfortable, and incredible convenience. Slings are all the rave, so here are our favorites.

Top 7 Camera Slings for Minimal Creators & Travelers

Camera slings, and everyday fannies, have made a big comeback this year. Not only do they satisfy the minimal traveler for everyday carry, but some are often large enough to carry your camera setup, photographers, and filmmakers alike. They aren’t able to hold the sheer volume a backpack might — but isn’t that the point? Many offer quicker access to your gear and emphasize reliable conveyance. Their cross-body engineering promotes more comfortable wear than your typical messenger or shoulder bag. Such beneficial carrying solutions have made these bad boys a favorite over the average backpack, but which ones are the best?

Not to worry, we did the work, so you don’t have to. Here is the top pick for the best camera sling bags for minimal trailers and everyday creatives.

1. MTW Fanny Sling 2L

Best For: Everyday carry, one-day sightseeing, and short outings

This versatile fanny sling is perfect for your daily carry needs. Not only is it adjustable and comfortable, but it has the capacity to expand up to 4 inches to fit a windbreaker, while still being able to shrink down for minimal carrying needs. It is designed to fit keys, wallets, phones, and even 35mm cameras! Built with recycled materials and double waterproof coating, this pack ensures optimal protection against the weather and comfort against your body. Reverse coil zippers add an extra layer of security during rainstorms, allowing you to wear it for hours with a variety of gear and size combinations. The result? A daily go-to pack that covers all your needs!

Moment fannysling v2 black canvas thumbnail


Fanny Sling 2L

Wear it as a sling or around your waist, and don't worry, this ain't your dad's fanny pack! Made for everyday wear to keep your gear within reach and safe

Buy for $59.99

2. Rugged Camera Sling 10L

Best For: Everyday carry, camera carry, adventuring, travel.

This multipurpose camera sling is designed to protect your equipment and keep you organized, no matter where you may be. Constructed from strong, bomber materials and padded for extra durability, this rectangular bag can fit a plethora of items. Inside, there are several pockets and customizable dividers, plus a Stability Strap to keep it tight when you're in motion. Its ergonomic design allows the bag to be used comfortably by right or left-handed shooters, and its rugged construction guarantees that it will withstand any conditions. Put your trust in this top-quality camera sling to get you through all your shooting adventures.

Moment 106 132 rugged camera sling 10 L thumbnail


Rugged Camera Sling

The Camera Sling you’ve always wanted and can trust to carry your gear! Protective on the outside, padded and organized on the inside, comfortable for all day.

Buy for $129.99

3. WANDRD D1 Fanny Pack V2

Best For: Those who like a sporty look and material but are sleek enough for everyday outings. Holds a point-and-shoot super well.

The D1 Fanny Pack is a truly versatile piece of equipment, perfect for any activity and comfortable to wear all day. Whether you prefer to sling it over your shoulder or to cinch it around your waist, this badass bag provides dedicated organization for carrying the essentials, such as your phone, keys, and wallet, with additional room for a small camera. Featuring the same incredible exterior texture found on the popular PRVKE bags, the D1 Fanny Pack is made to last a lifetime and will resist damage from everyday wear and tear.

Moment WANDRD D1 FP SO 2 D1 Fanny Pack Sedona Orange thumnail


D1 Fanny Pack V2

Looking for a sleek and minimal sling? The WANDRD D1 Fanny Pack got you with a functional design and looks good worn crossbody or on your hip too

Buy for $74.00

4. Moment x Fujifilm Rugged Camera Sling 6L

Best For: Everyday carry, camera carry, adventuring, travel.

Your gear is guarded against the elements with tough bomber materials and robust cushioning. Every pocket is designed for maximum storage potential and flexibility, making it easier than ever to stay organized. The Stability Strap ensures your sling remains secure no matter what - running, shooting, or hilly terrain. This rectangular-shaped bag allows you to fit more items than ever before. Plus, it’s ambidextrous and can be used by right- and left-handed photographers alike. Versatile and resilient, this camera sling will keep you comfortable in any conditions.

106 156 moment fujifilm rugged camera sling 6 L sling featured


Moment x Fujifilm Rugged Camera Sling

Introducing the Moment X Fujifilm rugged camera sling.

Bomber materials and durable padding protects your gear on the outside. Lots of pockets and cus...

Buy for $99.99

5. MTW Mini Fanny Sling 1L

Best For: Everyday carry, grocery shopping, minimal pocket-size carry.

Introducing your newest travel companion: MTW Mini Fanny Sling. This 1L version of our acclaimed 2L Fanny Sling offers a low profile, adjustable fit that's comfortable and secure, perfect for film cameras, point-and-shoots, or large phones. Wear over or under clothing as a hip pack or sling - you'll barely notice it's there! Crafted from recycled materials with double waterproof coating, plus a reverse coil YKK zipper for easy opening and closing, this mini sling provides excellent organization in an unobtrusive package. Whether you're headed to the beach or sightseeing around town, the MTW Mini Fanny Sling is the ideal sidekick for your next journey.

106 184 moment MTW mini fanny sling clay thumbnail


Mini Fanny Sling 1L

Our new, Mini Fanny Sling is 1L in size and perfect for carrying your film, point and shoot, or plus-sized phones. Ultralight and comfortable for any adventure.

Buy for $34.99

6. Santa Fe Shoulder Bag, Creme Multi

Best For: Everyday carry, camera carry, adventuring with shoulder bag capabilities.

The long road trips have been the inspiration behind the creation of this incredible shoulder bag. Sized perfectly and designed to keep everything you need organized, this tote is constructed with durable 500d Recycled Nylon and a technical grid stop that can brave any weather conditions. With multiple zip, cargo, and stretch pockets on the outside, you can quickly access all your small items. The adjustable strap ensures you get a comfortable fit whether you carry it crossbody or over the shoulder. This ultimate travel companion is for the adventurous spirit in all of us. So pack your bag and hit the open road.

213 006 moment longweekend santa fe shoulder bag creme multi thumbnail

Long Weekend

Santa Fe Shoulder Bag

Need a bag with the perfect blend of size and organization? The Santa Fe is weatherproof and durable for all conditions, a great companion on long road trips

Buy for $69.99

7. Peak Design Everyday Sling 6L

Best For: Everyday carry, camera carry, adventuring, travel

Designed with the minimalist in mind, the Everyday Sling is a versatile and stylish way to carry essentials – whether it’s for an everyday errand or for carrying your photography equipment. This bag can easily be worn either cross-body as a sling, or around the waist, and looks anything but like a camera bag. The outer material of the sling is designed to maintain its fresh look after wear and tear from traveling and is made from water-repellent materials so it won't be ruined if you get caught in the rain. The main strap is also adjustable, so you can cinch it down tightly when biking or hiking.

Peak Design Everyday Camera Sling V2 6L Black 01

Peak Design

Everyday Sling v2 6L-LEGACY

Copied by many, but there's only one original! The Peak Design Everyday Sling v2 6L fits your daily gear, keeps it secure, and looks good doing so

Buy for $99.99

8. Long Weekend Monterey Sling

Best For: Weekend warriors who love film and good design.

The beloved Santa Fe Shoulder Bag is now available in a more compact cross-body sling form. Boasting 2L of capacity, this tiny sidekick will accommodate your film camera, point-and-shoot camera, plus-sized phone, and other everyday necessaries. Its classic shape, combined with the adjustable strap, makes it comfortable and suitable to wear either around your waist or across your body. Furthermore, its external zip pockets and cargo spaces are ideal for quick access items such as additional rolls of film. Inside you'll find an easy-to-use slip pocket; perfect for stowing away larger phones in an organized fashion.

Moment Long Weekend 213 021 Monterey Sling Cosmic Purple thumbnail

Long Weekend

Monterey Sling

Eyeing a fun Sling? The Monterey Sling is the perfect sidekick for carrying a film camera, point-and-shoot, and plus-sized phone, and with your daily essentials

Buy for $49.99

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