Screen Protector for iPad - iPad Pro 12.9"

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Screen Protector for iPad

    The iPad is a great device, especially if you pair it with an Apple Pencil. A full-fledged computer, the power of a digital work environment literally at your fingertips. But one thing is still not great: the Apple Pencil slipping around on the iPad's glass surface feels unnatural and the pencil tip gets stuck on fingerprints and smudges. It simply doesn't feel right. If you're like us, you miss the accuracy of writing on paper.

    Enter: Paperlike, a screen protector that emulates the natural feel of paper when writing and drawing on the iPad. The most significant challenges in developing the Paperlike were finding the right friction while keeping light refractions at a minimum. And keeping the material smooth enough, so it doesn't eat up the pencil tip like sandpaper (a lot of regular matte screen protectors do that). That's why we developed a unique surface technology called Nanodots. These microbeads are evenly distributed across the foil and allow for a natural paper feel while keeping as much of your iPad's brilliant display quality as possible. Join tens of thousands of artists, students, and notetakers around the world who love Paperlike. And finally, make your iPad the truly magnificent device it can be.

    SKU: PL2-12-18