A Shotgun Mic Worth the Investment | JOBY Wavo Plus Review

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The Wavo PLUS on-camera microphone is the latest addition to JOBY's well-loved Wavo microphones and audio accessories. This stunning on-camera microphone offers thoughtful features for audio artists seeking affordable methods to improve results and optimize their processes. It's an excellent choice for DSLR and mirrorless camera owners who record videos for YouTube, TikTok, and similar platforms. It has an integrated shock mount that protects it from vibrations and is easy to attach to your camera shoe. The condenser mic's pick-up pattern is super-cardioid, focusing audio capture on the subject while rejecting undesired sound from the back and sides. The foam windscreen that comes with the kit helps to muffle wind noise, which is crucial for outdoor scenes where the wind frequently blows.

The microphone has a 3.5mm output, and JOBY includes a TRS cable for connecting to a camera and a TRRS connector for connecting to a mobile device. A built-in rechargeable battery provides power for 30 hours of filming and recharges via its USB-C connector in only two hours. A low battery alert is shown via a front LED when you're in front of the camera. To conserve power, the microphone also recognizes plug-in power from the camera and turns off the battery when you're not shooting. The USB-C port also allows you to use the PLUS as a USB microphone with Mac and Windows computers, which is excellent for adding voiceovers to a video in post.

A 100 Hz high-pass filter to prevent rumbles and a second 3.5mm headphone connector with volume control, letting you monitor your audio in real-time, are two extra features that make the PLUS stand out. The main output also has three gain settings: 0, -10 dB, and +15 dB to establish proper volume for your camera model without overloading it. The PLUS also allows you to divide your recording and have a lower -10 dB channel on the right side, perhaps giving you a clean backup if the in-camera audio is overloaded since run-and-gun firing is unpredictable.

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Audio Engineering Made Easy

Aside from its dazzling tech specs and features, this shotgun microphone makes audio engineering easier.

As a Moment filmmaker who's constantly on the move for shoots, vlogs, talking bits, and selfie videos — I require something as simple as the WAVO Plus. It's easy to attach and sync, and the quality is unmatched against the older microphones I've owned in the past. As a video artist who is less familiar with technical audio production, the WAVO Plus is the perfect addition to my camera setup. Gone are the days with muffled wind and peaking; I can easily control my levels and sound design in post with JOBYs state-of-the-art technology.

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Features We Love

LED System for Feedback

A single LED light indicates the presence of the gadget at the front of the microphone. Additionally, it simplifies the process of checking your battery life while vlogging.

USB Type-C Port

A Windows or macOS device can be linked to the USB-C connector to directly record independent tracks, such as voiceovers, to your computer.

Shockmount Built-In

A built-in shock mount lessens handling and jostling noise for a more unmistakable sound. The cold shoe mount on the bottom has a 3/8 "-16 thread to attach to your camera cage.

Live Audio Monitoring

Utilizing the 3.5mm headphone connector, you can check the sound quality of your recordings. Five different volume settings are available via a dedicated knob.

Safety History Records

If your main audio is affected, you can quickly switch the right audio channel to a safety track recorded at -10 dB.

Filter, High-Pass

The 100 Hz filter, when activated, filters out low-frequency noises like air conditioners and the rumble of traffic.

Power Auto Mode

Defaults to automatic power mode, which switches your linked camera and microphone on and off in unison, speeding up shooting and preserving battery life.

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What We Love:

  • Budget
    • Sub $50
    • Sub $100
    • Sub $200
    • $200+

  • Sound Quality
    • Muffled
    • What You'd Expect
    • Clear
    • Super Crisp

  • Battery Life
    • Sucks
    • Not Bad
    • Good
    • Lasts Forever

  • Packability
    • Fits in Fanny Pack
    • Fits In Backpack
    • Straps On Backpack
    • Large Duffle Bag
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