The Best, Most Stylish Camera Straps for Photographers

Be confident in your camera carry with our top leather, nylon, and rope camera straps for your neck and wrist.

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Finding the right camera strap can be a tricky process for some. While it may seem like a trivial component of picture-taking, it can actually become quite cumbersome if one does not take the right repercussions. In order to find what works best for you, the type of camera you are choosing to carry, and the activity you’re planning on making use of it — read more of our selection of camera straps below for a better understanding of how to find the perfect camera strap.

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1. Long Weekend Adjustable Camera Neck Strap

Willem and Allison have used many straps with cameras, and they wanted to make a better one. Designed to be strong yet comfortable, this strap will carry even the heaviest film cameras. Whether you wear it around the neck or crossbody, the ripstop material is comfier than webbing and less sweaty than leather. And very durable. It can handle whatever you throw at it with reinforced stitching and technical materials. They’ve also fine-tuned the materials so the adjusters don’t slip and your setup stays tight, yet adjusting when you want is still easy. From medium format to mirrorless, rangefinders, and beyond… this strap can handle it all. Load up a fresh roll and have yourself a long weekend.

2. Peak Design Slide Lite

The Slide Lite is perfectly suited for mirrorless and light DSLR cameras. Wear Slide Lite as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap. Seatbelt-style nylon webbing has a smooth side that glides over clothing in sling mode and a grippy side that prevents slipping in shoulder mode. Dual quick-adjusters provide instant access and easy reconfiguration. Unique Anchor Link system connects quickly and dual points of connection keep your camera more stable than traditional sling straps. Shipped with updated V4 Anchors.

3. Moment Adjustable Leather Camera Strap

Our essential leather neck strap redesigned. The neck is lined with microfiber and the 10-stop matte black buckles are easy to adjust for wearing cross-body. Wherever your free time takes you, this strap can keep up.

4. Peak Design Cuff Strap

Peak Design says the Cuff Strap is engineered to hold 200 pounds along with the brand’s latest V4 Anchor system. None of our wrists are that strong and none of our cameras weigh that much, so we’re taking their word for it. Easily switch between the Cuff Strap and other Peak Design V4 Anchor-equipped camera straps for the ultimate in-camera carry versatility. And it’s not just for cameras, you can connect the Cuff to binoculars, GoPros, rangefinders, tools, and more.

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5. ONA Lima Crossbody Strap

The Ona Lima offers the same materials and quality as the Wirecutter “Best Camera Strap” winning Ona Presidio, in a smaller and more packable form factor that works best with today’s mirrorless digital cameras. Made with the same ultra-premium leather as Ona’s esteemed camera bags and timeless waxed canvas is given a modern update with neoprene filling, the Lima combines heritage fashion and modern technology to bring you a camera strap that will last (and look good) forever. Rated to carry up to four pounds, the Lima is the sweet spot for street photographers and anyone who wants a smaller strap to go with their smaller camera setup.

6. Langly Rope Wrist Strap

Originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, 550-lb test paracord flexes but will never break. Worn around your neck or as a sling, the strap’s suspension shields your camera from shocks when you inattentively jump off rocks. The strap’s sturdy nylon webbing with a suede lining wears soft against your sunburnt neck and easily supports the heaviest SLR and long-lens combos.

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Rope Camera Wrist Strap - Red


Originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, 550-lb test paracord flexes but will never break. Worn around your neck or as a sling, the strap’s suspension shields your...

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7. Long Weekend Camera Wrist Strap

For the point-and-shoot enthusiasts. Designed with 35mm film cameras in mind, this is the no-nonsense wrist strap we’ve always wanted. Simple adjustability, durable materials, and comfortable carry. What else do you need? With reinforced stitching and technical materials, it can handle whatever you throw at it. The simple slipknot connection works with virtually any camera imaginable. Olympus Mju, Yashica T4, Contax T2, fancy DSLR… this strap doesn’t play favorites.

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