Moment CineClear UV Protection Filter - Open Box

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    Like insurance for your phone

    A UV filter helps protect against ultraviolet sun rays, harsh wind, sand, and dirt. Clumsy? It also acts as a drop-proof mechanism for your worst Butterfinger moments.

    Moment Cine Clear Filters Fujifilm XT4 5545 lifestyle 01

    UV Blocking

    The reason they call it a UV filter might be obvious — as it’s primarily used for blocking the UV rays from entering the lens. Originally used for film photography, these bad boys can be extremely useful for protecting the longevity of your camera gear, as well as manually controlling how light hits your image. While these are particularly useful for sunny days, they are able to block that usually unwanted blue haze in any given situation.

    Moment Cine Clear Filters Fujifilm XT4 5545 lifestyle 02