Moment 67mm CineFlare Streak Filter - Gold

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Color: Gold Streak

Size: 67mm

Frequently Bought With

    Flares Without An Anamorphic Lens

    CineFlare Streak Filters will add those juicy Anamorphic style flares to your images without actually needing a full-blown Anamorphic lens. These lenses can run a pretty penny and often you don't even need the "Anamorphic look" just those sweet sweet Flares.

    Cineflare 1 gold lifestyle 44

    Blue And Gold, Our Two Classic Flavors

    Before after cineflare 4 blue
    Before after cineflare 4 gold

    Works On Any Lens

    Screw the CineFlare Streak Filter on your favorite lens, and get flares instantly, we have a range of filter diameters available. If your lens doesn't match the diameters we have currently, no worries, you can get one larger than your lens and use a step-up ring to bridge the gap.

    Cineflare lifestyle 015
    Cineflare lifestyle 016
    Cineflare lifestyle 014

    Of Course, It Works
    On Your Phone Too

    Mobile photography and filmmaking is our bread and butter, so we made this filter compatible with all of our M-Series Lenses using our 67mm M-Series Lens Filter Mount. You can also pop this filter onto almost any phone using our 67mm Phone Filter Mount as well.

    Cineflare lifestyle 038
    CineFlare Streak Filter by Moment, person holding phone recording a car with anamorphic flares Moment CineClear UV snap-on filter lifestyle image in nature - Article called "The Ultimate Guide To Camera Filters and Filter Adapters"
    Cineflare lifestyle 040

    Samples taken with the Blue and Gold CineFlare Streak Filters

    Cineflare 11 blue sample 01

    Moment Cineflare Blue

    Cineflare 10 gold sample 01

    Moment Cineflare Gold

    Moment CineFlare Blue Flare Filter | Image of a dark car in the first with blue lights.

    Flaring of the blue light.

    CineFlare Gold Steak Filter by Moment, trees in sparkling sunset light Moment CineClear UV snap-on filter lifestyle image in nature - Article called "The Ultimate Guide To Camera Filters and Filter Adapters"
    Cineflare 8 blue sample 02

    Moment Cineflare Blue

    Cineflare 8 gold sample 02

    Moment Cineflare Gold

    Adjustable Flare Angle

    A Precision Rotation Mechanism allows for adjusting flare angles to any direction you prefer. You don't need to stick to the classic horizontal, mix it up with diagonal or vertical flares!

    Cineflare lifestyle 003
    Cineflare lifestyle 018
    Cineflare lifestyle 022

    Thin Beauty

    We make our filters as thin as possible while keeping them strong and durable. Keeping our filters thin allows us to remove any vignetting and keeps a low profile should you decide to stack filters. For example, stacking one of our CineBloom Filters over the CineFlare Streak. The CineFlare Streak Filter has the same signature, red metallic outer ring as our other filters.

    Cineflare lifestyle 021
    Cineflare lifestyle 010
    Cineflare lifestyle 007

    Coatings Galore

    Lens coatings make all the difference when it comes to image quality. We didn't skimp on the and added not one, not two, not three, but 30 layers of advanced coating! These coatings include anti-scratch, anti-reflection, anti-oil, and hydrophobic coatings.

    Cineflare lifestyle 052
    Cineflare lifestyle 046
    Cineflare lifestyle 023

    CineFlare Streak Filters

    Here's Niles with the lowdown

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