FilmTexture LR Preset Pack


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    Moody, Film-Like, and easy to nail down.

    This bundle has a huge variety of looks that can create all sorts of moods fitting your shots and the results you wanna achieve.

    0 E7 E4196 1 FE0 4140 8 A15 71 D6 ED95 DF65
    7 A88414 D 7 B21 430 E AA43 10 FCF08 B337 C
    9 ED391 C3 47 FF 4995 8 F41 B3288 C8 DF0 AE
    989 D2 C59 084 C 4 CE7 9 AFD 61 F1 F437 F58 A
    F2 CE382 C 0 A13 4 BFC B3 C9 193 DE736 D90 C
    F2626 E4 E C909 4795 8 E29 6 DFC625 D6683


    Serr is a Filmmaker/DP/Colorist & Content Creator based out of Los Angeles. He's known for his films in YouTube for their vintage and classic vibes.
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