The Best Point and Shoot Cameras of 2023

Leave the big rigs behind and enjoy the luxury of easy access, automatic settings, and built-in glass with these ultra rad point and shoot cameras.

Fujifilm X100V Review - Girl holding camera while smiling

There’s, obviously, a ton of cameras on the market to choose from. From DSLRs to instant film cameras — there’s a wide range of decisions one must make in order to snag exactly what they need. If you’re in need of a fun, high-quality point and shoot then you’ve come to the right article. Leave the big rigs behind and enjoy the luxury of easy access, automatic settings, and built-in glass. Here's' some of our favorites:

Small enough to fit in the jacket pocket.

Gorgeous exterior that looks like true vintage.

To Know:

Versatile, volant, and viable, the black Fujifilm X100V is the fifth-generation of the X100 series, blending impressive imaging capabilities, a distinct design with an apt prime wide-angle lens, and a flexible feature-set to suit an array of shooting needs. Utilizing a proven and well-regarded APS-C-format 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, the X100V is capable of high-resolution recording along with support for DCI/UHD 4K video, sensitivity from ISO 160-12800, and continuous shooting up to 11 fps with the mechanical shutter. The BSI design of the sensor affords reduced noise and greater overall clarity and is paired with the X-Processor 4 to achieve fast performance and improved responsiveness.

What We Love:

Straight From The Camera

Fuji is no stranger to incredible JPEGs straight from the sensor’s source, making it easy for edits on the fly.

Flip-Up Screen

The flip-up screen is truly a game changer for those who wish to shoot from the hip while capturing the streets.

Fantastic Lens

Its 23mm F/2.0 fixed lens works swimmingly for shooting lifestyle imagery, since it actually turns into a 35mm equivalent on a full-frame sensor (important to note that the 100V is a cropped mirrorless sensor!).

The Details:

Brand: Fujifilm

Camera Type: Mirrorless

Best For: Street scenes, wide angle portraits, lifestyle images, Instagram sponsored posts, short GIF’s made with its video capabilities, and on-the-go captures.

To Know:

Canon is no stranger to amazing camera specs and quality tech. The compact PowerShot G5 X Mark II gives you stunning image quality while conveniently letting you carry it on any adventure. It has a 20.1-Megapixel 1.0-inch Stacked CMOS sensor and powerful DIGIC 8 processor for fast and gratifying results. The 5x Optical Zoom with image stabilization provides range and clear, steady images and video, while a built-in pop-up EVF lets you frame your subjects with ease. For variety, you can shoot 4K 30p or Full HD 120p video, be creative with Panoramic and Star Shooting Modes, and shoot continuously up to 20 fps (or 30 fps with RAW burst mode). With the PowerShot G5 X Mark II camera, quality and creativity doesn’t have to be left behind just because your DSLR was.

What We Love:

Easy To Shoot

A built-in pop-up EVF lets you frame your subjects with ease.

Pretty Good Video

For variety, you can shoot 4K 30p or Full HD 120p video.

Canon’s Lasting Name

Canon has a long-lasting love for stunning products and ensures the utmost quality for those wishing to leave their DSLR at home.

The Details:

Brand: Canon

Product Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Best For: Those wishing for a camera that fits in the back pocket with great quality and slow-motion video. An all round go-to for anybody leaving behind their DSLR.

To Know:

The Tough TG-6 is ready for adventure. It’s built to endure all the extreme environments you love exploring. You can drop it. Step on it. Go deep underwater or out into a freezing blizzard. It just keeps on shooting awesome stills and video. Packed with pro features, you’ll nail difficult shots — even in low light. Shoot intricately detailed macro photos and unique shots underwater with vivid color. The lightweight, compact Tough TG-6. Engineered to survive the world’s toughest places.

What We Love:

Low Light Capability

Great for outdoor adventure in the high mountain tops during sunset, as the F2.0 aperture is wide enough to give you extra oomph.

Truly Made For the Water

Yes, it’s waterproof. Entirely! Submerge up to 50ft in the water for some crazy cool footage and photos.

Fast-Action Shooting

Enable 20 frames per second of sequential shooting methods.

The Details:

Brand: Olympus

Product Type: Tough Point and Shoot Camera

Best For: Build for adventurists wanting a quick snap of underwater or fast action sequences.

To Know:

Fujifilm’s Instax brand might be the most popular instant film camera of choice, possibly surpassing the famous Polaroid. It's become THE camera to use for parties, wedding receptions, and small gatherings as an immediate, personable gift to give your beloved company. On the SQ1, Fujifilm has removed multiple manual controls found on the previous model, the SQ6, and created a point-and-shoot instant camera that's incredibly simple to use. Although the controls are more limited, the improved auto-exposure system in the new Instax Square SQ1 delivers better-looking instant photos than the previous model.

What We Love:

It's Just Really Fun

With high quality grain and a durable protective square shell, we love taking this thing out on adventures for an old-fashioned whirlwind.

The Simplicity

This camera is the perfect testament to new film users; simple shoot and share with the touch of a button.

Better Exposure

Optimized for better exposure, the SQ1 is now made for darker scenarios with improved flash capabilities.

The Details:

Brand: Fujifilm

Product Type: Instant Camera

Best For: People who want a fun, simple way to share instant photos at parties, gatherings, etc.

To Know:

LUMIX by Panasonic is favored by camera enthusiasts because of its high reliability, Leica DC Lenses and the unique, streetwise creative technologies they deliver. The LUMIX ZS200 includes a 24mm ultra wide angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens offers a powerful 15X optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 24-360mm) and 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S.+ (Optical Image Stabilizer Plus) to provide a versatile angle of view while suppressing hand-shake in both photo and video recording. It also enables stunning macro shots as close as 3cm. For even more creative photography, the LUMIX ZS200 integrates a new L.Monochrome mode in Photo Style, to create an impressive monochrome image with rich gradation like that of black-and-white film.

What We Love:

You Know What You’re Getting

Excellent viewing clarity even in bright light; 0.21-inch 2,330K-dot equiv. LVF with high magnification ratio of approximately 1.45x / 0.53x (35mm camera equivalent).

Clean Glass

Superb 15X LEICA DC Vario-Elmar Lens (35mm camera equivalent: 24-360mm).

Good For Video

Stunning 4K 30p video, 4K Live Crop, plus 4K PHOTO burst to capture unmissable moments.

The Details:

Brand: Panasonic

Product Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Best For: Those who need a little extra zoom in their life to capture high quality video and photos on the fly.

How We Tested:

I’m a writer on the team whose job is to write reviews on the latest and great technology made available to our customers. While we may not have all of these cameras in our shop to test ourselves, extensive research has been made and we’ve come up with these top 5 cameras in our laps. With a variety of different camera brands on the list, that just goes to show how well technical details are improved by every player on the market. Leave behind your DSLR and pick one of these bad boys up for purchase — work smarter, not harder.

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