The CineClear UV Filter Review | What's a UV Filter & Why You Need One

Why it’s important to always protect your camera lens. Check out our favorite UV protection lens filter that customers will never go without.

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Camera lenses are ungodly expensive, so it’s important that proper protection is taken into consideration. While camera insurance can be pretty expensive, one affordable item that might help drastically is a UV filter. What is a UV protection lens filter? Why do you need one? This article will dive into this topic, as well as review Moments' latest CineClear UV filter that just hit the market.


To Know:

High quality glass to protect your high quality glass. The CineClear UV Lens Filter protects your lens from dust, dings, and fingerprints and reduces the negative effects of UV light on your images. Using our best German Schott B270 glass, with a 98.5% transmission rate and 16 layers of optical coatings, this UV filter is resistant to dust, fingerprints, and reflections. CineClear won’t degrade your image quality, and is designed to be stackable with your favorite filters and lens caps. Our signature Moment Red finish and tactile grip texture makes for a sweet piece of hardware you’ll never take off your lens.

What We Love:

Will Last Forever

16 layer optical coatings ensure longevity and easy cleaning when necessary.

Like Cheap Insurance

Protects the front element of the lens from dirt, debris, moisture, and other impacts.

Stack It

Easily stacks with other filters, ensures it’s perfect as a ‘daily driver’ type of filter.

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CineClear UV Protection Filter

Need a UV filter? The CineClear UV Filter protects your lens from harsh sun, scratches, dirt, & water. Cutting out UV haze makes images clearer and sharper.

Buy for $29.99

Like insurance for your phone.

A UV filter helps protect against ultraviolet sun rays, harsh wind, sand, and dirt. Clumsy? It also acts as a drop-proof mechanism for your worst butterfinger moments. The reason they call it a UV filter might be obvious — as it’s primarily used for blocking the UV rays from entering the lens. Originally used for film photography, these bad boys can be extremely useful for protecting the longevity of your camera gear, as well as manually control how light hits your image. While these are particularly useful for sunny days, they are able to block that usually unwanted blue haze in any given situation.

You don’t need a UV filter to block UV light in order to take good photos, let’s be honest. These filters are perfect for simply protecting the outside of your lens. I’m an active photographer that really loves to bring my camera in the silliest of places (like a sandy beach, or a rocky mountain). It’s important to me that my expensive lens is heavily protected by the outside elements. My good friend once fell on a slippery mountain top and her camera went flying, busting up her lens pretty bad. But wait! We looked further and noticed that she had her trusty UV filter on, saving her thousands of dollars after her spill. Phew! Like a screen protector for your phone, you need to invest in an outer filter. If you think you don’t, think again.

What We Rate

Rugged Ability

Leave it the Studio Daily Carry Traveller Mountain Goat

Build Quality

Cheap What You’d Expect Solid Top Of The Line

Image Quality

Is that even in focus? Passable Sharp Tack Sharp

Color Temperature

Super Cool Slightly Cooler SlightlyWarmer Super Warm

How Wide Of A Lens

Zoom 35mm- Infinity Standard 24mm- Infinity Wide Lens 16mm - infinity Super Wide 12mm - Zoom

Filter Stacking

Can’t 1-2 2-3 3+

What It Has:

  • Premium German Schott B270 glass for superior light transmission (98.5%).

  • 16 layer optical coatings ensure longevity and easy cleaning when necessary.

  • Works with the center pinch lens cap you already own.

  • Easily stacks with other filters, ensures it’s perfect as a ‘daily driver’ type of filter.

  • The Signature Moment Red color-way looks fantastic on your lens.

What It Does:

  • Protects the front element of the lens from dirt, debris, moisture, and other impacts.

  • Subtracts blue rays of light.

  • Is totally drop-proof and will heartedly protect the front of your lens.



  • Glass: German Schott b270 Optical Glass

  • Coatings: 16 layer anti-reflective coating with ‘Liquid Glass’ surface treatments for anti-static, hydrophobic, and scratch resistance

  • Frame Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum


  • Standard center pinch lens caps

  • Threaded camera lenses in corresponding sizes

  • 67mm lens filter mount

  • 67mm phone filter mount

In Detail

Because UV filters are like a sunscreen protectant, or simply used as a physical barrier between the ground and your lens (hence the story above), these filters do not have a discernible visible difference in image quality. Sure the glass is top tier, but visuals are not point to make for these accessories. Some creatives might notice that cheaper brands have a softer, less clinically sharp look to the image due to the filters' interaction with light, but this isn’t the case for Moment’s CineClear. It’s sharp and like a filter-less lens, everytime.

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