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    Adhesive-backed Peak Design adapter for third-party phone cases.

    Install this adhesive-backed adapter on the back of a 3rd party phone case to make nearly any phone compatible with Peak Design Mobile mounts and accessories. The Universal Adapter is low-profile, aesthetically clean, and adheres with 3M VHB for an ultra-strong, ultra-durable connection.

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    Phone/Case Compatibility

    Adheres to smooth, non-textured, non-porous case materials like hard plastic and metal
    Not recommended for soft or rubbery surfaces like silicone or leather
    Requires 5.6cm x 5.6cm (2.2" x 2.2" of flat space on your case
    Adhering directly to your phone is not recommended
    Designed for 1-time installation—safe removal possible, but reattachment is not
    Attaching to unintended locations or materials may be possible, but may result in improper adhesion and/or surface damage
    Use with tablets or other devices not recommended and may result in damage to your device

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    5.6cm x 5.6cm x 0.26cm (2.2" x 2.2" x 0.1")


    13g (0.45oz)


    • 100% recycled weatherproof bluesign approved nylon canvas exterior shell
    • Ultralight polycarbonate body
    • High-temp neodymium magnets
    • High-strength ceramic locking ring (yttria-stabilized zirconia)
    • Ultra-strong weatherproof 3M VHB

    Adhesive Removal

    • VHB adhesive can be safely removed without damaging surfaces or leaving residue in most instances
    • Hold dental floss between adhesive pad and phone/case, and pull floss in a sawing motion to break the adhesive bond
    • If there is remaining residue, roll it off with your finger or remove with blue painter's tape
    • In most cases adhesive cannot be reused