The Brevite Jumper Review | Fan-Favorite Everyday Camera Bag

Let's go over my camera bag, why I chose the Brevite backpack as an everyday carry solution, and how well it comfortably fits all of my camera gear for a day of shooting.

9.5 Moment

What is my purpose with this camera bag? First, I’ve got to have a safe and reliable place to store my camera, lenses, and accessories. Compartmentalization is key to prevent unwarranted movement, scratching, and loose bumping from one gear piece to another. I don't carry every piece of video gear while I'm out shooting, but I make sure to have a compact storage solution for my core camera bodies and lenses. I rarely find myself in a situation where I need a full-size rig or gimbal, hence why I love bags that are simple, straightforward, yet provide quality protection and quick access.

When I first started shooting YouTube videos, I'd often throw my camera into an open-aired backpack without giving much thought to the safety of its surroundings. Once I began leveling up my shooting, which required carrying more than one piece of camera gear, I chose to compartmentalize my tools within a camera insert. The insert had several repositionable Velcro dividers, allowing me to accommodate both small and medium-sized accessories; however, eventually the insert caused more problems than it solved, as I had to pull it out of the bag before I could access my gear. I was in need of a pack that offered a seamless, user-friendly experience, that both protected my expensive goods and afforded me quick access to the gear I needed, when I needed it.

Carries The Everyday (Creative) Essentials

Enter the Brevite Jumper Backpack, a bag that so effortlessly secured my gear, yet still pulled off a unique aesthetic as a statement piece. It is an all-in-one camera backpack complete with a primary compartment, a front zip pocket, front-end access, a quick access mechanism on its side, and a dedicated laptop sleeve. It satisfies my purpose as an everyday creative, who prefers a stylish yet straightforward carrying pack for coffee dates, walks around town, longer shoot days, and a carry-on for a lengthy plane ride.

Most importantly for you camera nerds out there, this is dedicated to the lifestyle of photographers, vloggers, filmmakers, and everything in between. If you crack open the primary compartment, you'll find several removable padded dividers that snuggly fit at the bottom of the pack with its secure base for extra protection. It accommodates various loadouts as necessary. And while it's not a particularly camera-only backpack for photographers needing to carry their entire arsenal — it is the perfect in-between for those needing to carry more than what a body sling can accommodate.

The side access compartment is particularly cool and handy; it solves most problems other bags fail to handle well. All you have to do is take off one shoulder strap and swivel the Jumper to your side, giving you instant access to the padded, organized interior with just one zip‒no more fishing around or blindly grabbing for gear hoping you find that 35mm you’re in desperate need of. Run-and-gun photography has never been more seamless.

The side pocket for your water bottle or mini tripod is convenient and tight enough for a snug, secure fit. There are even hooks at the top of the bag to strap it down for extra security. For travel, the Jumper has you covered with a slim stealth pocket for sensitive items such as a passport, and has a luggage passthrough built into the back panel (a huge bonus!) for an easier time at the gate.

Last but not least, the bottom of the bag features straps for carrying large and bulky items, giving creatives the option to attach a more robust piece of gear to the base of your bag for optimal carrying functionality.

Overall, the Brevite Jumper effortlessly holds gear for creativity and productivity, providing solid protection in an organized and easy-to-access suite of compartments and pockets. Not to mention the awesome aesthetic, who’s going to complain about that?

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Jumper Photo Backpack

You'd love a 90’s Jansport bag on the outside, a camera bag on the inside? The Jumper Backpack by Brevite is it! Fits a 15" laptop and has a side tripod holder

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