Willam Murphy

William Murphy is a self taught visual artist who has been working in photography since December 2014.

Creative Interests

  • Film Photography
  • Video
  • Design

About Willam

William Murphy is a multi-disciplined visual artist born and raised in Alaska. An active photographer, graphic designer, and videographer since 2014, he is self-taught and not limited to any specific practice, believing in the importance of dabbling in other artistic ventures. He takes inspiration from his surroundings as well as his imagination, re-envisioning his environment in a dreamlike and otherworldly manner. This style is born from a desire to display his home state in a way that was different from typical landscape photography. Instead of the often seen realistic style of landscape photography, William chose to go in the opposite direction depicting surreal and impossibly colorful images that can be seen as equal parts photography and design.

Still, his focuses remain far beyond what he has achieved thus far; working towards developing his graphic design skills and creative direction are amongst his top goals as well as his ever present drive to develop and connect artists within his community. When approaching artistic collaboration and development he focuses on working with the artist to develop a deep understanding of what their brand will look and feel like, alongside how they can collaboratively achieve the highest quality visual rollout while remaining within the boundaries of the artist’s image. In the near future he hopes to work as a creative director to create cohesive narratives on the behalf of artists, going even further to work as an artistic manager facilitating the construction of honest and interesting stories.