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Keep updated on the latest camera deals across big-name brands such as Sony, Fujifilm, DJI and more.

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Top Deals!

Shop the best camera and photo deals across equipment such as bags, mics, lights, best-selling cameras, lenses, filters, and more. The moment is the online camera marketplace for creators with many offerings from everyone’s favorite brands. This month's active deals include Sony, Fujifilm, Tamron, Sigma, & Ricoh. Read below for what's in store for June 2024 (updated monthly!).

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Mobile Gear

Moment is well-known for its awesome lineup of mobile gear, including MagSafe accessories, mobile lenses, filters, tripods, and more. Our annual summer sale is here, offering discounts of up to 50% off our most popular categories—just in time for our upcoming mobile film festival. It’s the perfect moment to grab that Mobile Anamorphic Lens or a VND filter you've been eyeing for filmmaking. Or why not try the 10% CineBloom filter for those dreamy portraits during sunset shoots with your friends? This is a great chance to snag those cool items you've had your eye on.

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Camrea Bags & Slings

Every creator needs a reliable bag to carry their gear. Whether you prefer backpacks or slings, there are countless brands out there that offer something just for you. As a team of creators who rely on good bags ourselves, we consistently recommend top brands like Peak Design and WANDRD—there's a reason they're best-sellers!

Our stylish Long Weekend Santa Fe sling is perfect for street photographers, while the Brevite Jumper mimics the classic 90s Jansport silhouette for those who prefer a less techy-looking backpack. Plus, if you need to stock up on organizers or battery pouches, you can snag some for up to 20% off. Why pay more when you don't have to?

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Most people focus solely on the camera body, but there's so much more to explore in photography and filmmaking. One underrated gem is camera lens filters. These can be easily attached to protect your lens from drops and falls and give you more manual control over your images with real glass, all without the need for post-production.

Our CPL and UV filters are perfect for shielding your camera lens during a fall, and they reduce glare in bright summer scenes. Our CineBloom filter is a real standout—it softens the image to smooth out skin imperfections and gently enhances light sources for a dreamy effect. And for the filmmakers among you, we’re offering over 50% off on VND filters if you opt for an open box. This is a great chance to upgrade your toolkit at a fraction of the cost.

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Digital Goods

Online education from real-life creators and professionals can offer more practical value than spending thousands on traditional film schools. Explore our extensive catalog, featuring courses from experienced directors, professional photographers, and editors who are brushing up on the basics. Remember, you're never too experienced to learn something new, and a course created by fellow creators is truly invaluable.

Here's a hot tip: most creators use presets. They don't manually adjust every photo from scratch. Our creators prefer streamlined workflows, especially when the tools are actually used by professionals in the field. Presets can instantly enhance the look and feel of your work with a simple plug-and-play method. Whether you use them as a starting point or apply them directly to your photos, we offer a wide variety of looks you can easily integrate into Lightroom: film vibes, natural and ethereal, or dark and moody.

My personal favorites are Warm Filmmaking LUT for my iPhone footage during the summer colors, SERR's FilmVision filmic vibes (a huge best-seller), and Kai's delicious pastel colors for my landscape images.

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