The Moment 75mm Macro Mobile Lens Review

A stunning re-imagination of our original Macro 10X Lens for mobile phones, except a wider focal length for even more pronounced compositions.

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Our mobile lenses represent a decade of masterful craftsmanship and artistic intention. They are more than just glass. We offer a range of focal lengths, including the renowned Anamorphic lens for filmmakers and the top-selling Tele 58mm for mobile photographers who favor portraits and tighter compositions. In late 2023, our team introduced a dynamic complement to our beloved Macro 10X lens. While the 10X sometimes feels too close, creating a niche, abstract images, we sought a middle ground between this and the 58mm. Enter the 75mm Macro Lens, a novel twist on our celebrated macro perspective. Crafted within the T-Series, designed for the latest digital smartphones and subsequent models, this lens is compatible with 2023 and newer smartphones. It has rapidly gained popularity in our community, leading our sales charts. Discover its appeal, technical specifications, and various sample images below.



The 75mm Macro was designed for iPhone 15, Pixel 8, and this new camera phone. T-Series lenses are designed to mount on the main camera of your device. Results may vary when mounted over other lenses.

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Build and Ergonomic Quality

The newest focal length to our famous mobile lens lineup, and a damn good one.

The 75mm Macro Mobile Lens is a testament to precision engineering. Its robust build, crafted from aerospace-grade metal, assures durability and a premium feel. Unlike the flimsy mobile lenses you might find lurking on Amazon, these bad boys are crafted with showstopping craftsmanship from our team (hi, Jordan and Eric!), something we take great pride in.

The lens's T-Series design enhances ease of use and better edge-to-edge clarity, making it a perfect fit for the iPhone 15. Its compact size and sophisticated mounting mechanism ensure seamless integration with your phone, transforming it into a seriously powerful tool. It’s a one-handed operation, yet larger than our previous generation of mobile lenses in the M-Series lineup.

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75mm Macro Mobile Lens | T-Series

Get close to your subject with the Macro 75mm. Different from traditional macro, this lens works less than four inches away from the subject to capture textures

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Superior Photo Quality

Photography enthusiasts will revel in the lens's capability to outperform the iPhone 15's native macro lens. The 75mm focal length offers a unique perspective, distinct from the usual macro shots. Thanks to its advanced optical design, it captures finer details with unparalleled clarity and captures a greater context of your subject. Our original 10X lens is super up close, which is perfect if you’re looking for more abstract quality in your images, but this 75mm focal length helps unveil any mystery. From the intricate patterns of a leaf to the subtle textures of everyday objects, with a depth and richness that the native camera lens can't match.

This lens offers 25% more glass than its predecessor, the 10X Macro lens. Due to this, you’re bound to a full clear picture without unwarranted vignetting around the edges. I’d still recommend shooting for optimal imagery or using a diffuser nearby if you’re in a place where shadows can get into your shot.

Enhancing Creativity

Macro photography may be niche, but it shouldn’t be disregarded. Exploring the world through the 75mm focal length is not just about catching high-quality details or textures but finding fresh compassion in a subject that wouldn’t otherwise be seen from that perspective.

It excels in capturing botanical imagery, where the tiniest details of flora are rendered with stunning clarity. Our in-house photographer, Bea, took the lens around her neighborhood garden and was stunned at how to clean every frame was rendered. The colors are also unmatched, providing a bold saturation that stays true to its original form.

This lens opens new avenues in creative portrait photography, allowing for up-close captures of tickled skin, eye retinas, hair follicles, or even the stitching of one’s clothes. Exploring textures in nature or urban landscapes becomes a source of endless fascination, making every photography session with this lens a delightful and enriching experience.

75mm Lens & 1X Camera
75mm Lens & 3X Camera

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