AntiGlare CPL Filters

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AntiGlare CPL Filters

    Our AntiGlare CPL Filters offer pro-grade polarization at a fair price. These filters help control reflections, boost colors, and mitigate shadows by filtering out unwanted glare. Using premium fused-silica optical glass and our 16 layer coatings, we’re able to achieve supreme clarity, true color, and rugged durability. We also specifically designed the geometry of the filter frame to offer a more physical grip. Built from aerospace-grade metal with machined texturing, it’s easier than ever to micro-adjust the polarization level and more importantly… easy to take the filter off your lens without it getting stuck. Optimized to be universal across camera setups, these filters are compatible with center pinch lens caps (like the one you already have) and can be stacked with other filters such as fixed NDs, Cinebloom Diffusion, and UV. Cut reflections and make your shots pop with AntiGlare from Moment.

    SKU: 600-087

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    Why Do I Need a Circular Polarizer?

    Circular Polarizing Filters, or CPL’s, work by rotating a piece of polarized glass in front of your lens to cut out unwanted glare. This makes colors deeper, allows you to see through reflective surfaces (glass, water, etc), and gives you better control over shadows.

    Capture Deeper Colors

    Shoot Through Glass

    What Makes Our AntiGlare CPL Filters Unique

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      Control Reflections

      Controlling reflections gives you the ability to fine-tune your shot when working with reflective subjects such as cars, boats, and buildings.

    • Deeper Color

      With glare and reflections eliminated, colors are shown with more vibrance and accuracy; skies become bluer, trees are deeper green. Your colors will pop, you get the idea.

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      Premium Glass

      Premium fused silica optical glass and advanced 16 layer optical coatings for supreme image clarity.

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      Stacks with Other Filters

      Stacks with fixed NDs, Moment Cinebloom, or UV Filters.

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    Tech Specs

    Filter TypeCircular Polarizer
    AdjustmentFull rotation for full polarization control
    Stop Loss1.25 stops
    Frame MaterialAerospace Grade Aluminum
    Filter GlassOptical grade fused silica
    Optical Coatings16 layer anti-reflective coating with ‘Liquid Glass’ surface treatments for anti-static, hydrophobic, and scratch resistance
    58mm AntiGlare CPLOuter Diameter - 63mm / Depth - 6.8mm / Weight - 17.4g87mm
    62mm AntiGlare CPLOuter Diameter - 67mm / Depth - 6.8mm / Weight - 19.1g
    67mm AntiGlare CPLOuter Diameter - 72mm / Depth - 6.8mm / Weight - 21.6g
    72mm AntiGlare CPLOuter Diameter - 77mm / Depth - 6.8mm / Weight - 24.9
    77mm AntiGlare CPLOuter Diameter - 82mm / Depth - 6.8mm / Weight - 26.7g
    82mm AntiGlare CPLOuter Diameter - 87mm / Depth - 6.8mm / Weight - 29.4g

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