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Clean up your outdoor photos.

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As someone who’s never used CPL filters before, I will be now. Knowing that I can effectively mitigate shadows, make my colors more vibrant than ever, and bring back the dynamic range you’d quickly find in an iPhone — I feel more technically ready to photograph than ever.

Threaded nicely for easy access.

Use it on the phone, or camera.

Thread it onto the phone with our 67mm Phone Mount.

Without CPL.

With CPL.

To Know:

Our AntiGlare CPL Filters offer pro-grade polarization at a fair price. These filters help control reflections, boost colors, and mitigate shadows by filtering out unwanted glare. Using premium fused-silica optical glass and our 16-layer coatings, you can achieve supreme clarity, accurate color, and rugged durability. Moment also explicitly designed the geometry of the filter frame to offer a more physical grip. Built from aerospace-grade metal with machined texturing, it’s easier than ever to micro-adjust the polarization level and, more importantly… easy to take the filter off your lens without it getting stuck. Optimized to be universal across camera setups, these filters are compatible with center pinch lens caps (like the one you already have). They can be stacked with other filters such as fixed NDs, Cinebloom Diffusion, and UV. Cut reflections and make your shots pop with AntiGlare from Moment.

What We Love:

Doesn't Get Any Higher Quality

Premium fused silica optical glass for supreme clarity and advanced 16-layer optical coatings.

Realistically Pops Vibrant Color

Brings natural colors to life with its darkened optics and easy-to-edit aftermath.

Polarization Made Easy

Built from aerospace-grade metal with machined texturing, it’s easier than ever to micro-adjust the polarization level.

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Pro - CPL Filters

Capture clear, vibrant shots! The Pro CPL filter eliminates glare caused by polarized light, so you can take stunning photos even in bright conditions.

Buy for $142.00
Without CPL
With CPL

With vs. Without CPL

Looks sexy, no?

Taken with the CPL.

Taken with the CPL.

Taken with the CPL.

Comes in many different sizes for your camera and phone.

Improve your dynamic range.

Tiny, but mighty.

Cure Overly Bright Photos With a CPL

Some photographers often don’t want to overcomplicate their setup any further than what is necessary. However, for those wishing to exceed their expectations and forward their hobby into an actual profession, CPL filters have the potential to turn otherwise standard photographs into something much more mesmerizing and dynamic. It’s the casted tool for perfection. Many famous outdoor photographers, like Tiffany Ngyuen, swear by the use and overall benefit of CPLs, marking it as a necessary device in her camera bag.

What Is The Purpose of a CPL Filter?

A CPL filter, a circular polarizing filter, is a handy tool to refract reflections, darken over-bright skies, and suppress glare from water surfaces. This is, essentially, a super-duper helpful device for any and all outdoor photographer enthusiasts. The filter is known to saturate colors, as well, adhering to a rich, vibrant scene with bright foliage and more profound, more clear skies. The removal of reflection and obscene filtering leads to this desired effect by additionally removing any incandescent white glow seen on fluttering leaves.

Polarized light comes from light that has been reflected off of something. Like what might reflect off an alpine lake, from a coffee shop window, or even light reflecting off moisture and pollution in the atmosphere? Polarized light is made up of scattered rays and is something you don’t want in your shot. The CPL Filter filters out polarized light, leaving you with an astounding image you can’t quite replicate post-production: bluer skies, greener trees, and super sharp clarity in your final vision.

Wihtout CPL
With CPL

With vs. Without CPL

When To Use CPL Filters

There are many scenarios when one might want to use a CPL, as it excels in different areas of expertise. To reiterate my point above, let’s narrow down to a handful of opportunities that you’re most likely to encounter during your day-to-day.

Removing Glass Reflections: A common first mistake people might notice when starting in photography is how difficult it can be to take a photo from inside a window or car door. A polarized filter reduces any unwanted streak of light or milky blurs that get in the way of your shot. It can also do the same for reflected light on water surfaces.

Make the Blues More Blue: Nothing ruins your landscape shots more than an overexposed sky. Foreboding a sense of tension and mood by darkening the sky using a CPL filter, you’ll notice just how much more of a dynamic range you’ll produce.

Remove the Haze: If you’re hoping to make a specific color more vibrant in its detail and hue, then a CPL filter is an excellent choice. See every detail of the leaves on a tree without the unwanted haze coming from the sun.

Features and Compatibility for Moment’s Camera CPL Filter:

  • Premium fused silica optical glass for supreme clarity
  • Advanced 16-layer optical coatings for actual cinematic color and rugged durability
  • Body machined from aerospace-grade metal to withstand use, drops, and adventure
  • Works with any standard center pinch lens cap (like the one you already have for your camera lens)
  • Knurled grip texture for more control and easy removal from lenses
  • Smooth rotation ring for precise filter adjustment
  • Includes a foam-lined, metal carrying tin for protection on the go and a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Available for standard camera lens sizes 37-82mm

Polarize for any unique lighting situation.

My General Thoughts

Of course, I work for Moment and believe we make top-quality products. I’m constantly astounded by the perfectionistic tendencies our gear team commits to and the many hours of hard-earned beers it takes to get there. However, I’m a very non-technical photographer; I avoid unnecessary gadgets and gizmos, filters included. When asked to create photographs with our new CPL, I sighed in disbelief. Nonetheless, I accepted the challenge and bribed my best friend, Eunice Beck, to gander around Arizona’s famous Canyon Lake for sunset. We packed our to-go coffees and tea, strapped our beloved cameras around our necks, and drove an hour East to a place where reflective surfaces and sunny skies cover the atmosphere.

Upon initial reaction, I didn’t quite understand the point. I threaded the filter on my lens before looking at the LED screen and noticed crisp detail in the water and skies (DUH, Natalie, where you’re supposed to!), but I wasn’t taken back. However, I immediately gasped once I took off the filter, kept the same camera settings, and indeed saw the difference it made having it on versus not at all. The skies without the CPL were vastly overexposed, had little to no detail, I could barely make out the actual color of the sky, and the foreground’s shadows were muddier than desired. The AntiGlare CPL filter made it so that the image’s dynamic range was much crisper and more precise than what your eyes can see, almost like having the classic, juicy dynamic range of an iPhone. See below for a side-by-side difference.

Taken without CPL filter.

Taken with CPL filter.

What It Does:

  • Makes colors POP
  • Deepens the skies vibrance
  • Makes green trees greener
  • Removes unwanted reflections from water and glass
  • Saturates the golden hour
  • Makes editing easier with better dynamic range

What It Has:

  • Pro grade filtration at a reasonable price point
  • Advanced 16 layer optical coatings for true cinematic color and rugged durability
  • A red threaded ring for that classic Moment touch
  • Incredibly sharp optics that guarantee shark results
  • Smooth rotation ring for precise filter adjustment
  • Includes a foam lined plastic case with microfiber cloth


  • Filter Glass: Optical grade fused silica
  • Coatings: 16 layer anti-reflective coating with ‘Liquid Glass’ surface treatments for anti-static, hydrophobic, and scratch resistance.
  • Thread Sizes: 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
  • Adjustment: Full rotation for full polarization control
  • Stop Loss: 1.25 stops
  • Frame Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum

In Detail

Although it can make the overall image relatively darker than not having it on, this film filters out light coming into the lens based on the light's direction. This is why circular polarizers need to rotate so that the direction of light cut out can be altered based on the shooting situation. The name ' circular’ doesn’t refer to the shape of the filter but the type of polarizing film used. Circular polarizers cover a larger spectrum of reflected light, whereas a linear polarizer is less broad in the amount of light it can deflect.

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