Honest Thoughts on the Moment Tele 58mm Mobile Lens (& Sample Images!)

A personal review and encounter of using different Moment products: the Tele 85mm lens, the sling, and various film stocks I take around town.

Honest Thoughts on the Moment Tele 58mm Mobile Lens (& Sample Images!) - Showing off the MTW sling, mobile lens, and Kodak film.

It was a lovely evening in Tempe, Arizona, a true gift in late February 2011. My friend enthusiastically invited me: "You've got to come; you'll love it!" And before I realized it, I was on my way to a concert scheduled on a college soccer field. Upon arrival, I noticed the signage, revealing it was not just any concert. It was a performance by one of my favorite bands, FUN!

Earlier that day, I had acquired my first smartphone, the iPhone 4. Echoing the words of Idris Elba in 'The Wire,'' I felt like proclaiming, "I want you to put the word out there that we're back up." At last, I possessed a tool to capture and relive moments for years to come, like seeing my favorite band in concert, right? Well, that's not entirely true. Like many others, I rarely revisit the videos I've recorded at concerts.

While taking pictures of one of my favorite bands on that soccer field, I kept thinking, "I wish I were closer." But how would my iPhone photos turn out? I owned a DSLR with a telephoto lens and longed for the sharp details that digital zoom couldn't match, all without the burden of carrying a bulky camera and lens. This thought persisted over the years, as there seemed to be no practical solution. Although iPhone camera specifications improved and digital zoom made strides, they never matched the prowess of telephoto lens technology.

Enter Moment.

Moment fannysling v2 olive thumbnail


Fanny Sling 2L

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The advancements in smartphone technology, particularly in camera capabilities, continue to impress.

Nowadays, I use an iPhone 15 Pro Max, renowned for its top-tier optical and digital zoom technologies. Yet, a desire remains for even sharper images that capture depth in its truest form.

I use a Moment lens to achieve the quality of photos I aspire to take with my iPhone. The Moment T-Series 58mm lens exudes Big Lens Energy (BLE). I cannot stress enough how it feels to use professional-grade camera glass — the difference is evident as soon as it's mounted onto a smartphone. Despite its authoritative size, the lens is surprisingly lightweight, ensuring comfort and ease of handling during shoots.

In combination with an iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Moment lens transcends the boundaries of mobile photography. The era of longing for just a little more zoom or wishing to be a tad closer to the action is over – the 58mm tele lens fulfills these needs. Upon launching the camera app, you're introduced to a focal length that, while close to the iPhone's 48mm telephoto lens, offers a slightly tighter view at 58mm. This may be surprising initially, but it quickly became my preferred focal length for telephotos.

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58mm Tele Mobile Lens | T-Series

Get 2X (or 4x with the Moment Pro Camera app) closer to your subject. Incredible for portraits, landscapes, and smooth video, the Tele 58mm is the best telep...

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Excellent Quality

In camera, images appear sharper, cleaner, and with greater depth. When reviewing the pictures later, the detail captured by this lens is strikingly evident — crispy. The quality of portraits and landscapes taken with this lens is remarkable.

This lens has fundamentally altered my perspective on telephoto photography. And the fact that it's portable? Sign me up.

As a photographer, efficiently storing, carrying, and accessing my gear is crucial during shoots. However, there are days when I prefer to travel light, focusing only on the essentials. I often turn to film photography or a Moment Lens for more relaxed occasions. The Moment Sling has been the perfect solution for these situations. It has become a staple in my kit, and I rarely leave home with it.

The Sling as an Everyday Carry

As I head out, I always take my phone, wallet, film camera, and an extra roll of film. I often tell people that what makes any product unique is its ability to insert itself into your habits and lifestyle seamlessly. The Moment Sling doesn't just fit into my daily routine. It adds value by carrying all my essentials in an easily accessible bag!

I often describe myself as a "quick shot" photographer. Much like characters in old westerns, I'm the one in my group who's quickest to draw their camera and capture a moment. Whether we're at a concert, where I can swiftly pull out a point-and-shoot film camera to capture the vibrant energy, or in a dim, warmly lit cocktail bar, sipping whiskey and wanting to snap spontaneous photos to immortalize memories, I'm always ready.

Moment kodak 6031678 Professional Portra 400 Film 135 36 Propack 5 Rolls thumbnail


Professional Portra 400 Color Negative Film 35mm

Eyeing the go-to choice of pro film shooters? Kodak Portra Film at true ISO 400 delivers spectacular skin tones and color saturation in 35mm format

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Images shot on 35mm film.

My Setup

The combination of the Moment 58mm tele lens, a Moment case, and the T-Series Drop-in Mount represents the quickest way to take a shot. This setup and the Moment Sling provide an exhilarating method to capture exceptional photos spontaneously. Looking back, I wish I could tell my younger self — the kid who enjoyed concerts and always wanted to be just a bit closer — to wait. Soon, he'd capture the crispest telephoto shots with a convenient camera setup in his pocket.

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