How I Use My Everyday Carry Sling | Moment Mini Fanny Sling 1L Review

Small, but mighty. The MTW Fanny Sling 1L is the gateway to better hand’s free living.

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I'm excited to discuss my favorite hands-free sling from Moment: The MTW Mini Fanny Sling 1L. Let's first take a look at my personal packing setup and how I carry my sling.

The 1L sling is the younger sibling of the original MTW Fanny Sling 2L. They've downsized nearly half its initial size to cater to a more minimal setup consisting of only daily essentials. It's made from weatherproof recycled Kodra with a double layer of waterproof coating, reverse coil YKK zippers, a detachable strap for easy in and out access, and a pocket divider for internal organization. This little guy houses all my necessities — a wallet, knife, keys, and a pen and pad for on-the-go note-taking. I prefer to wear the sling on the front of my torso for quick access to the goods. This is also a terrific way to keep your valuables closer to the chest.

The Full Gear Breakdown:

  • Google Pixel 6 Smartphone

  • Orbitkey x Nomad Key Organizer

  • Spyderco Para 3 Knife in Maxamet

  • Ekster Wallet Carbon Forged Card Holder

  • Emergency cash, just in case.

This list should sound familiar to you because it covers many items that almost everyone will have in their pockets. Let’s get into why I’ve chosen to forego pocket carry and to throw it all into an everyday carry sling.

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Mini Fanny Sling 1L

Our new, Mini Fanny Sling is 1L in size and perfect for carrying your film, point and shoot, or plus-sized phones. Ultralight and comfortable for any adventure.

Buy for $39.99

What Is a Sling?

What is an everyday carry sling anyway, and why do some people store their kit in these trendy packs? An everyday carry sling generally ranges between 1L to 5L, is more rectangular in shape, and sports an end-to-end opening supported by a single strap to allow the user to sling it across the body. These slings are compact and just portable enough to carry your essentials and nothing else. Forget the bulky or clunky streetwear; these miniature slings emphasize a more minimal daily kit. Retro styles are also making a pretty spirited comeback, as fanny packs are becoming the fan-favorite among the younger generations going after a more vintage vibe.

Fanny Packs: A Trend Worth Following?

Personally, I don’t like to blindly jump onto bandwagon trends. Instead, I genuinely like gear that catered towards the purpose of addressing one’s daily needs, and curating a super minimal kit of essentials with this sling at its center was a refreshing experience.

I started using the MTW Mini Fanny Sling 2L in November of last year, and it was particularly freeing to empty my pockets into this nifty pack. The biggest factor here is the removal of bulk and weight, especially if your go-to wardrobe consists of either skinny jeans or leisure gym shorts when you’re making a quick run to the grocery store.

Finding a Sling That’s Right For You

Despite the 1L callout, I found the Mini Fanny Sling surprisingly spacious for my daily kit. While there isn’t any leftover room, the benefit here is that your gear won’t be shuffling around while you’re on the move. If you find that the 1L is too small to carry what you want, the Moment MTW Fanny Sling 2L is a tried-and-true option to accommodate the rest of your gear. If you need something more robust to store a light camera or shooting equipment, the Moment Rugged Camera 5L Sling will be more your speed.

Fun tip: if you drive a car that allows for keyless entry, you can keep the fob stowed in the sling at all times while you’re wearing it, and you won’t have any problems entering and starting your vehicle. Hassle-free and hands-free. Love it.

Overall, the Moment MTW Mini Fanny Sling 1L is sleek, clean, and packs a visual punch, whether your style is to rock a pop of color, or to go all matte black. Perfect for summer errands, music festivals, and everyday walking scenarios, this mini sling easily measures up to any lightweight carry solution you can think of.

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Fanny Sling 2L

Wear it as a sling or around your waist, and don't worry, this ain't your dad's fanny pack! Made for everyday wear to keep your gear within reach and safe

Buy for $69.99

I hope you enjoyed this review, and be sure to watch the video linked above for a guided visual walkthrough and feature rundown. As always, my socials on YouTube and Instagram are regularly updated with the latest everyday carry content and breakdowns, so make sure to follow those. Cheers from your friendly neighborhood carry enthusiast!

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