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Magsafe Cases and Mounts

Cases, Mounts, Chargers, and More. Everything you can snap your phone onto, or snap onto your phone.

Why Moment for MagSafe®

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    (M)Force for extra strength

    Our proprietary patent pending configuration of magnets to provide extra strength. Custom tuned magnets combined with a grippy backer pad allow for the strongest connection possible.

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    Easier to use

    This is the fastest way to mount accessories like microphones, lights, handheld stabilizers, tripods, and more to your phone. With the power of magnets, quickly snap accessories to your phone or your phone to surroundings like your car or walls.

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    Highly functional

    We believe it’s the future for how you quickly attach your favorite gear to your phone, and your phone to your favorite gear. Whether you are new to mobile photography or a pro filmmaker, we believe MagSafe will be more accessible than any of the current phone clamp solutions.

iPhone Cases

Compatible with MagSafe

Android Cases with (M) Force

Moment Phone Mounts

Stronger, rugged, and easier to use.

Peak Design - Skimlinks

Works with MagSafe + Peak Mounts

Mobile Charging

Connect w/ MagSafe

Everyone Loves Moment for Magsafe®