The JOBY Wavo PRO Review | Shotgun Audio Made Easy For Filmmakers

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Shotgun mics are the perfect alternative to capture better audio than what's available in-camera. The various physical features, such as a shock mount for the windshield (or software features such as Active Noise Reduction), can offer clear, crisp audio made easy for filmmakers.

While there are a host of various on-camera shotgun microphones on the market, a recent favorite of ours is JOBY's Wavo PRO. The Wavo is the perfect testament to quality audio control made simple. The dedicated JOBY Wavo App gives you added control over mic features (such as EQ settings) to achieve those more nuanced preferences.

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To Know:

The most advanced on-camera shotgun microphone on the market. Features packed with a creator-driven approach, no shooting challenge is too big for Wavo PRO. Wavo PRO is designed to pair with the latest camera hardware and brings broadcast-level audio performance to this dynamic and growing audience, built for storytellers, filmmakers, and expert creators.

What We Love:

  • Dedicated smartphone APP on IOS and Android.
  • Full Control of settings and EQ to get the perfect sound on location. Simplified post‐production.
  • Ability to save, share, and import presets from other creators.

The Details:

Brand: JOBY

Product Type: Shotgun Microphone

Best For: Audio novices and professionals wanting better quality sound than what's available in-camera.

It's Simple & Just Plain Good

When shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless video camera, the in-camera audio will never match that of an attached microphone — be it a lav, shotgun, or boom. And while audio can be a heavily convoluted filmmaker-specific skill, it doesn't have to be. Thanks to JOBY's advancing technology and highly-innovative engineering, their advanced audio lineup is more intuitive than ever.

I've been filmmaking for years, but I never considered myself a master at audio. The many complex features of audio components like levels, dynamic variations, or pressure sensitives were never in my wheelhouse. Thus, I was pretty intimidated by using the Wavo Pro, but it's never been easier (or more stunning in quality).

Sound levels of on-camera subjects will likely be low unless you bring the camera near them, and it might be muffled by buffeting wind noise. Additionally, because you might have to delve into menus, adjusting the sound settings of a DSLR's built-in mic is challenging and tedious. Fortunately, the Wavo PRO is available to solve these typical sound issues.

To heck with added wires and useless buttons. Stripped to the bare necessities, my audio comes back cleaner and more precise than ever. Enhance the audio quality of any recording by the simple connection of its included cable to the camera's mic input socket.

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Unique Features

ANR (Active Noise Reduction) is one of the main Wavo PRO features that sets this microphone apart from the rest. It's made to omit low-frequency noise from your sound file or unwarranted vibrations brought by handling noise, such as wind. This element was constructive in outdoor settings, where there are tons of passersby vehicles or city noises in Los Angeles.

Incorrectly setting the levels on your DSLR can result in a distorted soundtrack that's tough to repair in post-production. The Wave PRO's ability to record two distinct audio tracks is greatly appreciated and extremely useful. A reduced input sound volume will be recorded on a different channel by pressing the Safe button on the back of the microphone. You can use a second safety channel throughout the editing process if the primary audio channel peaks or becomes distorted. This "belt and braces" strategy could save your life while recording, especially if you're capturing an event like a wedding where there are no do-overs. Or worse — coming home from the shoot to realize you screwed up *shivers*.

Its added optional plug-in mic feature is perfect for extending even greater reach. This is done via Rycote shock mount to a plastic unit that contains an external mic input socket and +10 and +20 gain boost buttons to give your sound levels more of that added "wow" factor.

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Need More Manual Control? The App Does The Trick

While the mic is already stellar for quick audio enhancements, it offers additional tricks up its sleeve via a smartphone app.

By using the app in tandem, you'll have the added option to control various mic settings via smartphone. Be sure to connect to the mic's updated firmware for optimal performance to avoid any potential connection issues.

The app and the mic speak the same language making a terrific duo. From your smartphone's screen, you can adjust the Wavo PRO's sound levels, turn on ANR, enhance gain, and even change the mic's EQ settings. You can use the app to regulate the sound levels of an additional external microphone, such as the Wavo Lav PRO, when you plug it in. In your non-linear editing program, you can select the input with the best sound because both microphones will connect to distinct sound channels.

It offered the cleanest sounds from my voice during talking bits and even softer subdued background noise when outside. The app's versatility enables you to take your audio skills even further, making the mic a perfect choice for both beginner and advanced filmmakers.

What We Rate

  • Budget
    • Sub $50
    • Sub $100
    • Sub $200
    • $200+

  • Sound Quality
    • Muffled
    • What You'd Expect
    • Clear
    • Super Crisp

  • Battery Life
    • Sucks
    • Not Bad
    • Good
    • Lasts Forever

  • Build Quality
    • Cheap
    • What You’d Expect
    • Solid
    • Top of the Line

  • Packability
    • Fits in Fanny Pack
    • Fits In Backpack
    • Straps On Backpack
    • Large Duffle Bag
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What It Has:

  • Add a secondary mic for interviews
  • Designed to work with Wavo LAV PRO.
  • Automatically converges with the Main mic and syncs with video. Additional L & R channel mixing options in the app (split, mix, converge to mono)

What It Does:

  • Removes Self‐Generated Structural Noise
  • Cleans up audio stream on the go
  • Optional ‐10db safe track recorded in parallel to have peace of mind against clipping.


  • Noise reduction: ANR (Active Noise Reduction) cleans up bumps in sound from camera handling
  • LED indicators: Built-in LEDs notify battery and audio levels in real-time
  • Control: Via the Joby Wavo app
  • Second mic input: Yes
  • Safe track recording: -10 dB
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