The Everything Backpack Review | Best Bag for Work, Travel, & Photo

The daily backpacks to replace all your other bags from Moment. Carries everything, goes anywhere and comes in every size – 28L, 21L, & 17L.

The modern world demands versatility and functionality in every product we use, and when it comes to backpacks, Moment's latest Everything Bags are setting new standards. Designed with careful thought and innovation, these backpacks are not just for carrying essentials; they're made for... well, everything.

One of the standout features of the Everything Bag is its capacity to carry a diverse range of gear seamlessly. This bag accommodates everything, whether you're packing a laptop, camera, clothes, or daily essentials. With its side, top, and main body access, fetching your items becomes a breeze, eliminating the usual hassle of digging through your backpack.

1. How Is It Made?

Beyond its functionality, the Everything Bag boasts a classic, premium appearance. Its design echoes sophistication and practicality, ensuring the protection and performance we all seek in a backpack. It's the perfect blend of style and substance.

Elegance and Functionality Combined

Long journeys or short commutes are constructed to ensure maximum comfort. Its design contours to fit various body shapes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Moreover, the minor details – tailored for convenience — make all the difference when you're on the move.

Traveling with the Everything Backpack is a dream come true for frequent flyers. Compact enough to fit snugly under a seat or in an overhead compartment, it also boasts essential travel features to make your journey smoother.

Rugged Build 

Ensuring the safety of your belongings, the Everything Bag has been designed to offer protection without unnecessary weight. The thoughtful placement of padding, combined with its light, durable nylon material, ensures your gear's safety. And for those unexpected downpours or accidental spills? The waterproof zippers and double layers of waterproof coatings have you covered.

Affordable Luxury

In an era where prices can soar for quality, Moment has always been conscientious. Recognizing that premium products can often come with equally premium price tags, the brand has ensured that the Everything Bag remains accessible. Priced under $200, it's a testament to the fact that luxury and affordability can truly coexist.

💥 Which Size Is Right For Me?

Available in three sizes, this single daily bag works for everything.

  • 17L Daypack - for the ultra-light packer.
  • 21L Overnight - just enough room for cameras, tech, and a snack.
  • 28L Weekender - perfect for that long weekend, carrying gear and clothes.
The Everything Backpack | Best Daily Bag for Work, Travel, & Cameras
Moment Everything Backpack 17 L Black Thumbnail


Everything Backpack - 17L & 21L

Need a backpack for daily & weekend trips? Our 17-21L Backpack fits things like your cameras, laptops, and more. It's easy to access your gear on the move, too!

Buy for $115.00
Moment Everything Backpack 28 L Thumbnail


Everything Backpack - 28L Weekender

Need a backpack for daily & weekend trips? Our 28L Backpack fits things like your cameras, laptops, and more. It's easy to access your gear on the move, too!

Buy for $199.00

2.How It Fits

From the moment you sling the Everything Bag over your shoulders, you'll recognize its unparalleled comfort. Drawing from our extensive experience designing a diverse range of bags, from outdoor to camera bags, we've crafted the Everything Bag to fit seamlessly on everyone, regardless of size.

Perfectly Sculpted Straps

Our unisex shoulder straps are designed with an s-curve shape, ensuring a universal fit that eliminates discomfort or "chest squishing." Not only are they comfortable, but they also distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, making for an effortless carry.

Customize Your Comfort

Thanks to adjustable shoulder straps, you can position the bag to your desired height – whether snugly against your lower back or at the top of your hips.

Choose Your Ideal Size

We offer the Everything Bag in three sizes - 17L, 21L, and 28L, ensuring a perfect fit for all torso lengths. Whether you're taller and prefer a longer, larger bag or of shorter stature looking for something more compact, we've got you covered.

Designed to Stay Put

Ever faced the annoyance of bags slipping off your shoulder? We've fine-tuned the exit angles of our shoulder straps, ensuring the Everything Bag remains securely in place, no matter the hustle.

3. How Is It Organized?

The Everything Bag is intuitive to pack and fast to access (even when the bag is full). We spent months tinkering with the right orientations, pocket locations, zipper strengths, and expandability to make this our favorite packable, on-the-move bag.

Super Protective & Easy To Access

With various front-to-side-to-back access points, there isn’t an open not intentionally curated, to grab what you need (and nothing you don’t). Plus, it holds incredible attention to detail with added protection to keep all your precious gear safe and sound.

  • Weatherproof or covered YKK zippers (show water beads)
  • Rugged, weatherproof micro ripstop with DWR finish and 2-layer waterproof coating
  • Custom-developed fabric resists lint, pet hair, and dirt
  • Front/side view
  • Front quick-access pocket
  • 1L water bottle pocket
  • Low-profile protective padding

Internal Storage

Small, dedicated pockets so you know where to put everything.

  • Tech essentials slip pockets in laptop pocket.
  • Zippered small items pocket in front vertical pocket.
  • Sunglasses pocket in front vertical pocket.
  • 28L has 2 stretch mesh pockets that are accessible in travel packing mode for underwear, socks, and small travel accessories.

External Storage

For the key items, you need to access them quickly.

  • A dedicated, top-down tech pocket keeps all your tech essentials in one spot and makes accessing super quick and easy.
  • The flat front pocket is perfect for notebooks, books, sunglasses, and any other items you want protected from the jumble of the main compartment.
  • Water bottle pocket-sized to fit a full-size 1L Nalgene.
  • Hidden RFID-blocking passport pocket (28L only).

Laptop Compartment

Keeping laptops safe and accessible.

  • Dedicated laptop and tablet pocket.
  • External laptop and tablet pocket on the 28L so your laptop doesn’t fly across the room when you open it for travel mode.
  • Padding between the main compartment and the laptop pocket protects your tech.
  • The rigid and padded back panel keeps your laptop protected from your back.

4. Is It a Camera Bag?

We're passionate about cameras and have an equal love for practical everyday bags. Over the years, we've often yearned for a laptop bag to store our precious camera gear safely. Answering this need, we're thrilled to introduce two distinct camera-carrying solutions.

Choose from our 4L or 8L camera inserts. Both are sold separately and are meticulously designed for quick access and removal. They aren't just functional; they're built to protect. The inserts have a firm yet cushioned exterior, ensuring they retain shape while safeguarding your invaluable camera equipment.

Inside, the thoughtful design continues. Padded dividers prevent your equipment from jostling against each other, ensuring everything remains separate and secure. Moreover, the ultra-soft Velex fabric lining the interior is a gentle shield, ensuring your screens and lenses stay free from potential scratches.

Our new inserts beautifully merge the world of cameras with the convenience of an everyday bag, offering a seamless blend of style, function, and protection.

  • Protective low-profile padding.
  • Configurable with removable padded dividers.
  • Stretch Pockets (store small items)
  • Rugged micro ripstop fabric
  • DWR finish with (2) layers of waterproof coatings.
  • Aluminum anchors to attach to the bag.
  • Bright interior, find items faster.
  • YKK zipper door tucks away
4L Camera Insert
8L Camera Insert

4L Camera Insert (Left), 8L Camera insert (Right)

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