Streaming 101 | How To Setup Your Next Twitch or TikTok Livestream

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Live streaming has become the go-to form of online content, skyrocketing in popularity since its humble beginnings in the 90s. Between late-night ASMR triggers and teen gaming antics, online streaming is the secret sauce to natural community building. But if you have yet to gain experience with live streaming, it can be intimidating to start.

With our help, we'll grant you the tools and knowledge to launch your first stream confidently, including the best camera, mic, and lighting gear for online streaming. With our assistance, you'll be ready to start your journey into Twitch or TikTok in no time.

Let's dive in.

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Why Streaming?

The statistics are clear: live streaming is rising, and traditional television is declining. Applying online streaming is a creative social play to gain an engaged audience for your media presence.

With gained research and statistical insight from, here are the facts:

With an average of 18 hours watched per week, viewers gravitate more and more toward live streams for entertainment; this isn't just a great source of recreation but an effective marketing tool. 80% of consumers prefer live video to blog posts, and 92% of marketers consider it an essential part of their strategies. So if you're looking to make the most of your content marketing plan or even turn live streaming into your new hobby or income source, it's time to take advantage of the bandwagon.

Stick To A Plan

If you want to make live streaming part of your social routine or a revenue-generating venture, it's essential to plan the details.

Start by finding the best time to go live. Morning, night? Afternoon lunch hour? Happy hour? Your choice.

Then hone in on a niche topic and a defined audience. There are numerous popular niches within live streaming, which makes it easy to find the right fit for your content and brand. Whether you are interested in gaming, music, sports, ASMR, or even creator-led chats and conversations, there is something that will suit your needs. If you want to be more specific, you can pick a subtopic to focus on even further. Defining your audience and knowing what they might enjoy will better craft your streaming vision.

The fact is, if you're interesting enough, people will listen.

Be sure to set goals for yourself, like broadcasting at the same time each week and gradually increasing your frequency. Consistency is one of the most incredible superpowers one can drive toward the success of an online streaming platform.

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The Right Streaming Gear

Fear not — the proper setup for a successful stream requires minimal effort and gear. Consider the staple pieces: a camera, a microphone, streaming software, and a good internet connection. You might also want to consider adding some accessories that will help improve the quality of your stream with minimal effort.

If you're looking to upgrade from the built-in webcam but want to avoid a big, expensive rig taking up space on your desk, the Sony ZV-1F is an excellent choice.

This compact camera is perfect for streamers who want easy configurations and great features without breaking their budget. The setup process is straightforward and can record in mere seconds. All it takes is plugging one USB-C cable into the camera and connecting it to your computer. With a 20mm focal length and F2.0 aperture, you can achieve a tremendously blurry background that adds to your stream's production value.

Plus, there are some preset effects and creative looks that you can easily apply directly from the camera. You won't even need to adjust the settings on your computer. And what's more, the USB-C connection also charges the camera, so you don't have to worry about batteries dying during your broadcast.

Lastly, if you're ever looking for a camera to take outdoors with you, the Sony ZV1F is perfect. Just disconnect it from your computer, throw it in your pocket, and you'll be ready to record stunning 4K video or take 20MP photos.

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8/10Best For Content Creators

ZV-1 Digital Camera Review

The Sony ZV-1 is an excellent camera for those looking for high-quality footage in a small package. The Video Mode in the manual is particularly impressive, with 4K Ultra HD and S-log recording available at 24 fps. Its sound recording and autofocus features also make it a great choice, ensuring the audio will appear evident and audible. The ZV-1 is especially useful when shooting in public spaces or with friends; it's not invasive or too loud for awkward recording.

Read More


Having a good quality microphone for your camera setup is crucial.

Depending on the type of recording you are doing, you could either get a standing/shotgun micif you're mainly sitting at a desk or an omnidirectional lav mic if you'll be moving around a lot. The Shure SM7B is an excellent choice for high-quality audio, whereas the Audio-Technica AT2020 is a great value option.

Our favorite mic might be the JOBY Pod setup, ensuring that warm, almost buttery broadcast voice with every recording. It has a USB Type-C connection, which makes it compatible with laptop computers. The selectable polar pattern (Omnidirectional or Cardioid) allows for quick adjustments between interviews and solo episodes. It also includes a colorful pop filter to block voice plosives and guarantee clear broadcast sound.

Additionally, a 3.5mm headphones latency-free monitoring port on the bottom of the POD allows for live checks and adjustments of voice levels in real-time. For further customization, the desk stand is removable, fits onto tripod supports, and is compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads with the included adapter. Plus, side 1/4" mounts pair perfectly with the JOBY range of accessories.

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Wavo Pod


Looking for that warm broadcast voice for your new podcast or streaming channel? JOBY Wavo POD is the USB microphone that simplifies the creator workflow while making any voice sound crisp and clear. ...

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Quality streaming experiences are enhanced with the use of accessories. You can quickly obtain top-notch video lighting that won't break the bank — but is investing in a green screen something you should consider if you're new to streaming? After all, it can be quite an advanced setup.

Whether you're looking to turn the lights low for an added visual touch or a Ring Light for better skin tones on your face, our store offers various options.

Read below for more detailed lighting education, or take a course from studio and portrait master: Aundre Larrow.

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18" Cordless Ring Light

Lume Cube

Surround yourself with 18 inches of light. Finally, a Ring Light with no power cords is needed. Introducing the Lume Cube Ring Light, offering the most user-friendly experience and set-up for any crea...

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Mobile Streaming

Although it's possible to stream from just a smartphone, particularly one with a top-notch camera, like updated Apple or Samsung devices, investing in additional equipment can take your production value to an entirely different level.

Don't just settle for mediocre content; use the best tools to ensure your streams are of the utmost quality.

Internet and Software

Finally, a successful stream will only be as good as your internet and software. Even with proper camera gear or audio equipment, your online presence will go as far as your megabytes.

Here are 4 popular and easy-to-use programs for those starting their online streaming journey:

1. OBS Studio: OBS Studio is a free, open-source live-streaming software that is highly customizable and supports multiple sources such as videos, images, text, and more.

2. Streamlabs:Streamlabs is a popular live streaming platform that is easy to use and allows users to stream directly to Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming services; they offer many sweet features like custom overlays, alerts, chatbot integration, and more.

3. XSplit: XSplit is another excellent option for newbies. It can stream to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook and offers a variety of features such as custom video layouts, chroma key support, and audio mixing.

4. Restream:A cloud-based live streaming software that allows you to reach multiple social platforms with a tailored broadcast. You can customize your stream with your logo, branded graphics, and overlays and invite up to nine guests to join you. Furthermore, you can arrange for pre-recorded videos to be aired live. Restream also allows you to archive and store videos in the cloud and record your live streams for you to download.

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Final Take

Utilizing the right streaming gear is indispensable to your live streaming setup, as the audio and video quality can make the difference between success and failure.

Viewers will likely not stay past the first 90 seconds with subpar content.

That's why it is critical to make the most of your one-and-a-half minutes to impress and captivate your audience with superior sound and visuals.

Need more? Check out our friend, Joseph, on his streaming setup with the Sony ZV-1F as his most essential tool for a successful Twitch session.

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