Sony ZV-1F Vlogging Camera - Black

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Color: Black

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    Easy Bokeh

    Get beautiful defocused backgrounds like a pro, with just a press of the Bokeh Switch. The camera’s large 1-inch (1.0-lype) image sensor and wide F2.0 aperture lens allows for true optical bokeh. Select (Defocus) to make the main subject stand out against the defocused background bokeh, or (Clear) to keep the entire image in focus.

    Fit Everything In Frame

    With the ZV-1F, you can truly capture it all - it allows you to snap a group selfie along with an expansive view of the background scenery. Since the camera's ultra-wide-angle 20 mm1 lens captures a wider field of view than the human visual field, you can take images with eye-popping depth and perspective, even in narrow spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

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    Slow Motion Or Speed

    Capture those touching moments in slow motion or ramp up the energy for dramatic scenes- all without any editing. With the ZV-1F, you can adjust the footage speed just by pressing the S&Q (Slow & Quick)2 button. Shoot smooth video at speeds up to 5x slower, or use hyper-lapse shooting to make the video up to 60x faster and bring your vision to life

    Sharp Autofocus

    Using Eye AF, the camera automatically recognizes human faces and eyes, making sure you stay in focus in front of the lens. Switching the focus to another subject is as easy as just touching the screen. There's no need to worry about lighting either, as Face Priority AE (autoexposure) will automatically brighten your face.

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    Creative Style Presets

    Capture beautiful images to match your personal stye. Chose form one of 10 available Creative Style presets for pro-level footage - without worrying about complicated editing. Creative Styles can instantly enhance contrast, highlights, shadows, fade, saturation, sharpness and clarity.

    Simple Controls

    Even first-time camera users can jump straight into shooting with the ZV-1F. There's no need to study complex settings. Control icons are displayed on the screen and are easily adjustable with just a touch.

    Steady Footage

    Showing your viewers the world around you makes engaging content, but shaky footage can be a bit distracting. The ZV-1F allows you to capture video clearly even while walking. Active Mode image stabilization helps to minimize image blur from handheld shooting for steadier shots.

    Vertical Video Made Simple

    Shoot vertical videos for social media - just like on your smartphone. The ZV-1F also gives you the option of rotating horizontal video in-camera with no extra editing required. What's more, vertical videos are automatically tagged so you can transfer them straight to your smartphone, letting you get your content out to the world quickly.

    Clear Voice Recording

    Indoors or outdoors, the ZV-1F is designed to always capture your voice clearly no matter where you're shooting. The built-in Directional 3-Capsule Mic collects sound from in front of the camera, giving you high-quality audio, so you can put your energy into creativity instead of worrying about the sound while recording. The included windscreen helps to cut down on wind noise when shooting outside

    Effortlessly Portable

    Small and lightweight, the camera is designed to be taken out and about - just like your smartphone. Capture everyday life with ease, and grab content on the go.

    Ideal For Product-Review Videos

    Put your products on center stage with a single touch. Just set the Product Showcase setting, and simply hold a product in the center of the frame. The camera will automatically focus on it - with no additional gestures needed. Let your viewers concentrate on what counts - when it counts.

    Connect Your Smartphone

    Transfer all your recorded images and videos to your smartphone over W i-Fi through the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus™ app It also turns your phone into a remote control for remote shooting.

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    Simple Streaming

    Transform the ZV-1F into a high-quality web camera by simply connecting a compatible device via USB. The 1-inchb (1.0-type) image sensor and Creative Look ensure vibrant visuals, while the Directional 3-Capsule Mic will give you excellent audio.

    ZV-1F vs ZV-1

    Which one's the best for you?

    The ZV-1F has a fixed wider 20mm lens than the ZV-1’s variable 24mm-70mm lens. The ZV-1F only has digital image stabilization meanwhile the ZV-1 has optical image stabilization so it’s noticeably more stable when you’re walking and vlogging on the street.

    While the ZV-1 has a built-in ND Filter, the ZV-1F has a filter thread in front of the lens so you can attach your own 40.5mm ND Filter. The advantage of this is that you have full control over your highlights when you're out vlogging. It can be frustrating when the sun is too bright outside and the only way to bring down the highlights is to increase your shutter speed. However, that reduces the smooth, natural motion blur you get at 1/50th. Using your own ND filter with the ZV-1F is a much better solution than being limited by the built-in ND filter of the ZV-1.

    The ZV-1 has a hot shoe mount, where you can wireless connect an accessory like the ECM-G1 Ultracompact Camera-Mount Vlogger Shotgun Microphone while the ZV-1F has a cold shoe mount. You would need to use a cable for your mic, which is fine because most people would like their mic to be universally compatible so it’s not really a deal breaker. It’s just one of those things that’s nice to have. Check out our shotgun mics here.

    Another good thing to know is that both cameras have an LCD Touchscreen Display making it more intuitive to dial in your settings. Both also feature a flip screen so it's much easier to take selfies. It also has a longer battery life than the ZV-1.

    The ZV-1F is astonishingly cheaper at $499 compared to the ZV-1 at $748. So which one should you get? 

    If you’re someone that would like to dial in each setting, consider getting the ZV-1F. The lack of built-in solutions on the ZV-1F isn’t really a deal breaker. And depending on how you look at it, might even be a better deal. You get more flexibility on the ND Filters, it’s cheaper so that means you get to spend more on external mic, a better tripod, etc.

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