The RS 3 Mini First Look | DJI's Smallest Camera Gimbal

DJI just released the tiniest camera gimbal on the market. But don't let the size fool you, this mean machine packs a serious punch with its payload.

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It's tiny, and it's powerful.

The DJI RS 3 Mini is the first-ever mini version in the RS series, a small and lightweight handheld stabilizer with a powerful payload capacity.

With new gimbals dropping every other three months, it's easy to feel fatigued from a drowned market. But with the DJI's unbeatable technology and advancements in making camera tech more promising, I was impressed with the results of the RS 3 Mini (and I'm sent a lot of gimbals).

Out of the box, the gimbal's body is notably tiny, smaller than any other camera gimbal I've held. At only 795 g (1.75 lbs) in Portrait mode, it's approximately 50% lighter than the RS 3 Pro and 40% lighter than the RS 3. It can support up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of payload, making it best-in-category at its weight for larger setups like a Sony A7S3 + 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens.

This latest iteration's redesign includes an integrated battery and native vertical shooting capability (hello, short-form shooters). Its high-torque motors allow you to zoom to max focal lengths on most lenses without rebalancing.

Quick, snappy, and made for any content style, no matter where you are. Best of all? It doesn't get in the way of other packed camera gear.

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RS3 Mini Camera Gimbal


The first-ever Mini version in the RS series, the DJI RS 3 Mini is a small, lightweight handheld stabilizer with a powerful payload capacity. It supports mainstream mirrorless camera and lens combinat...

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What Makes It Unique

Enough of the gabble; what sets the RS Mini 3 apart? How does the RS 3 Mini provide filmmakers with tech-forward features aside from the hundreds already available?

Because the RS 3 Mini utilizes the same 3rd-Gen RS Stabilization algorithm as the RS 3 Pro, this product can achieve professional-grade image stabilization no matter the movement — running, low-angle shots, flashlight mode, or more at a lower cost. The biggest caveat to its price dip is its more petite body, making this the new go-to gimbal for upcoming travel and multi-location shoots.

In addition, the upgraded dual-layered quick-release plate offers a curved placement guide that prevents the camera from rotating and loosening, plus clear mounting and locking marks for enhanced launch and storage efficiency. It also follows the ARCA standard, allowing for convenient switching between tripods.

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It Moves QUICK

Bust out the gimbal for quick shooting anytime and anywhere.

The RS 3 Mini's native vertical shooting capability instantly switches to vertical without additional accessories, expanding the gimbal rotation angle for optimized social media content. You can even install accessories such as briefcase handles, external fill lights, and monitors with the NATO port for more configurations and flexibility.

Professional features, but in a small body; accessibility for every filmmaker.

Finally, the integrated battery grip supports up to 10 hours of runtime, while the Bluetooth shutter control allows you to directly control the video recording and photo capture functions of your camera via the record button on the gimbal. Say goodbye to mandatory panic charges.

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Includes Manual Operations

While this gimbal is perfect for filmmakers wanting something more automated, it offers a variety of manual functions for desired control too.

The RS 3 Mini's ergonomic front dials can easily adjust the focus, ISO, aperture, shutter, and other parameters. And don't forget the touchscreen UI and DJI Mic to elevate vlogs with audio that matches higher footage quality.

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Combine It With DJI's Best-Selling Microphone!

DJI's also released a more affordable starter kit version of their best-selling microphone, available here in our store. This dynamic duo has everything you need to take your footage to the next level.

The integrated storage design makes DJI Mic easy to use immediately, with its wireless transmission range of up to 250 meters and 15 hours of battery life. Plus, the lightweight transmitters come equipped with magnetic accessories for discreet wearability, so you can confidently handle any sound recording situation. This robust pairing allows you to create high-quality audio to match the juicy stabilized footage.

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