Lume Cube Panel Mini: The Video Conference Lighting for Remote Working

The Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit will brighten up your next video call and help you look your best (mustache not included).

8 Moment

A truly all-around incredible portable light to make your videos better during conference calls. Compatible with both laptops and desktops, this credit-card-sized LED light provides soft and professional illumination with fully adjustable controls.

The full size of the panel can fit in the back of your pocket.

Side profile of the light with easy to use buttons and toggles.

Attaching the suction mount to the camera.

The pocket-sized mount that goes everywhere your laptop does.

To Know:

The Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit will brighten up your next video call and help you look your best. Compatible with both laptops and desktops, this credit-card-sized LED light provides soft and professional illumination with fully adjustable controls. The intuitive LCD screen will give you all the information you need, including variable color temperature and up to 14 hours worth of run time.

What We Love:

Soft Diffuser Included

The silicone diffusion cover is perfect for providing a sort of luminescence on my skin that makes the image look crisp, clear, and even.

Don’t Let the Size Fool You

While it is mini, don’t let the size trick you into thinking it’s cheaply made or too small that it won’t make a difference. It's incredibly bright and holds LED power like a champ.

Work From Home

It’s compact size allows use for webcam conferences; you’ll look even more professional than your co-workers. ;)

The Details:

Brand: LumeCube Conference Kit

Price: $69.95

Product Light: LED Light that suctions to your device for video calls.

Best For: Those looking to carry an affordable panel LED light to enhance your video calls.

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An adjustable and mountable lighting solution designed to improve video conferencing, live streaming, self broadcasting, and more. 

If your desk or laptop is in a corner and you don’t have natural light, getting good light on your face for any conference call has never been easier. The light itself is incredibly simplistic; featuring brightness control, temperature control, and a one stop on/off button. The manual control is so easy — even your grandma could use it. Key features include 1% - 100% brightness adjustability, 3200k - 5600k color temperature adjustability, built-in display screen showing all key indicators (color temp, brightness, run time, etc), two ¼” 20 tripod mounts, a frosted lens for built-in diffusion, an additional softening diffuser, as well as a mount for your monitor or laptop. While the Mini is much smaller than its predecessor, the Lume Cube Panel, its in-box accessories and stellar versatile nature makes it more enjoyable to use, in my opinion. It has a 1.2 hour runtime and an extremely tough to the touch, durable aluminum body casing. For how small it is, I’m surprised it’s as tough as it feels, giving peace of mind that it won’t snap during use. Definitely something to add to your work bag repertoire if you haven’t already. While the suction mount is tough, it can get dusty when transporting it from device to device. The surface is much more sticky at the beginning, so be sure to clean it off when moving it around.

  • Compatible with Desktop or Laptop: Easily mounts to your computer with the included suction mount.

  • Enhance Your Conference Calls: With fully adjustable brightness and white balance, there is no excuse for bad lighting.

  • Diffuser Included: A soft diffuser light for even tones and equal light.

Without light.

With light.

The suction cup. Be sure to clean after every use from device to device.

Bright enough for any lighting condition.

Attached to the laptop, no problem.

The suction mount that attaches the camera to your monitor.

In Detail:

The bicolor LED ranges from 3200 Kelvin (warm orange light) to 5600 Kelvin (cool white light) light in 100 Kelvin increments. For the ultimate creative control, you can adjust the light from 1% brightness to 100% brightness in 5% increments. On a full charge, the Panel Mini will last 1 hr 20 minutes on 100% brightness, and over 14 HOURS on 1% brightness. If you’re looking for extended run time, the Panel Mini is designed to allow you to run the LED consistently while plugged in. The Panel Mini has 2 (Two) ¼” 20 tripod threads built-in, one on the bottom & one on the top. You can mount the light to any tripod mount, or use the included DSLR Mount to slide your Panel Mini on top of a camera. One downside to the light is that it does NOT work as a flash, this LED Panel is a continuous light only.

What It Does:

  • Perfect skin tones under any harsh lighting condition
  • Diffuse shadows for an even glow
  • Professional-grade luminance for webcam conferences
  • Light the face of your human face while vlogging
  • Mounts perfectly to any monitor or desktop
  • Durable enough to hold for all day use

What It Has:

  • Full Spectrum LED Light
  • Built-in Intelligent LCD Display showing brightness, color temp, and ERT (Estimated run time)
  • USB Type C Charging
  • Frosted lens for soft diffusion
  • Silicon White Diffuser inside the box
  • USB-C charging cable inside the box
  • DSLR mini shoe mount inside the box


  • Dimensions: 3.6" x 2.2" x .45"
  • 3200k - 5500k color adjustability (in 100k unit increments)
  • 60 premium LED's for high powered bi-color adjustability
  • 1% - 100% Brightness Adjustability (in 5% increments)
  • Dual 1/4" 20 tripod mounts (Bottom and Side)

See? Makes video calls more stellar looking than ever before.

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