5 Fun, Best-Selling Instant Film Stocks

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The Instant Film Store baby — throwing it back, back again.

Embrace the charm of yesteryear. From instant cameras to instant film, you'll find everything you need to start capturing and sharing moments with just a click. Our team is thrilled to venture beyond mobile lenses and DSLR gimbals, and we couldn't resist adding film to the mix. Naturally, we wouldn't want to offer these gems without letting you in on our top picks. So, without further ado, here are our favorite instant film stocks from top brands like Polaroid and Fujifilm

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1. Polaroid 600 Color Instant Film

Best For: Polaroid users want something as "vintage" as possible.

Camera Compatibility: Vintage Polaroid cameras and i-Type film cameras.

Gorgeous tones with an unbeatable class. You can recognize Polaroid film from miles away; it's the kind of "vintage" you can never get tired of. Each pack has a small battery to power those iconic Polaroid 600 cameras from the '80s and beyond, but don't worry—it's also compatible with i-Type cameras. This timeless formula is perfect for capturing those unforgettable moments you'll want to relive and share for years.

Works With Vintage Cameras

If you still have a Polaroid camera from Dad or Grandma, this is the film to get.

8 Photos Per Pack

Not too many, so make it count!

Stunning Tones

It's classic for a reason.

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600 Color Instant Film


The original format instant film for your vintage camera. Each pack has a small battery to power the Polaroid 600 cameras from the ‘80s and beyond, but it works with our i-Type cameras too. A timeless...

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2. Fujifilm Instax Square Rainbow Film

Best For: Fun people who dig fun colors.

Camera Compatibility: Square-Fomratted Cameras, like the SQ1.

Transform your ordinary snapshots into extraordinary keepsakes using Instax's credit card-sized instant photos with striking, unique rainbow borders. These vibrant frames offer a canvas for your creativity—leave them blank for a minimalist look or pen down heartfelt or playful messages to add a personal touch.

As Colorful As They Come

With a rainbow border, no wonder you’re happier when you see your pictures as they print!

Crisp Colors and Details

The Square camera paired with Instax square film blends vibrant tones and perfect detail.

Small for Storage

They’re small enough for quick storage and easy stacking.

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3. Fujifilm Instax Mini Black Border Film

Best For: First-time film users wanting an edgy look to their instant photographs.

Camera Compatibility: Instant Mini Cameras

Instax's beautiful, classic instant film—with a twist! Say hello to a sleek black border that fuels your creative spirit for stylized shoots and lets you capture everyday moments just like any trusty camera.

You'll be mesmerized by the inviting, creamy tones and incredibly natural color elements that elevate this instant film to the top of our favorites list. The simplicity and ease of use are just the icing on the cake.

Black Borders

I mean, it’s in the name. The borders are indicative of a gorgeously laid out, thoughtful design.

Comes Out Perfect Every Time

There’s no failures when it comes to Instax’s mini film cartridges, they are pretty much fool-proof and get the job done.

Great Exposure

Finally, an instant film stock that doesn’t overexpose every image.

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4. Polaroid B&W i-Type Film

Best For: Monochrome lovers looking to step it up a notch with Polaroid's high-quality film pack

Camera Compatibility: This i-Type film is perfect for OneStep 2, OneStep+, Polaroid Now, and Polaroid Lab cameras.

Why leave monochromatic hues to 35mm film cameras? While it's battery-free and incompatible with vintage cameras, this film is a budget-friendly option for modern photography enthusiasts. Embrace the charm of eight classic Polaroid square-format photographs, each beautifully encased in a timeless white frame. Elevate your photography game with this modern take on a beloved classic.

Rechargeable Battery

This film comes with a rechargeable battery, unlike their 600 films.

Develops Within 10-15 Minutes

Watch your memories come to life with one of the most complex chemical processes.

High Quality

Built to last, Polaroid proudly manufactures this film in the Netherlands built to last a lifetime.

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5. Fujifilm Wide White Film 2-Pack

Best For: The ultra-classic looking white bordered instant film stock for both Instax and Lomography cameras.

Camera Compatibility: All Instax Wide cameras and even Lomography cameras.

Conveniently packaged in two handy cartridges, this film produces stunning instant pictures that can easily slip into a purse, wallet, or mini photo frame. Instax film guarantees sharp, clear reproduction, vibrant colors, and true-to-life skin tones, ensuring that your memories look as good as the moment they were captured. Designed with exceptional stability, the advanced emulsion performs flawlessly in temperatures as low as 5°C and as high as 40°C.

Develops Fast

Press the shutter, capture the moment, and watch the photo slide out and the image develop in front of your eyes.

HI Speed ISO 800

With superb grain quality, Instax film ensures vibrant colors and natural skin tones.

Easy-To-Load Cartridge

Each cartridge is designed and labeled for easy loading and filled with 10 photos each.

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Instax Wide Film Double Pack


Wide and retro, this speedy 800 ISO instant film is something special. Expect crystal clear shots, a fantastic glossy finish, and a format unlike any other. Watch it start to develop from the moment t...

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