The Best iPhone 15 Accessories and Mobile Essentials

With upgraded iPhones come upgraded accessories and essentials that you can use every day. And here’s a list containing the best of them.

The Best iPhone 15 Accessories and Mobile Essentials

We love suitable tech accessories, and iPhones are our bread and butter. From building top-notch mobile lenses and MagSafe-compatible mounts for one-the-go creation, it's our job to deliver the utmost love to every product. We wouldn't make stuff we wouldn't use ourselves. But to help you select the best ones in the market, we curated a one-stop list of some of the best iPhone 15 accessories and daily essentials from Moment and other brands such as Peak Design, Lab22, Nomad, and more. Let's dive in.

1. Moment Apple Watch Straps

They're well-made and will last for years. Crafted from superior, long-lasting leather, these bands transition from sophisticated elegance to rugged endurance. Their supple, buttery texture gracefully ages, enhancing their allure over time. Offered in a quartet of distinct hues, harmonize your ensemble by coordinating with our matching leather phone and AirPod cases. 

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Daily Essentials for Apple Watch

Best For: Anyone looking forward to using premium leather straps on their Apple Watches while also color matching it with the AirPods and iPhone.

Watch Strap COG 1 2021 09 17 171947 lsvv


Sport Leather Strap for Apple Watch Band | All Sizes

Your new Apple Watch Series 7 deserves a premium band! We created a full lineup made from top-grade durable leather. Dressed up or beat up they'll look great

Buy for $16.99

2. Moment Cases for iPhone 15 Series

Our signature line-up of thin Moment cases gives your device the protection it needs daily while not adding much bulk to your pockets. As a creator, having a less bulky iPhone setup always feels excellent, and that’s possible with our various cases. The sleek and lightweight design ensures minimal bulk, offering a streamlined, portable experience without compromising elegance. With an array of stunning color options, our thin cases allow you to express your individuality while coordinating effortlessly with your favorite accessories. Best part? These bad boys are compatible to a drop-in lens mount to attach an M-Series or T-Series mobile lens for added shooting perspectives.

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Phone Cases

Best For: Those who don’t want to add much bulk to their iPhone setup and customize their iPhone to color-match other accessories. In addition, thin cases are great for daily use.

Shopmoment thumbnail Moment Case for i Phone 15 Black


Case for iPhone 15 / Plus / Pro / Pro Max - Compatible with MagSafe

Looking for an iPhone 15 case that's sleek, strong, & functional? Easily attach your mobile lens, it mounts anywhere via Magsafe & offers top-notch protection.

Buy for $44.99

3. Moment Screen Protectors

The best screen protector to pair with Moment Case for iPhone 15. It’s rugged yet lightweight, crystal clear, and doesn’t slow down your screen performance. Made from ion-strengthened glass, you get solid protection from the gnarliest of falls in a super thin profile of just 0.3mm. The oleophobic coating reduces smudges, repels water, and lets your finger glide smoothly to keep your screen looking fresh even after heavy use. It’s also compatible with screen-based features like Dynamic Island, Face ID, front flash, and front-facing speakers.

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Screen Protectors

Best For: Any iPhone user needs added protection against harsh weather elements or sudden drops.

Moment 310 235 IP15 Pro Screen Protector Thumbnail 01


Screen Protector for iPhone 15 / Plus / Pro / Pro Max - 2 Pack

iPhone screens will get scratched, this is a fact, so protect your phone! Keep your screen quality and phone protected, our screen protectors are easy to apply.

Buy for $9.99

4. MagSafe Accessories

We have built all our MagSafe accessories with the finest military-grade materials to keep quality at the forefront of our minds. We're a team of mobile creators and only wish for the best, so why wouldn't we go all out? Truly the strongest lineup of portable mounts on the market, we promise. Annually, we refine and enhance our MagSafe accessories, catering to the evolving needs of mobile content creators. Capitalizing on this potential, we have developed innovative iPhone accessories that streamline the content creation process — created over 30% stronger with a finer, thinner material for less bulk. By harnessing the convenience of magnetic connectivity, we have significantly minimized setup time, enabling creators to attach and detach their gear, optimizing their productivity effortlessly. Cages, tripods, and even car dash mounts for everyday use.

Brand: Moment

Product Type: MagSafe Accessories

Best For: These accessories work as an excellent tools for iPhone creators. It significantly reduces the time to set things up and still provides them the same stability as a regular mount. Also, don’t forget an additional cold-shoe mount on some MagSafe accessories — one can use to add an extra light or a mic.

Moment 107 016 M Pro Tripod Tall Thumbnail 01


Tripod Mount - for MagSafe

The most seamless way to mount your phone! Turn any tripod MagSafe compatible using Moment Tripod Mount. Attach accessories with the included cold shoe mount

Buy for $69.99

5. MTW Fanny Sling

The first and the most crucial thing about this sling is its size. It’s tiny when you compare the same to other Camera Slings. You can take this sling and wear it in different ways. Your gear will stay safe even in rainstorms, and you’ll easily be able to wear it all day because of how comfortable it is. These are small in size to carry gear for a shorter break around the city or to go on bike rides where you don’t want to have a backpack all the time. The front pocket on the sling can carry all the different sizes of the new iPhone Series. Additionally, the sling is equipped with waterproof zippers to protect your camera gear or smartphone from rainstorms.

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Daily Slings

Best For: Short trips around the city, going on a short trek or a bike ride, or if you are just willing to go to a coffee shop with your friends. Put your gear in the sling to keep it safe.

Moment fannysling v2 clay thumbnail


Fanny Sling 2L

Wear it as a sling or around your waist, and don't worry, this ain't your dad's fanny pack! Made for everyday wear to keep your gear within reach and safe

Buy for $69.99

6. Snap-On Filters

The fastest way to mount a filter over your phone lenses. The 67mm Snap-On Filter adapter clicks onto your Moment Case in seconds, allowing you to add any 67mm filter of your choosing quickly. Be it CineBloom, VND, CPL, CineFlare, or a speciality color filter from any manufacturer, they all work seamlessly right on your iPhone. Designed to maintain compatibility with your phone's microphone, the adapter boasts optimized geometry to prevent vignetting over the ultra-wide lens (note: VND filters may cause vignetting). Furthermore, its sleek design accommodates our selection of MagSafe mounts, enabling you to assemble an impressive cinema shooting setup with the aid of our Pro Tripod Mount or Mobile Filmmaker Cage.

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Easy to use filters for your mobile camera.

Best For: Photographers and filmmakers seeking an easy solution for manual control to their image.

Moment 600-129 Cineclear Snap In Filter for i Phone 14 Pro Pro Max thumbnail


CineClear Snap-On Filter for iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max

Protect your iPhone 14 lenses! Simply snap the Moment CineClear Snap Protection Filter into your Moment case to add an extra layer of protection to your lenses

Buy for $19.99

7. Nomad AirTags Mounts

A super convenient way to ensure you're never leaving valuables behind. With the three different AirTags Mounts, we offer — Hard Shell Mounts, Curved Surface Mounts, and Stretch Fabric Mounts — you can attach the Airtags to almost all of your essential camera gear or everyday carry. If you need to attach one to your keys, we also have the Leather Keychain and Leather Loop Airtag Mounts by Nomad.

Brand: Nomad

Product Type: Airtags Mounts

Best For: Those who already own an Airtag and want to attach that to some of their daily use items. 

Hard Shell Mount 1 Front


Hard Shell Mount for AirTags™

Tracking your stuff with AirTags? The Moment Hard Shell Mount for AirTags™ is made from a rugged aramid fiber shell and backed with a super-strong adhesive

Buy for $29.99

8. Nomad Leather AirPod Cases

Nomad offers some of the best Apple product accessories out there. Designed to fit your AirPods Pro 2 with a two-piece construction tightly, these cases provide additional drop and scratch protection.  Nomad integrated a subtle, optical light pipe to allow the AirPods Pro 2's LED charging indicator to shine through Modern Leather Case - know you’re wirelessly charging or low on power.

Moment Nomad NM01836285 Modern Leather Case Air Pods Pro 2nd Generation Brown Nomad Leather thumbnail


Modern Leather Case for Airpods Pro (2nd Generation)

Surely you are tired of the white plastic of your AirPods case. Give it a classy look with the Nomad Modern Leather Airpods Pro 2nd Generation Case!

Buy for $29.99

9. LAB22 Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging

An amazing wireless charging phone stand that is tilt adjustable and packs the strongest magnets. Now you can charge your phone and a second QI-compatible device simultaneously, both wirelessly. Super strong magnets keep your phone locked in portrait or landscape position.

Brand: Lab22

Product Type: Stands & Charging

Best For: iPhone Users wanting a chargeable solution to display their phone on their desk or tabletop.

Moment LAB22 214 007 Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging Silver thumbnail 01


Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging

Your phone deserves to stand! The LAB22 Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging will support your phone and charge it with room for a secondary device

Buy for $127.49

10. Peak Design Mobile Tripod

silky-smooth operation that pairs exceptionally well with the device that's always within your arm's reach: your smartphone. This isn’t just any phone accessory—it's clear the Mobile Tripod has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the camera you rely on the most. Its portability is unmatched; the tripod collapses to an impressively slender half-centimeter profile, making it one of the most pocket-friendly options we've tested. But don’t let its slim build fool you—the device employs ultra-strong magnets that attach to your phone with a reassuring 'pop'. Once in place, it’s steadfast in both portrait and landscape setups, thanks to its SlimLink™ mounting system—a design so intuitive and secure, it almost feels like an illusion.

Built from robust aluminum and finished with anti-slip feet that dampen vibrations, the Mobile Tripod confidently transitions between a traditional tripod and a kickstand. Each leg unfolds precisely, supporting your device in various angles and terrains. The micro ball head is a particular highlight: it pivots fluidly, ensuring you can find the perfect angle for your photo, video, or video call with minimal fuss.

Moment Peak Design M TR AA BK 1 Mobile Tripod Black thumbnail

Peak Design

Mobile Tripod with Peak SlimLink™

Looking for an ultra-compact magnetic phone tripod with a ballhead? The Peak Design Mobile Tripod will securely attach to MagSafe compatible cases and phones

Buy for $79.95

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