The Best Mobile Gimbals for Smartphones

There are dozens of smartphone gimbals on the market today, so we tested all of them to find out which ones work. Presenting the three best gimbals.

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Out of the dozens of gimbals we tested there are really only three brands delivering the hardware and software quality we can rely on when shooting. The OM 4 from DJI, the Movi from Freefly, and the Smooth 4 from Zhiyun.

Smartphones pack a lot of power into their small size, which makes them amazing tools for cinematography but also prone to camera shake, especially during moving shots. Gimbals bring buttery footage to smartphone videos that create truly cinematic effects. Although new gimbals come out every year, the improvements from here forward will be nominal compared to the amazing features you get in the best smartphone gimbals of 2020.

Any one of them will elevate your mobile filmmaking to the next level. Each one has its strengths, but there’s no wrong choice on this list. From the plug-and-play Osmo 3 to the Smooth 4’s advanced feature set to the straight-outta-Hollywood Movi, there’s an option for every budget and payload that can bring buttery, cinematic footage from your smartphone to the big screen.

At A Glance...

  • Best For Beginners: DJI OM 4. DJI’s simple and sophisticated user interface meets a compact and powerful gimbal at a crazy low price. Turn it on and start shooting!
  • Best Value: The Zhiyun Smooth 4 has some seriously impressive controls and features at the same price as the Osmo Mobile 3.
  • Best For Pros: The Freefly Movi brings big screen gimbal tech to the smartphone world. It’s the one to get for the discerning pro.
OM5 Outside 28
OM5 Stills From Nat25

To Know:

DJI’s OM 5 is the latest gimbal to grace their beloved mobile gimbal line. Boasted as one of the easiest, and most affordable gimbals out of the box, the OM5 is all about the single-button user experience. Press record, shoot, and the DJI app will take care of the rest. It’s point-and-shoot camera simplicity paired with modern gimbal functionality. The OM 5 was designed to make filming with a gimbal easy, any phone, no counterweight needed. The OM 5 smartphone stabilizer is a must-have handheld gimbal for content creators. Upgraded from its previous predecessor, this gimbal features a super nifty extension rod, made perfect for low angles and high extensions.

What We Love:

Built-In Extension Rod:

A built-in 215mm extension rod makes it easy to capture low-angle shots or group photos.

Magnetic Design:

Magnetically snap your smartphone into the gimbal in seconds, no balancing or calibration needed. A rubber coating and new flexible design keeps your iPhone or Android secure without the need to take off your case.

New Accessories:

DJI OM Fill Light Phone Clamp is now available.

The Details:

Brand: DJI

Price: $159

Product Type: Mobile Gimbal

Best For: Plug-and-play ease, occasional videographers, and anyone who loves DJI products.

Shop DJI OM 5

the best smartphone gimbals of 2019 Zhiyun Smooth 4

To Know:

The Smooth 4 reminds me of some of the higher-end DSLR gimbals I’ve shot with. It has that more technical look and feel and a larger payload--it supports phones weighing up to 7.4 ounces. With a universal counterweight, you can balance a full-size phone and a Moment lens and still get balanced footage. The multifunctional wheel allows for manual focusing or zoom, which lets you control your smartphone with full-featured big camera controls. The Smooth 4 has some seriously advanced features that integrate with its app and it allows external charging from a battery pack or it can charge your phone while in use.

What We Love:

  • Affordable Payload: This is the most affordable gimbal that works with Moment lenses and filters. You will need our Universal Counterweight to balance all the options.
  • Advanced Controls: The controls are consistent with a DSLR style gimbal with more advanced control for zoom, focus, and shooting modes.
  • Pro Feel: Feels and looks like a mini-pro stabilizer and offers customizable buttons and controls.
  • All the Features: You can buy nicer gimbals, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one with more features.

The Details

Brand: Zhiyun

Price: $119

Best For: Anyone who wants to shoot with Moment lenses. Works with plus size phones, lenses, filters, and our Universal Counterweight.

Counterweight: Moment Universal

Weight: 547 grams

Size: 123 x 105 x 328mm

Shop Zhiyun Smooth 4


To Know:

The Freefly Movi is the top of the line gimbal. If you aren’t familiar with Freefly they are famous for cinema drones and gimbals. Movi is taking all of their experience with hollywood and bringing it to the rest of us. If you are looking for the top of the line gimbal that can carry the most weight. Then the Movi is your choice.

This is the only gimbal with a flat bottom designed to sit flat when you aren’t using it. You’ll learn this matters when you are out shooting and need to put your camera down. This gimbal also has the most advanced controls between the Movi and their app, from configurable hard buttons to dynamic shooting modes. The Movi is designed for one or two-handed operation, which makes it more stable and versatile.

The Freefly Movi is a powerhouse. It can balance lots of phone and lens combinations without a counterweight, and with the Movi-specific counterweight system, it can use any combination of today’s plus-sized smartphones and Moment lenses. In order to take full advantage of the buttons and features, you need to have the app installed.

What We Love

  • Cinema Gimbal Quality: Freefly is known for its cinema gimbals, and the Movi is built just like them.
  • Advanced features, precision control: The Movi shoots one- or two-handed, features tons of control options, and pro-level features on a smartphone gimbal.
  • Versatile Payload: The Movi offers the widest variety of phone + counterweight compatibility.
  • Sophisticated Build: From the easy microphone mount to the super-polished app, the Movi just feels professional.

The Details

Brand: Freefly

Price: $299-$497

Best For: Anyone who wants an advanced gimbal with elegant controls and stronger motors.

Counterweight: Counterweight for Freefly Movi

Weight: 671 grams

Size: 231 x 185 x 91mm

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