The Best MagSafe Cases & Accessories For Your iPhone

Trusted by the pros, this line of cool MagSafe accessories lets you use your standard lights, mics, tripods, etc to work with your phone.

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Moment's is among the first MagSafe mounting systems for photography, filmmaking, or everyday hands-free living. Trusted by the pros — our line lets you use your standard lights, mics, tripods, etc., to work with your phone. Whether you mount something to the phone or the phone to your existing rigs, a sturdy magnetic MagSafe system gives you the confidence you won’t lose your phone. Of course, we're not the only ones who make adjustable tripod mounts or high-quality smartphone cases for iPhone or Android. Below is a curated list of mounts, cases, everyday essentials, and chargers for your MagSafe-compatible device.

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1. Moment Adjustable Dash Car Mount - for MagSafe

Best For: Anyone needing to drive safely.

In the world of dash mounts, the Moment MagSafe-compatible option stands out for its robust reliability. Secured to your dash via VHB tape, it promises a steadfast grip on even the smoothest surfaces, eradicating the everyday anxiety of a phone tumbling mid-drive. The mount’s 23-degree rotatable ball head is a thoughtful feature, providing the flexibility to angle your phone just right for optimal viewing — a crucial factor when navigating unfamiliar routes.

Perhaps the most standout aspect is Moment’s (M)Force magnet array. In practice, it offers a tangible enhancement in magnetic attachment strength compared to standard MagSafe accessories. This feature instills confidence that your phone will remain in place, regardless of the bumps.

It caters to users with or without a case, ensuring a universal fit for any smartphone with MagSafe compatibility. This underscores its design philosophy: to deliver a seamless user experience without compromising security or accessibility. In sum, for those seeking a high-performance, secure, and user-friendly car mount, the Moment MagSafe-compatible dash mount is a commendable choice.


You can mount your phone in the optimal field of view while driving.

You Decide Which Way

Holds phone in portrait or landscape mode.

ALL Phones!

Works with MagSafe-compatible phones, Moment (M)Force Cases, and MagSafe-compatible phone cases.

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2. Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage - for MagSafe®

Best For: Mobile filmmaker wanting stable footage on their smartphone.

The bestseller status of this MagSafe accessory is no fluke. Designed for the mobile filmmaker, it's a testament to efficiency and versatility. Its integration allows for quick phone mounting, and the video cage accommodates the diverse needs of dynamic filming.

Crafted from precision-machined aluminum, the rig supports a variety of attachments — from mics to lights — with its array of cold shoes and standard mounting points. It's the multi-tool of mobile camera rigs. Organization is at its core, with built-in slots to manage cables maintaining a clean setup. The compact design ensures it slips easily into your gear bag. Enhanced by Moment's (M)Force magnet technology, the connection between your phone and the rig is secure yet retains the convenience of quick swapping to a traditional clamp for added peace of mind.

Super Easy To Mount

You can even do it with one hand.

It Stands Proud

The Mobile Filmmaker Cage will stand on a flat surface without a tripod.

Allows for a Firm Grip

The Mobile Filmmaker Cage is designed to be handled and has ample room for you to grip it with your hands, so you can have a minimal yet still fully functional rig.

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3. Moment Strap Anywhere Mount for MagSafe®

Best For: Every day, people want to strap their phone to a convenient place with a MagSafe attachment.

This mount is the quintessential workout companion, supporting a wide range of activities from the intensity of a Peloton ride to the focused calm of yoga.

The premium silicone rubber strap is designed for simplicity and versatility, allowing for quick mounting anywhere on your equipment. The mount's design is inclusive, catering to phones with or without cases. The inclusion of the proprietary (M)Force magnet array goes beyond the norm, offering a stronger hold for a more secure phone placement so you can concentrate on your workout without worry. With easy angle adjustment and enhanced grip, it ensures the ideal viewing angle, whether tracking your workout or capturing a victory selfie. This magnetic mount simplifies your fitness routine, providing stability and peace of mind as you focus on your wellness goals.

Perfect For... Anywhere

Strap to an elliptical, a stroller, or even a dog?

Great Quality

Besides the quality build, it promotes strong security anywhere you strap it on.

Sweat Resistant

Versatile for any condition.

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Strap Anywhere Mount for MagSafe


Easily mount your MagSafe compatible phone or any phone in a MagSafe compatible case to any indoor fitness equipment. Whether you’re on the Peloton bike, squat rack, treadmill, elliptical, or yoga mat...

Add for $42.5
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4. Pro Tripod Mount - for MagSafe®

Best For: Mobile creators needing an extra stabilization method for TikTok, selfies, and films need that boost of confidence.

The Pro Tripod Mount elevates the game with its adjustable cold shoe feature, aligning with any standard 1/4”-20 tripods or handles. This innovative design facilitates effortless switching between landscape and portrait orientations, rendering the traditional phone clamp obsolete. It maintains compatibility for phones with or without cases, ensuring a broad appeal. At its core, the mount is fortified with the (M)Force magnet array, a proprietary enhancement that surpasses ordinary MagSafe strengths, adding an extra layer of security for your device. Despite its robust construction, the mount impresses with its lightness, compact form factor, and user-friendly operation, making it an essential tool for content creators who demand reliability and convenience.

(M)Force for Extra Strength

We don’t want our phone falling off our tripod, so we engineered a proprietary magnets configuration to provide extra strength. Custom-tuned magnets and a grippy backer pad allow for the most vital connection possible.

Any 1/4”-20 Tripods

We designed these mounts to work with any 1/4”-20 tripods. With a precision thread mount and low-profile aluminum construction, the mount stays out of the way and out of your shot.

Extra Mobile

We take our cameras with us, and like everything at Moment, we want products that are lightweight, compact, and ready for traveling. Perfect to fit into any pocket or bag.

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5. iPhone 15 Phone Case with MagSafe®

Best For: I mean, come on. Everything and everyone!

Embrace minimalism with Moment's MagSafe-compatible "less is more" case, where sleek design meets practicality. Its ultra-thin profile is complemented by a tactile, soft-touch finish that feels as good as it looks while ensuring your phone's protection. Crafted from a material that offers a reassuring grip, the case incorporates a carefully arranged magnet array, providing flawless MagSafe charging and accessory connectivity. This feature seamlessly integrates with our exclusive range of new Moment Mounts designed for MagSafe, enhancing your phone's utility.

But it's not just about magnets; the case also offers a wrist strap connection for added security and a drop-in lens mount. This design choice expands compatibility to include all our M-Series or T-Series mobile lenses, offering a complete and versatile phone protection solution.

Compatible With MagSafe

You can never have enough MagSafe.

We have included a magnet array compatible with MagSafe products inside the case. From chargers to third-party products to our new Moment Mounts for iPhone… this case works out of the box with any products compatible with MagSafe.

Matching Wrist Straps

A wrist strap attachment is located on the bottom of the case so that you can attach a wrist strap to either corner. Whether traveling or hanging around the city, wrist straps ensure you never drop your phone. Rated up to 50 lbs pull strength, a strap makes it much harder for someone to steal your phone.

Lens Ready

Our iPhone cases include a new drop-in lens interface so you can attach any of our M-Series or T-Series lenses to your phone.

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6. Adjustable Car Vent Mount with MagSafe®

Best For: Anyone needing an all-purpose car vent mounts for their MagSafe-compatible phone.

The most robust MagSafe car mount for iPhones and MKBHD’s favorite. Each mount assures a secure attachment to your car’s air vent with an effortless rubberized press-fit connection. Designed to accommodate phones with or without cases, the mounts include our (M)Force magnet array, which exceeds the holding power of typical MagSafe accessories, ensuring your phone stays firmly in place.


Because this mount is compatible with any air vent, it's versatile enough to go inside any car. Take it anywhere you are.

Strong As Can Be

True strength with its proprietary (M)Force magnet array and grip pad for even more power (Patent Pending).

Padded and Well Protected

Padded contact points to keep your phone safe for even the roughest of rides.

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7. Cold Shoe Mount with MagSafe®

Best For: Mobile creatives wanting to fast attach a light or mic for photos and video.

The magic of MagSafe technology eliminates the need for clunky phone clamps or tripods when mounting accessories. We've harnessed this innovation with the first mount designed to attach your essential cold shoe accessory straight to your iPhone using magnets. Whether your phone sports a case or not, the support integrates the proprietary (M)Force magnet array for an attachment strength that outperforms standard options, ensuring your phone stays securely attached.

Versatility with Compatibility

It works with any standard cold shoe accessory, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting correctly.

Quick Path to Light and Sound

Swiftly snap on your light or mic on your phone with ease and strength.


Adjustable cold shoe arm for different-sized phones and cases.

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Cold Shoe Mount - for MagSafe®


Introducing our Cold Shoe Mount - for Magsafe. It’s the fastest way to mount a light or microphone to your phone. What we love about MagSafe is that you no longer need a phone clamp or a tripod to mo...

Add for $34
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8. Multi-Threaded Mount with MagSafe®

Best For: Filmmakers who love cheese on plates.

The creative team at Moment brings filmmakers a pioneering MagSafe-compatible mount, thoughtfully equipped with two 3/8” and three 1/4"-20 female thread options. This versatility unlocks new possibilities, allowing you to secure your phone to virtually any accessory, be it magic arms, tripods, rigs, or ball heads—all through the power of magnets. Tailored for use with or without a case, the mount is fortified with our proprietary (M)Force magnet array, delivering a level of magnetic attachment that transcends ordinary solutions, ensuring your phone remains firmly in place during use.

Case, Or no Case?

Well, it doesn't matter because it works either way.


Padded contact points to keep your phone safe.


Machined metal body for long-lasting durability.

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9. Adjustable Wall Mount with MagSafe®

Best For: Any iPhone user needing to mount their phone to any wall or flat surface with magnets.

This mount, featuring an inclusive 3M adhesive, is ingeniously designed for versatile placement on any flat surface. It's your ideal companion for consulting recipes in the kitchen, enjoying tunes in the shower, or viewing instructional videos in the garage. Opt for our reliable standard model or the upgraded adjustable version, complete with a 23º rotatable ball head for optimal viewing flexibility. Engineered to work with phones in cases or without, the mount boasts our exclusive (M)Force magnet array, which outperforms conventional MagSafe accessories in strength, providing assured stability for your device on the wall.

Snap It Anywhere

3M adhesive to adhere your phone to most flat surfaces.

Great For Top Down Shots

Record yourself cutting food or setting up a timelapse with top-down shots.

Screw It On

We included a countersunk through-hole to screw it into a stud or drywall anchor.

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10. Belkin's 3-In-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe

Best For: Anyone who loves multitasking and needs their devices charged quickly and easily.

This award-winning 3-in-1 wireless charging stand offers the pinnacle of convenience and speed, with a swift charging capability of up to 15W for iPhone models. Utilizing the power of MagSafe technology, align your new iPhone with the stand for a fast and secure charging experience.

Get It Done, At One Time!

Charge three devices – iPhone series device, Apple Watch, and AirPods — all simultaneously.

Really Fast

Up to 15W faster wireless charging.

Just Super Easy and Cool

Seamless MagSafe wireless charging experience.

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11. Peak Design Mobile Tripod with Peak SlimLink™

Crafted by a decorated team known for their tripod expertise, the Mobile Tripod embodies sleek design and smooth functionality tailored for the camera at your side—your phone. It's the epitome of portability, collapsing to an incredibly slim half-centimeter profile. With a firm 'pop,' ultra-strong magnets affix the Mobile Tripod to your phone, supporting both portrait and landscape modes with an unyielding grip. Its proprietary SlimLink™ mounting system delivers a fast, reliably secure, almost magical connection. The tripod's aluminum legs are designed with anti-slip, vibration-absorbing feet, versatile for both traditional tripod and kickstand uses. A micro ball head allows for precise adjustments to your camera angle, and if needed, tension tweaks are a breeze with the included magnetically attached tuning key.

This tripod isn't just a tool—it's an upgrade for anyone passionate about photography, filmmaking, or even smooth video chats and deep dives into YouTube. It's time to elevate your phone's potential with the stand it deserves.

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12. JOBY GripTight Tripod Mount for MagSafe

The JOBY GripTight Mount for MagSafe is a game-changer for users of the newest iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12 series, and is also tailored for use with Moment Cases compatible with MagSafe® and Moment (M)Force Cases. This mount's design prioritizes rapid attachment, streamlining how mobile content creators integrate their phones with the JOBY product suite. Its dual-mode hybrid clamp offers quick magnetic attachment when the jaws are open, and when closed, it provides the security and reliability synonymous with JOBY's reputation. The mount's 360° rotation enables swift transitions between landscape and portrait setups.

Additionally, the mount's design accommodates the addition of GorillaPod arms, allowing for a comprehensive setup complete with Beamo light and Wavo microphone for a professional-grade content creation experience. Compact in form when not in service, this innovative mount can slip into a pocket or camera bag, ensuring it is conveniently portable and always ready for the next shoot.

Diverse Range of Tools

Quick mounting for any iPhone 12 series and up using MagSafe technology.

Magnet Safe

Compatible with Moment Cases Compatible with MagSafe® and Moment (M)Force Cases

Easy Peasy

Twist the jaws to choose between quick or secure mounting.

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