Next Go-To Camera Carry? | Clever Supply Co. Camera Sling Review

The new Kickstarter campaign from Clever Supply is sure to turn heads with an all-new waxed canvas sling bag.

Okay, I need to come clean—I'm a bit of a bag nerd.

I'm fascinated with the empathetic design process and the deliberate decisions it takes to make a functional bag. As photographers and filmmakers, we interact with them daily across various (often demanding) scenarios. I've tested, owned, and sold many bags, all in the pursuit of finding the perfect match to what will make my work more accessible, not harder.

And that's precisely why the Clever Supply Co. Camera Sling is the best sling bag I've ever used. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and back now!

I know, bold statement—but hear me out.

Where Form and Function are Married

When it comes to bag design, the ultimate goal is to marry form and function. Form — how the bag looks — and function — how it performs. A bag that looks beautiful and holds up to rigorous use. And Clever Supply did just that with this Sling.

The Camera Sling is hearty, waxed canvas, equipped with a seatbelt material strap + shoulder pad, and sealed with a coated YKK weatherproof zipper. The leather accents throughout, particularly on the bottom of the bag, add class and another layer of durability. It looks good enough to wear to a wedding and performs well enough to take out on an adventure in bad weather, something few bags can achieve.

My favorite design decision is the grab handles on the bag's exterior: one on the top and one on either side of the pack. This may seem insignificant, but this shows a lot of empathy for the user. When you're traveling, on a shoot, or need to move quickly from point A to point B, it can feel sloppy to grab a sling bag by the strap. But with these side handles, no matter how the load is stored—where it's sitting, if it fell behind a seat in a car, or if it's tucked into an overhead compartment on a plane — you are guaranteed to have a handle nearby to grab onto. And that is cool.

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Clever Supply

Minimal Camera Strap (Split Ring)

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Inside the weatherproof zipper is a plush, padded interior with two dividers to create three distinct spaces. You can customize these dividers however you want. There's also a sleeve to hold an 11" tablet and a mesh pocket on the inside lid of the bag. The interior feels just as good as the exterior — everything feels premium and highly protective.

The Camera Sling was designed with mirrorless and 35mm film cameras in mind. Your DSLRs with grips won't fit, and neither will (most) medium-format film cameras.

Despite its relatively compact size, this can hold quite a bit of gear. Check out the video above to see three ways you could pack your Clever Supply Co. sling (psssst - it starts at 4:50!)

As I've already said, this is the best camera sling I've ever used.

It looks fantastic, stands up to rigorous use, and protects your gear in any situation you could find yourself in. It's a standout product for me, and if you're interested in picking one up, the Kickstarter is life today. Follow this link to check it out and bring this project to life.

Moment Clever Supply Original Skinny Strap Chestnut thumbnail

Clever Supply

Original "Skinny" Strap (Split Ring)

Eyeing a classic camera strap? Made with premium leather and a 1/2" width the Original Skinny Strap has a small footprint and will keep your camera secure

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